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Slí Mhúscraí Half

John BanksJan 18 2020, 3:26pmHi, looks like the Slí Mhúscraí Half is sold out
is it possible to be put on a waiting list.
Thanks in advance
John Banks
Robbie WilliamsJan 18 2020, 4:31pmHi John

We will announce in 2 weeks if there is a list.

Thank you
john paul o connellJan 20 2020, 9:31amHi Robbie,
If a waiting list develops can you please put me on it.
Durand BernardJan 20 2020, 5:31pmHi. Looking for gpx route . Where can l find it please
Brian BuckleyJan 20 2020, 8:01pmYou can download it here

There's a few different file type options to download.
Durand BernardJan 20 2020, 10:33pmThanks again.
Rory O'TooleJan 21 2020, 10:10pmHello Robbie,
I would be interested in being placed on a waiting list, if one is established.
Christopher MurnaneJan 27 2020, 8:57amHi Robbie can I be placed on the waiting list aswell please. Thanks Chris
Tom McloughlinJan 30 2020, 10:44amHi Guys, Anyone considering a recce of the course or sections of the course? Tom
Mike O'SheaJan 30 2020, 11:02pmHi
Could you place me on the waiting list too please.
Mike O'Shea
simon dugganFeb 3 2020, 2:26pmHi there,

Can you put me on the reserve list also, please?

Many thanks

Robbie WilliamsFeb 3 2020, 4:07pmTom,

There will be a few of us doing a recce next sat morn meeting in Ballyvourney at 8:30am

Lads, no waiting list as little or no drop outs in this race,
Christopher MurnaneFeb 3 2020, 9:04pmIf a few of us can carpool and not require a seat on the bus is it possible to get an entry? Thanks Chris Murnane
Conor CoffeyFeb 5 2020, 9:50pmI’m new to the imra and this is my first race with them, what is the story with getting race packs ? I got membership for the year too, do we get a membership card or something for entry into other races.
Any info would be greatly appreciated
John J BarryFeb 6 2020, 10:12amConor,

Source of information already available i.e.

and a news article
Title: "Would You Like To Run An IMRA Race In 2020?"
Conor CoffeyFeb 6 2020, 6:18pmThanks John much appreciated
Denis carriganFeb 10 2020, 11:49amHi I,ve entered the half but can't make the race - not sure if anyone can take my entry.
Conor CoffeyFeb 11 2020, 5:47pmWhat style jacket is except able for the race as this is my first race with IMRA?
Gordon PlaceFeb 11 2020, 6:06pmHi Conor, I'd say Trench given the forecast, but Robbie has a separate post a couple down. Basically fully waterproof with taped seams

Should be in the description if you are googling brand names, a few suggestions are also in other recent posts, like Inov8 Stormshell, OMM Kamleika, Columbia Outdry, Montane Minimus, Salomon Bonatti but it doesn't have to be an expensive brand name one as long as it's fully waterproof and taped seams.
Conor CoffeyFeb 11 2020, 6:19pmThanks Gordon
Robbie WilliamsFeb 11 2020, 7:29pmThanks Gordon

Yep, either way it looks like a deluge

Please allow for v bad weather, and if you had a bad day and are moving very slowly

I’ll post update as needed.

Possibly adding hat, gloves and waterproof leggings to mandatory kit.

I’d always recommend a buff as you can use it to shield face too
Paul DriscollFeb 11 2020, 8:45pmHi guys any idea when your going make a call if the race is going ahead or not travelling from wexford so will have to sort accommodation and that. Thanks
Robbie WilliamsFeb 12 2020, 9:07amThe later we leave it the more accurate the forecast

I know people will have to travel too

I think Thursday afternoon is the best last call

As it stands it will go ahead but we will up the mandatory gear as stated in previous thread
Paul DriscollFeb 12 2020, 10:15amThanks Robbie
James LongFeb 13 2020, 8:51amHi guys,

Does anyone have a link to a running rain pants? I genuinely didn't know they existed, the only ones I can find are baggy hiking ones...

Samuel FoxFeb 13 2020, 9:18amWaterproof trousers are fine....its is mainly for emergency purposes. Our legs will get soaking no matter what. Skinny, baggy, no problem.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 13 2020, 10:29amI have a pair similar to these. They are fairly light. I've never had to wear them in a race and I've experienced some fairly crappy days out in the hills. The roll up nice and compact to fit into a race vest/pack or the likes
Robbie WilliamsFeb 13 2020, 11:11amAny cheap rain pants will do

I’m sure all outdoor store will have a cheap version
€10-€15 will cover it ,

If you are injured and it’s raining, these will keep body heat in
Cyril FogartyFeb 13 2020, 7:22pmHi Robbie,
Have to pull out of the half due to injury. One question, do I lose my entrance fee or can it go to towards the next half marathon race.
Mick HanneyFeb 16 2020, 1:53pmThanks to the immense team of volunteers for the event yesterday. Its difficult to organise a day long event in good weather, never mind the conditions that storm Denis through at us. I said to Robbie that his definition of mucky and very mucky is on another level to other people's definitions. Seriously muddy!

One suggestion. As someone who went off route during the day - and yes I should have turned back sooner when marking wasn't apparent (lesson learned). I didn't have a map of the course to hand, except what was on the current half details (which was insufficient), it would be useful to link on the Half details the same Map pages as per the Ultra. If the map was mandatory that wouldn't be a bad thing either.
Robbie WilliamsFeb 16 2020, 7:21pmGood idea Mick

We will have both results up tomorrow lads
Brian FlannellyFeb 16 2020, 9:38pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Maola­osa McHughFeb 17 2020, 6:28pmThanks to Robbie and all the volunteers for another great race in tough conditions!