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Ballyhoura Moonlight Marathon Challenge

Bill HallidenJan 2 2020, 10:44amIs there a GPX file for the race
Bronagh McInerneyJan 2 2020, 3:48pmHappy New Year Just wondering if it’s all trail or road and and trail for the half marathon?
Walsh RowanJan 2 2020, 7:05pmHi Bill, it's a bit of both but trail across top of Seefin can be mucky so would highly recommend trail runners if that is why you are asking
Walsh RowanJan 2 2020, 7:06pmHi Bronagh, you can download GPX plotaroute link in race details
Bronagh McInerneyJan 3 2020, 12:06pmThanks Rowan it wouldn’t download on my phone. How many road miles for the half marathon? I’m thinking about shoes I also find the road tough
Robbie WilliamsJan 3 2020, 2:50pmAttention:

The will be some small route changes to the FULL marathon route because of the amount of rain we have had, some sections like the river run are not runnable.

The first “half” will be an extra 2kms
Marie GormanJan 3 2020, 3:45pmHi Just wondering what is provided at the aidstations please? Thanks
Robbie WilliamsJan 3 2020, 7:13pmThere is 1 aid station at the 1/2 Marathon point.

There will be:

Water, tea coffee., sweets, limited soup,
Chocolate, cake etc, bananas

The aid station will be in one of the mountain lodges
Dermot shielsJan 4 2020, 9:09amHi,
How many people are signed up for the marathon distance event?
Robbie WilliamsJan 4 2020, 8:25pmHi Lads

We have 23 spots left for the Full Marathon event.

We will open this tomorrow night 7-7:15pm for 2020 imra members.

We will send out the final instructions shortly afterwards
Kevin BroughtonJan 4 2020, 9:19pmHi - first time volunteer/helper. What time should I aim to arrive? Any essential kit I should bring?
Robbie WilliamsJan 4 2020, 9:23pmHi Kevin

If you could come to school for 8pm if possible

If you have car with you to drive to a road checkpoint would be perfect

Thank you
Kevin BroughtonJan 4 2020, 11:54pmThanks Robbie. See you at 8 on Friday!
Keith LaneJan 5 2020, 10:58amHi there,

I was hoping to attend the marathon distance event on Friday, but can't seem to sign up for it, is this sold out?
Gordon PlaceJan 5 2020, 11:11amHi Keith, see the posts above, a few late spots available at 7pm tonight
Keith LaneJan 5 2020, 11:25amHi Gordon,

thanks for the quick response.


Edward DunneJan 5 2020, 10:02pmany spots left in the marathon distance
Barry AndersonJan 5 2020, 10:29pmHi....I'm also checking for any spaces in the marathon distance.
Edward DunneJan 5 2020, 11:06pmif there are any spaces left could you register me for it thanks
Robbie WilliamsJan 6 2020, 5:18amLads

We are completely full now.

No more spaces will be added to this event.
Catch DoolanJan 6 2020, 7:12pmHiya,
I know its late notice but I was really hoping I'd be ok to partake. Unfortunately after a light run today, I think I would risk my injury getting alot worse. I have registered for the full marathon on Friday. Can I postpone to another event or next years marathon please?
James HeggieJan 6 2020, 9:00pmHi guys just wondered if final instructions have been sent out yet, looking forward to it .James
Robbie WilliamsJan 7 2020, 8:50amInstructions will be mailed out today at some stage Lads.

As per imra policy please note there are no transfers or refunds guys.
Basil GeogheganJan 7 2020, 9:52amAre there any cutoffs or time limits?
Bill HallidenJan 7 2020, 9:17pmHi Robbie can you give an estimate of how much of the route is on road or forest fire roads
Robbie WilliamsJan 7 2020, 10:25pmI’d estimate road to be a total of 9k
Forest road 6km
Rest is mix , track single & mountain

Time limits not specifically unless some hadn’t reached halfway in 4 hours
James HeggieJan 9 2020, 10:30pmSorry Robbie did obstructions go out By email if son
Is anything different to the event page ? What time do we need to register as driving up after work ? Many thanks Janes
Robbie WilliamsJan 10 2020, 5:48amJames send me your email to me
robbie.williams@ imra DOT ie

Or check junk, it came from Munster Mountain running email
James HeggieJan 10 2020, 6:31pmSorry I can’t make Marathas now sorry James
Mick HanneyJan 11 2020, 7:47amA mighty event around Kilfinnane. Hats off to Robbie and his huge team of volunteers for putting this together. Brilliant.
Owen FentonJan 11 2020, 10:30amAmazing event.
Long shot:
I am missing a Salomon Bonatti Red Rain coat. Folds down to a small pouch.
please let me know if it turns up.
Alice ClancyJan 11 2020, 11:11amThanks so much everyone for such an enjoyable and well organised run last night!! Loving the new version of the beanie too!
Brian FlannellyJan 11 2020, 1:15pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Robbie WilliamsJan 11 2020, 2:00pmOwen is it in a pouch
Jerome ArockiamJan 11 2020, 3:05pmWould you be able to post the results for the Half Marathon challenge as well?
Patrick KissaneJan 11 2020, 3:11pmWhen we finished the event and got into the hall, were we meant to sign in? Didn't see anyone taking names or did I just miss it in my muddy tired state?
Liam BoweJan 11 2020, 3:50pmAs if 42k and 1000m climbing wasn't enough of a Challenge you went and added a bit more of everything. What a super and well organised event. Well done Robbie and a huge thank to all the MMRA volunteers who gave up their time for us to do this.
Justin KellyJan 11 2020, 4:14pmThanks for a great event, really well done to the organisers, helpers and marshalls
Owen FentonJan 11 2020, 7:35pmYes Robbie in a pouch with black mesh. Taped seams white on in side with a black shape pattern. Brand new.
Liam BoweJan 11 2020, 8:50pmRobbie, by any chance did someone hand in a led lenser light, probably left on table in GAA clubhouse?
Robbie WilliamsJan 11 2020, 9:45pmLiam..I’ll check this out..

Owen will you e-mail me.. robbie.williams@imra DOT ie
Michael J KellyJan 11 2020, 10:02pmHi Robbie. Position Nr 55 for 723 should ead 732 Michael J Kelly. Thanks and sorry 723 :-(
Liam BoweJan 12 2020, 9:32amRobbie, no need to check that thanks. It turned up - bloody tiredness!
Robbie WilliamsJan 12 2020, 9:37amGreat Liam !

Michael I’ll send that onto I.T. Thanks.

Phil OakleyJan 13 2020, 10:09amBrilliant event and huge thanks to the excellent organisation and volunteers. By any chance, did anyone pick up a purple Petzl head torch from the men's changing rooms after the run?
Phil behanJan 13 2020, 11:09amHope I'm not being cheeky here, but would there be any chance of last years results being uploaded ? Thks guys.
Robbie WilliamsJan 13 2020, 11:33amHi Phil
No results were taken last year, the first running of it, we wanted to discourage any racing