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Sorrell Hill


Dermot MurphyRene Borg

Dermot Murphy

The rain clouds were just disappearing into the horizon when we arrived to run the Sorrell Hill race near Lacken, in county Wicklow. Great for admiring the spectacular views of the lake. Dry for the race, but not so dry underfoot, as we were to find out! Due to felling, the usual forest ride could not be used, instead we continued on the fire road until we came to a junction and took a left followed by a sharp right up a different forest ride. I was going well enough up until this point, but up through the forest ride we got a hint of what the underfoot conditions would be like on the open mountain - wet and mucky. The muck seemed to suck the life out of my legs and I started going backwards, but of course there are others who relish these conditions. There was certainly no stopping Tom Hogan who was in commanding form from the start and well ahead when he passed me on his way down off Sorrell hill. Peter O'Farrell is another who likes these conditions and he had a fine run for second, with Rathfarnham team mate, John Brennan in third. Eoin Keith had a good return from his broken ankle sustained earlier in year at Annagh hill and finished fourth. In the ladies race, Kate Cronin had a good win in her second IMRA race of year (her first the previous Wednesday) with Maeve O'Grady in second with Laura Flynn in third. I finally found my legs on the return on the fire road - too late to do anything, but at least I held my place!

Great job by Aidan on his first time acting as RD, and also by all the volunteers who ensured a smoothly run race. Back to Zellars in Lacken for the prize giving, where they actually had a big roaring fire on! Is this the middle of June or January?!?

Rene Borg


1. Rathfarnham WSAF 33 (2 Peter O'Farrell, 3 John Brennan, 28 Mike Long)
2. Sli Cualann 37 (6 Ben Mooney, 10 Cormac Conroy, 21 Robin Mooney)
3. UCD 38 (11 Eoin Brady, 12 Brian Caulfield, 15 Zoran Skrba)
4. Boards AC 51 (4 Eoin Keith, 18 John Ahern, 29 Eamonn Hodge)
5. 3ROC 93 (5 Gerard Butler, 20 Kyle Heron, 68 Gerard Cunningham)
6. CNOC 110 (19 Conor Short, 45 Ruairi Short, 46 Brian Hill)
7. Sportsworld 155 (17 Damien Kelly, 35 Jakub Splawski, 103 Eoin O'Brien)
8. Crusaders AC 158 (13 Amidou Dembele, 58 Gavan Doherty, 87 Cathal Lally)
9. GEN 238 (32 Alan Ayling, 72 Stephen Doorly, 134 Brendan Doherty)
10. Raheny Shamrocks 408 (127 David Brady, 135 Ciaran McGrath, 136 Mike Gomm)