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Rene BorgDeclan O'Dwyer

Rene Borg


1. Boards AC 49 (7 Angus Tyner, 8 John Ahern, 34 Richard Nunan)
2. Rathfarnham WSAF 102 (5 Greg Byrne, 22 Mike Long, 75 Paul Kelders)
3. DSD 138 (3 Killian Mooney, 15 James Alexander, 120 Aidan Blighe)
4. UCD 160 (11 Niall Fox, 17 Eoin Syron, 132 Brendan Deery)
5. The Vulgar Callunas 215 (16 Ian O'Kane, 26 John Langan, 173 Jesko Zimmerman)
6. Sportsworld 247 (2 Eanna Cunnane, 74 Shane Reynolds, 171 Allister Gerrard)
7. Clonliffe Harriers 260 (24 Dermot Murphy, 79 David Duffy, 157 Pol O'Murchu)
8. Team Galco 273 (28 Padraig O'Dwyer, 61 Declan O'Dwyer, 184 Oliver Rynne)
9. Sli Cualann 278 (29 Jimmy Synnott, 105 Eddie Daly, 144 Brendan Lawlor)
10. Glenasmole 316 (73 Cillian Stewart, 88 Thomas Galvin, 155 Ercus Stewart)
11. Crusaders AC 338 (9 Gary Park, 140 Ken Cowley, 189 Gavan Doherty)
12. GEN 547 (169 Derek Kellett, 185 John Shiels, 193 Brendan Doherty)

1. River Runners 70 (9 Michelle Rowley, 11 Aisling Corkery, 50 Eavan Casey)

Declan O'Dwyer

After a couple of niggles at the end of the winter league lead to a cancelled WW Trail attempt and restricted training, my first comeback race at a tough Three Rock course was disappointing.

Redemption was needed and Scalp next up on the calendar. Never having run it before, I studied the map which suggested there was 1 short sharp climb of note, on the first loop of a figure of 8 course, and the rest was reasonably flat (for a mountain race). A course maybe more suited to the end of season trail runs. The organisers decision to reverse the direction of the second loop gave lie to the idea that there was no testing climb on the second loop.

The evening had turned very wet,as registration was held and with a 2k run/walk to the start no further warm up was needed. The biggest problem with the "easier" races is that the speed of the race goes up a couple of notches and with a flat 2k start before the first climb, this was going to be no exception. A decent start was needed, made more difficult by a very narrow trail straight from the start line.

Then we were off and running fast. I was holding my own along this section and soon the main hill came into view through the woods, at right angles to the trail, giving a great view of the what is to come. Ran probably half way up before I had to walk. Walking mountains always leaves me with the dillemna, between bent low with hands on knees, v standing up and getting air into the lungs, depends whether the legs or lungs are in the worst shape.

Got to the top and a steward was calling out placings, 55th I think - thats pretty good!, hold it together down a short rocky section before the good running trail starts again. Over a small hill nd we're near the end of the first loop.

I'know I'm running above my normal middle of the field position, as no-one around appears to be struggling. If I ease up for a second, someone is trying to get past. The down hill slightly muddy start to the second loop keeps you pushing as fast as you can go, with enough rocks sticking out of the mood to keep your focus on the ground.

Up the last hill, logic says its mostly runnable, but my legs tell me its not. Try hard to hang in and not lose too many spots, and before we know it we're over the top and on to the last short dash to the finish.

Back in the field, which was getting muddier by the minute, we had to push several cars up the hill, before a well earned refreshment in the Golden Ball. 65th position overall in 31.48. Disappointed to lose 10 places from the top of the big hill, but a great result for this mid-table runner - Redemption achieved.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made a great event in difficult conditions, and thanks to Dermot for giving volunteer status to these reports.