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2020 Calendar Planning

Lillian DeeganSep 14 2019, 11:36amThe following x6 Long Distance events are being proposed as the IUC's for 2020.
1. Slí Gaeltacht Mhúscraí - 71.50k - Feb. 15th
2. Maurice Mullins - 51k - March 28th
3. Ballyhoura Trail Ultra - 58k - May 2nd
4. Glendalough Tucker Trail - 80k - May 23rd
5. Wicklow Way Race - 127k - July 11th
6. Glen of Aherlow - 63.30k - Sept. 19th

Also being proposed are the following dates for other ultra events.
Wicklow Glacier Lakes - 42.70k - April 11th
Stone Cross to Lug - 54k - Sept. 5th

With the Long Distance dates announced, Committee will begin the planning of the main calendar. We would welcome suggestions for all races, leagues and so on. Please feel free to comment or get in touch directly and we will try to do our best to satisfy everyone.

Thanks all
Robbie WilliamsSep 14 2019, 2:48pmJust heads up for anyone planning their racing for 2020....

There is a strong possibility that there will be changes to the Ballyhoura Ultra for next year, we are potentially looking at a “Tour of Ballyhoura “ which would involve a race in the region of 100km and 3000m.

It will be another little while before we will have an update as will require recce work.

Stephen BrennanSep 15 2019, 4:06pmThanks for settling on dates so early. Lots of great races planned - decisions, decisions!

Thanks for all of the work it takes to run these vents.
Gordon PlaceSep 16 2019, 4:21pmHi Lillian,
So good to see some great races back for another year, thanks to the committee and all RD's for the hard work that goes in to them.
Hope to see the brilliant Ticknock Ticktock squeeze in there somewhere.
At Stonecross there was a lot of discussion about increasing numbers, is there anything to be said for adding it to the Ultra League seeing as it's as least as long as one of the others, and dare I say it, a lot of them are so trail/fire roady?
Or maybe, although another league probably isn't needed, coming up with a third 30-50km longish open mountain race and sticking it in a threesome with SC and WGL.
Just thinking out loud...
John MurraySep 16 2019, 5:32pmSame races as this year...and I'm sure the entry fees will be the same? (sits back and waits for the onslaught) lol

I'd have to agree with Gordon regarding another league but maybe separate to the Long distance events which are very trail/fire roady and usually on sections of way-marked trail, so easy enough to follow and are all GPS allowed I believe?

Since the introduction of Non GPS races last year would it be possible to introduce a league for Non GPS Ultra Races?

Races like the following could form part of that league initially and would be a great way to encourage more people to progress on from the Nav Challenge Series?

Circuit of Avonbeg
Glacier Lakes
Stones Cross to Lug
Dublin Peaks

I know we have the Irish Championship League which is all Non GPS too but the distances are small 8-10km!

Appreciate all the hard work that goes into pulling the calendar together each...thanks!
Mick HanneySep 16 2019, 6:47pmThanks so much to the committee for their support. This might not be a popular suggestion but I would suggest we remove some races before we suggest adding more races or leagues. As every race requires a lot of work on the ground and behind the scenes. There are simply too many races on the calendar and some weekends we have situations where we almost have clashing races in close enough proximity drawing from the same running base. Is the no. of races we have sustainable? Can we really add more?
Brendan LawlorSep 16 2019, 8:06pmI fully agree with you Mick. The IMRA calendar has more than doubled in the past 5 years. It must be a huge burden for the main committee and the regional committees. Time to say stop
John J BarrySep 16 2019, 9:39pmLooking at the ultra list above, following on what Mick and Brendan say, I think it should be halved with an athletic having to complete two from three. The above six are are way to much for a small ultra community. What's the point of having two races (80km Tucker and 100km Ballyhoura) two weeks apart in May. That is just going to split an already small field across two similar events.

A spring Ultra in Munster. Wicklow Way in summer then another in September (Tucker) would make a very competitive all Ireland league.
Gordon PlaceSep 16 2019, 10:14pmThat is very true Mick and Brendan. Can't say I'd agree with whittling the ultra league down to 3 races, given the popularity, it was 4 at least even when it was the long distance league, although maybe shorter races.
I suppose I was just thinking, personally, that there's an awful lot of trail and fire road in there and maybe a lack, this year, of more open stuff. Circuit of Avonbeg and Drumgoff were extremely enjoyable, even with limited route choice. With Dublin Peaks, West Dublin Peaks, Fraughen Rock, Carlingford, Ballybraid, all missing, and the remaining Leinster Champs being much like the Leinster league.
Torben DahlSep 16 2019, 10:32pm@Gordon, @John Murray, this is all valid proposals and good to see your involvement. The AGM is only a few months away and committee positions might become available... Just saying ;)
John MollohanSep 16 2019, 10:35pmI think it is very helpful to talk about long distance race dates in advance. As we all know, these races need a lot more preparation for runners, and race directors alike. It would be great to race all of them but thats just not feasible for many. So we end up picking and choosing - to race and rest. I think it would be useful to avoid clashing with long distance races outside IMRA (its the same bank of runners) and the Stone Cross coincides with a large race in Ireland and France. If Stone Cross was run in early August, it might drag in more runners who are training for the longer races. Im speaking for myself, but I think this would apply to quite a few others too.
Andy KeelingSep 17 2019, 7:26amNot really a calendar scheduling point but....

Would there be something to be said for a facility on the website to make up relay teams? for people who feel up to a leg but haven't made the contacts. Something like the carpool tab that allows people to connect. I definitely have met runners who say that they would have liked to do some of the relay races but didn't get it together in time because they couldn't find the team mates or get it together in time.

I realise that it may be difficult/costly to change a website (I haven't a clue) but it may just give the relay races of the year a well deserved boost in numbers.
John MurraySep 17 2019, 10:51amCan I ask the Committee why is it that they only request comments/suggestions on the main calendar planning and not the Long Distance Races? These seem to be decided upon before the forum message goes up so really pointless in members giving an opinion on these!

Also, can I suggest the following be considered once the Calendar has been finalised...

It seems once an event has been picked for the following year its details from the previous year are simply repopulated into the Event Listing Details on the website without dates or details being checked. This usually causes confusion at some point later in the year closer to the race. Would it possible to make sure the Event Listing Details are adjusted to suit what is known at that point in time and RD's can update with the finer details as they plan it? Would save RD's having to answer unnecessary questions.
Stephen BrennanSep 17 2019, 10:56amWith so many events on these days it's impossible to avoid clashes. However, I agree with John's suggestion about the timing of the Stone Cross to Lug.
Lillian DeeganSep 17 2019, 12:10pm.
Loving the chit chat on the events for planning guys, thanks for the input. Keep it coming.

John Murray - We are following all comments for consideration on the entire calendar. Based on AGM discussions and agreements reached from a couple of year back, the retiring Committee got the ok to forward plan the LD dates for the next year.

This year, our aim was to announce as early as we could to allow people plan their 2020 long distance dates for home and away. With this said, my own opinion would be anything can change if there is enough want for same. For me, this is all healthy discussion and it is to be welcomed. We will carry on and give consideration to all comments and suggestions for the 2020 calendar.

On the race day website details - A great whack of time is given by the web lads to sort this aspect annually. I don't know enough to comment on your suggestion for precise 2020 event day details but I'm sure the lads will do their best to tie info back. As a general rule of thumb, once a race route has been reviewed and ok'd our end, that same spec is what we use for the next year. Once a race director takes on the planning of their race, varied reviews are done, ideally 6/7 weeks out from the race and if changes are required, the web lads do so. I think there is only so much forward planning that can be done our end too early in the year.

John MurraySep 17 2019, 1:42pm.
Thanks for clarifying Lillian. Before my time! ;)
Peter O'FarrellSep 20 2019, 11:52am(Indirectly referencing a different thread on this first point)
It would be great if the Trial races for the Euros and Worlds did not clash with Irish Championship races.

Ideally the Irish Champions in waiting would have a good chance to prepare for the trial and qualify on merit at the trial race, should they so wish.

The Winter League

January as a rest month might be an idea, let the new committee and new year bed in.
The Winter league could/should have 5 races starting in February and finishing at the middle of March before the Maurice Mullins.
A 5 race schedule with 2 weeks between most races allows some flexibility in case of snow/ice stopping play League again

Thanks again for all the thought and effort that goes into putting the calendar together and see you on the hills.
Warren SwordsSep 20 2019, 6:46pmI agree with Peter. Glad to see he's relaxed on his previous staunch position of banning the winter league altogether.

What's the reasoning behind having separate trial races? I'd love to see the trials take place in an existing race. I did Snowdon this year and the experience of racing alongsi...behind the elites was brilliant.

Seems an awful pity to have the fastest hill runners absent from actual hill races.

2019 calendar was great. Really enjoyed it.
Mick HanneySep 20 2019, 6:49pmre: Leagues. Pretty standard across IMRA to have 3 from 4 or 4 from 5 in terms of leagues. I note the south-east league has 14 races with 5 to count. Too many races to be a league. It is also spread over the entire year and some races are arbitrarily roped in like Trooperstown and Annagh. So as a league it can't really work. Would suggest it is split into 2 leagues of 4 from 5/6 for instance. As it stands you could have someone doing well in 5 races, something else doing well in 5 races but they might never race each other.
John BellSep 20 2019, 7:22pmI think Peter's suggestion on the winter league reduced to 5 races makes sense, even if I'm itching to get out in January.
The IC is 3 from 5, which allows reasonable numbers to finish, however, the LC was 3 from 4, which meant only a few completed the league. Previously it was 3/5 but this year one race was left out of the LC (Tonlagee) but still in the calendar on its own.
It would be great to encourage greater numbers to try the Championship races and Nav Challenges, perhaps a 'Try Nav' event could be arranged earlier in the season and or before the Nav series. This might also encourage others to try Glacier Lakes & Stone Cross Relays, which are always highlights for me.
Thanks to the Committee for all their hard work.
Brian FureySep 20 2019, 8:28pmMy 2 cents is ..

Why not run the Irish Champs and Leinster Champs from March to September. Leave the Winter league at 5 race max and disband the Trail league. This give more time instead of packing alot of races into mainly summer months.
Alan AylingSep 22 2019, 8:56pmFirstly, as others have indicated, hats off to the committee for this year's calendar. A job well done. Lillian in particular deserves a lot of credit for the hard work.

And so, for what it's worth...

I suggest keep in mind why the Trail League was started in the first place. The Leinster League, since "time immoral", ran from late April to early July. That generally worked well, but came to a very sudden stop, leaving a gaping hole in everyone's Wednesday night. There was appetite for a continued, if rather less full-on, bit of Wednesday night action and so the Trail League was conceived.
The last couple of years the order was reversed, I gather the intention was to use the TL as a sort of introduction to hill running before dropping newcomers in the deep end of the LL. Not necessarily a bad idea, but I suggest the original worked better. Get the LL done with before family holiday time kicks in for most people.

On a related note, the Sugarloaf. Traditionally the last race of the LL, which would have been the 2nd week in July. Problem: the bracken. An attempt to switch Sugarloaf to the first race of the LL turned out to be a poor decision, too much too soon for beginners, people out until dark, etc. So - put the Sugarloaf in the middle. Say third week in May. Bracken not up, so no need for Graham and Brian to spend hours bushwhacking, but better daylight and a few races under people's belts to get into the swing of things. This year's route was a belter - keep it!

"But what of the barbecue?", I hear you cry. Well, I argue the bbq tail should not be allowed to wag the mountain running dog. How about an end of season bbq rather than an end of league one? Have it at The Grove after the last of the TL races. The race could be one of the Downshill variations, or with a little imagination we could park at the Grove and get across under the dual carriageway to the southern tip of Glen of the Downs, run a new route around that.

If Howth is to feature (and I'd like it to), VERY careful consideration has to be given to the course design, signage and marshalling. The stand-out IMRA venue for course routing cock-ups.

Winter League... I'd be on for cutting it back to say 5 or 6 races, only get to drop one.

SE league - Mick makes good points, but the good folks of the SE should be given some freedom to do things they way they think will work for them and their runners & volunteers.

Pubs. Mostly very good. Pity not to be in Zellers more often. One suggestion though - avoid putting any business the way of an establishment that clearly doesn't want us there, where charmless staff take forever to deliver a pint and we end up effectively booted out to the hotel lobby instead of remaining in the bar. There are far superior licenced premises just up the road in Roundwood.

Oh and imagine how lovely a race the Wicklow Glacier Lakes would be if it weren't for the inevitably Baltic conditions of early April... any danger of that race happening at a warmer time, like September?!
Gordon PlaceSep 22 2019, 9:11pmAll fine suggestions Alan and would agree with them all except maybe WGL, think the weather adds another potential challenge and would be hard to fit Stonecross in September as well, not that that guarantees anything weather wise (Padraig Doyle still hasn't recovered from the horrors of 2016). Defo preferred the trail league at the end of the summer
Andrew HanneySep 23 2019, 11:27amPosting my query from another thread regarding club results:

Is it possible to introduce club positions in race results? Speaking from experience where I regularly encourage members of my AC to run in IMRA and judging by the amount of singlets there are many other clubs represented. Could club awards by introduced? I think this used to be done? Surely it wouldn’t be a big ask with the way results are produced now. It would probably encourage more clubs to take part. I suppose the main issue will be what comprises a club but I think the discussion might be worthwhile.

I would also be for putting the trail league at the end of the calendar where it was.

Last request, add a come and try it Nav event the week before the Nav challenge kicks off to show people the ropes.

Last but not least...Well done committee on a great job.
Conor O'FarrellSep 23 2019, 3:02pmHi All

Thanks for all the input, it's all very welcome and keep it coming

To give you some background on why the calendar is populated in the way it is, most events are cloned from the previous year's event (as is quite obvious). Even this is a laborious task, but this way makes it a lot easier to actually populate the calendar for people to at east start planning dates and give some idea of what to look forward to. We really rely on the RDs to provide the finer details. Otherwise you we 2 options: the calendar will be published much later that people would like in dribs and drabs; or have events with no information whatsoever(aside from date and title) until the RD is assigned and can populate the info. I would have thought these are less desirable than the current system.

Some of the formatting (bold, colour, bullet-points etc.) can be difficult for the non-tech RDs but I am always here to assist with any of that. Hopefully some future web improvements will help with that too.

On the subject of the website...
Regarding club scores, eventually we hope to be able to provide something like that, we can add it to the wishlist. One of my main goals this year was to try and get something sorted around the relay results for each event, but we are struggling to engage with any 3rd party web-devs to take on the work on our complex website and database. Kevin has been doing some work in the background, but as with us all, our day-jobs take precedence sometimes. There are other more basic website items that we are looking to implement and I have been chatting to some companies to do it, so hopefully we can have a more modern and mobile-friendly looking site for next season.

Luke McMullanOct 4 2019, 12:43pmProbably mentioned already - but let's not clash the likes of Galtymore with National Team Trials. Could double up the National Team Trials with these Irish Championship races. e.g. Slieve Donard which is early in the year could be selection for the Europeans and Galtymore at the end of the Summer as the selection for the Worlds? My two cents
Gordon PlaceOct 24 2019, 12:30pmJust noticed the SGM is on Valentine's weekend. So get your notice in early or start selling the prospect of a nice weekend away, where you'll be missing for half of it but can offer a lovely romantic Saturday night in the Malpaso.....
Walsh RowanOct 30 2019, 7:08pmOne runner mentioned the pub of Malpaso
They never stopped dancin' and money like whiskey did flow
Tom LuptonNov 12 2019, 1:11pmConor, regarding getting relay results onto the system. Would it be possible to create an IMRA runner profile for each team i.e. 'TEAM A' is assigned an individual imra number '1234' and the team results could be posted in the result section of the relay event. Then, when the relay is over, could a separate event be created for each leg of the relay so that the results of individuals could be assigned to each leg.
Robert CunninghamNov 12 2019, 2:21pmThere will also be changes to the Aherlow races with a 50k (one loop) replacing the 63k (3 loop) race. There will be no Marathon distance.
There will be a half.
Gordon PlaceDec 2 2019, 8:23pmHi All,
Sorry, I know it's still very early, but with the likes of the sky running series making you sign up for sell out races nearly twelve months in advance, it can mean committing elsewhere much earlier.
Just wondering if Aherlow is going to stay in the Ultra Champs with the reduced distance? And if the longer Ballyhoura race that Robbie mentioned at the AGM is replacing the one above on the same date, and finally, if the new Beara race Robbie mentioned is stand alone and if there's any thoughts on a possible date. Thanks a lot
Lillian DeeganDec 3 2019, 1:49pm.
FOMO at its best G :)

Not long to go now - We have a meeting next week where we will review all 2020 events with the new year Committee. I expect once our sitting is had, the webmaster will get the calendar published for the real fun to begin.

More anon.

Robbie WilliamsDec 3 2019, 3:04pmGordon..

Aherlow will be 50km, there will be no Marathon.

Ballyhoura 100km will replace the old 60km but the marathon WILL stay along with half

Beara Way is 135k on 12th (Friday night) june

Can’t answer yet re part of ultra league
Gordon PlaceDec 3 2019, 4:41pmHa! True Lillian, but with the proposed new year's resolution of not trying to do everything in mind .... and already wavering

Thanks for the replies.

Dare I suggest that maybe with MM at 51km, Aherlow is now a bit too similar, and maybe raise the substitution of the longer Stonecross again......near same time of year....
Gordon PlaceDec 3 2019, 4:43pmHa! True Lillian, but with the proposed new year's resolution of not trying to do everything in mind .... and already wavering

Thanks for the replies.

Dare I suggest that maybe with MM at 51km, Aherlow is now a bit too similar, and maybe raise the substitution of the longer Stonecross again......near same time of year....
Lillian DeeganDec 12 2019, 3:10pm.
With the 1st of the new year Committee meetings had earlier this week, I am on to note a couple of amendments with our long distance events for 2020.

The IUC's for 2020 are as follows:
1. Slí Gaeltacht Mhúscraí - 71.50km - Feb. 15th
2. Maurice Mullins - 51km - March 28th
3. Ballyhoura Trail Ultra - 100km - May 2nd
4. Glendalough Tucker Trail - 80km - May 23rd
5. Wicklow Way Race - 127km - July 11th
6. Stone Cross to Lug - 54km - Sept. 5th

Other confirmed ultra events:
Wicklow Glacier Lakes - 42.70k - April 18th
Beara Way Ultra Trail - 130km - June 13th
Glen of Aherlow - 50km - Sept. 19th

With the longer distance events confirmed for next year, Committee wish to thank everyone for their input with the planning of the entire calendar. All 2020 leagues and other varied events have been pinned down date wise now. The calendar will be published as soon as time allows our end.

We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and look forward to kicking off another great IMRA year come Jan. 2020.

All the very best to everyone.

John J BarryDec 12 2019, 4:56pmIs it still four from six? With two in May it will be unlikely to see many people doing both of the May events. That leaves us with four from five which is very severe
John MurrayDec 12 2019, 6:37pm___________________________________________

Yes, still 4 from 6 to complete the league John.

Gordon PlaceDec 13 2019, 12:46pmI think it gives a bit of scope to pick your 4 dates to suit, John (Barry), you don't have to do all 6. Only 3 people attempted all 6 last year, the winner picked his 4.
Sam ScrivenDec 13 2019, 6:54pmHi. The 2020 calendar is shaping up nicely. Just wanted to check that the Carrauntoohil race is intended to be the Saturday after the June bank holiday, rather than the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend. Thanks
Mícheál O'MullainDec 14 2019, 12:14amNoteworthy that IC race Errigal seems to clash with what was Donard IC race and probably Donard will be 9th May next year also. Hopefully not.
Lillian DeeganDec 14 2019, 2:14amSam - we have a few odd gaps that Con is working on filling to try and keep dates somewhat similar to years prior. Some changes had to be made though. As the calendar nears completion on here, it will make more sense.

Micheal - We were in touch with NIMRA. Slieve Donard is being held on May 16th next year. Unfortunately for us the date clashes with the Wicklow Way Relay. We were keen to keep an event up the country if at all possible and with a few alternative options considered, Mt. Errigal is what we felt could work.
Mícheál O'MullainDec 14 2019, 7:28amGreat stuff Lillian thanks for that.


Gordon PlaceDec 29 2019, 11:48amHi All,
The 2020 calendar is looking great with lots to look forward to (and realize it might still be a work in progress), thanks Committee.
Have been plugging the dates into the Google calendar Alan was asking about as they come out and noticed the following.....
Just wondering if there is a way around the CC clash with the Galtee Crossing? Might be a free weekend in July?
And if the WGL is definitely Easter weekend?

John MurrayDec 29 2019, 5:15pm@Gordon - WGL is actually the 18th April. Its listed as the 11th on the events page but that is an error. Was originally 11th during a draft of the calendar but amended to the 18th!
Paul SmythDec 29 2019, 7:04pmI would like to second Gordon's call to avoid a clash between the Galty Crossing and the CC weekend. Could we also avoid Jun. 12-13th. which is the date for the Wicklow Rogaine.
Gordon PlaceDec 30 2019, 5:34pmOne other observation is that the WWR the week before the Reeks weekend is unfortunate
Alice ClancyDec 30 2019, 6:17pmHello All, the 2020 calendar is shaping up really well...and thank you to all involved in organising all this fun!
I agree with Gordon though- the Galty Crossing moving to weekend of Connaught Champs is quite a clash...I’d say there’s a sizeable group of people who would love to compete in both of those events ... is it possible to move one of the dates?
Brian MullinsDec 30 2019, 6:41pmA difficult choice as both the Galty Crossing and the CC are great outings! If one was inclined to capitulate to requests of a move could sympathy be offered to IC competitors and move the CC to the weekend of the June 20th (doesn’t appear to clash with anything) in order to give them time to repair their legs for Lug?
Alan AylingDec 30 2019, 6:45pmPersonally speaking, over the last 3 or 4 years I've felt the Connacht Champs weekend and the Galty Crossing to be two of the absolute highlights of the mountain running year. As such, I'd love to be able to do both in 2020 and not have to choose one over the other.
Lillian DeeganDec 30 2019, 7:52pmGuys the online calendar is still a work in progress. With us having a late AGM this year, we are still trying to work round odd race day clashes. With over 100 races on the 2020 calendar, some clashes are unavoidable.

I expect once we have had our Jan. meeting, we will be in a better position to wrap up on the last of the 2020 calendar.

It's nearly New Years - let's all take a break from planning and enjoy the celebration :)
Gordon PlaceJan 5 2020, 5:21pmIMRA Calendar plus NIMRA Champs plus the odd other race like UK/Ireland Sky Running Series for all the Fomos, and to show what clashes. Race start time is incl. in the description plus distance and league. Some shown as heading down the night before which doesn't suit all but at least everything is in there.

LC and Nav Challenges need to be added when known.

Just download and import into your google calendar and add or delete whatever you like, rather than a public calendar that needs to be maintained. Some people couldn't access the shared link last time so this should work for all.
Gordon PlaceJan 5 2020, 6:09pmGaltymore needs to be added on the 16th August, and the Connaught Champs dates are wrong, but all may change when calendar is finalised. It's easy to just swap the dates once the races are in the calendar
Walsh RowanJan 5 2020, 7:01pmGordon you're a legend, thank you
Brendan LawlorJan 6 2020, 6:48pmThat calendar download is excellent.. thank you Gordon!
Brendan LawlorJan 6 2020, 6:59pmIs there no Wicklow Way Relay planned for this year?
Lillian DeeganJan 6 2020, 10:19pmThe WW Relay will be on May 16th Brendan.
Peter O'FarrellJan 6 2020, 10:21pmHi,

Just a query about the start time for Errigal. Would it be feasible to move it to 1.30pm to facilitate travelling up the morning of the race?
It's currently pencilled in for 11am.

The calendar looks great, thanks for all the hard work fitting it all in.
Brian MullinsJan 6 2020, 10:29pm11am is a cunning plan! Stop all those fast Leinster lads travelling up ;-) If it’s any consolation Peter there will be a few travelling up from West Cork (at least a 12hr round trip) and 11am would be better than 1.30pm.
Lillian DeeganJan 6 2020, 10:29pmYep, shouldn't be an issue Peter. We continue to figure odd bits on the Errigal race. We will review the start time once we have race day jazz sorted.
Mike JordanJan 6 2020, 10:43pmFor those in need of another mountain race in an already stuffed calendar - entries are now open for the NI leg of the British Fellrunning Champs. They're using the Seven Sevens route this year on 25th April.
Gordon PlaceJan 6 2020, 11:32pmNeed to be member of registered club to enter the BC 7 7's, IMRA is not in the list, could it be?
Brendan LawlorJan 7 2020, 8:20amThanks Lillian
Gordon PlaceJan 7 2020, 9:21amTo anyone registering for the British Champs edition of the 7 7's on the 25th April, I've been told to 'choose club not listed and enter IMRA'
Gordon PlaceJan 7 2020, 10:32amSee Walk the Line is going from the GAP on the 28th March, kicking off at 2.30pm
Conor O'FarrellJan 7 2020, 11:17amI've just posted up the relay event.

There are still a few more general calendar items that need to be ironed out, so I will hold off before posting them up.

Gordon PlaceJan 10 2020, 3:24pmDownload link to revised Calendar incl. LC etc.
Gordon PlaceJan 10 2020, 3:35pmSorry, correct link below, just delete the previous version from your calendar