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Lillian DeeganJan 2 2020, 6:20pmNew Year good wishes to one and all.

I'm on looking to kick off the search for RDs for our Winter Spring League. With Brockagh Burst up 1st, is there anyone out there willing to take it? We have the resource ctr pre booked for reg. and prize giving. The laptop help is also sorted.

Thanks all - Lillian
Niamh KellyJan 2 2020, 10:00pmHi Lillian

I can, I am free

Laura FlynnJan 3 2020, 1:52pmFair play for stepping forward Niamh, its very much appreciated.
We had a great response for Race Directors last year and thanks again to you all. Hopefully it will be the same this year.

Races are up so feel free to put your name's forward. Its often easier to take on the same race as you did last year as you'll be familiar with route and logistics etc.

We hope to run another training day early in 2020 also so keep an eye on the website.
Mick HanneyJan 3 2020, 8:22pmPaul Joyce and myself signed on for Annagh hill.
Brendan LawlorJan 4 2020, 6:21pmHi

I'll do either Glasnamullan or Scarr again..I'll sign up in the next few weeks once we get further expressions of interest

Happy to assist as a Deputy for anyone looking to dip their toe into the lovely world of IMRA Race Directing
John FitzgeraldJan 4 2020, 11:26pmHi Lillian.
I'll do Ballinastoe again.
Roger TegartJan 5 2020, 12:45pmHappy to do Log na coille again and I'll put my name down for something in early March as well.
Brendan LawlorJan 5 2020, 2:48pmWow! All the Trail League RD jobs are gone, well done John, Mikey and Paul for piling in early !
Laura FlynnJan 5 2020, 4:10pmGreat start to the hill-Running year... many thanks to you all