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Colm Hill

My usual tactic in a mountain race is to find someone fast (usually Peter), sit on their shoulder and wait and see what happens.... Ok, so thats a down right lie, I like to go out hard with someone and then either outsmart them or get dropped... However, last night I decided on a completely different tactic.
Having biked out via Glencullen and the devils elbow, the legs were feeling good. A little too good considering the lack of breakfast, lunch and the tiny dinner.

Arriving at the assembly and watching who turned up.... the only notable people missing was Gerard Butler and Brian Furey - everyone else had shown. It was going to be one hell of a race.

We all lined up on the small country road and we took off... I sat at the front... waited.... waited... Then on the first mirco downhill I went for it, I sprinted off keeping a fast but "controlled" pace.... ok so thats lie number 2.... My HR was through the roof, for the first 2km I averaged 189bpm (I didn't even reach that in the Irish Orienteering Champs, at all!!) I didn't look back. Clearing the barrier I heard a cheer from behind, i reckon I had 50m of a gap. Up the fire road and Barry M just closed the gap as if it wasn't there. I eased off the pace a fraction knowing he had serious speed, I stuck behind him before the second climb - on reaching the single track I jumped in front of him and floored it again. Hoping to get a gap. No dice. On reaching the flat track he upped the pace and got a gap. My legs were pumping acid. It was so sore, a beautiful seering pain encompassed my body (hadn't done a speed session in ages).

I took off after him and was on his shoulder as we went up through the small track through the woods. He got a small gap and it slowly began to increase as we climbed. My legs were getting heavier and heavier. I could hear the closing pack baring down apon me as Barry put more distance between us. I hit the track and I knew the guys were on top of me (after taking a sneeky glance behind me).
I was planning to recover on the road but they just opened up the pace.... or perhaps my pace just plummeted. It didn't matter, I got dropped, badly.

I struggled up the ride as they just kept coming past me. Although it was slightly demoralising I just kept saying to myself I'll catch em on the descent... and the feeling of finally getting up a lot of the gunk from my lungs felt so so good.

On reaching the Wicklow Way I finally got a wee bit of pace back in my body and I was slowly realing in the Crusader runners. Inch by inch. However half way up the peaty track I got this pain in my lower back... I attempted to ignore it but it was so constant... I stopped once or twice but I ended up walking up a lot of the way. Very disappointed that I couldn't run it at all. On the descent however I kept up a good pace and ran technically very well. Gaining time on the two Crusader runners. Nearing the end, after the final barrier I caught one of them and tried to break him mentally. I failed the first time but after the small rise (the drop I attacked off of orginally) I attacked again and got enough of a gap that his head dropped. Stayed in front until the finish. Finished 8th... worst IMRA result to date but a lot of lessons learned. The course record is 28 which is very doable on a good day... Great course, great set of sessions.

I took the flatter route home on the bike with Niall.... I was completely bet when I got home.

Most people complain of having a head ache the morning after a good night out....

My only complaints are my lower back, calves, thighs, gluts, baby toe, ass..... Good sess! :)

Rene Borg

1. Rathfarnham WSAF 9 (1 Barry Minnock, 3 Peter O'Farrell, 5 Aaron O'Donohue)
2. Crusaders AC 36 (4 Richard Healy, 9 Robert Healy, 23 Rene Borg)
3. Boards AC 41 (2 Eoin Keith, 12 Mick Hanney, 27 Eamonn Hodge)
4. Sli Cualann 44 (7 Cormac Conroy, 16 Ben Mooney, 21 Martin Francis)
5. UCD 56 (14 Zoran Skrba, 17 Tim Grummell, 25 Brian Caulfield)
6. The Kyrgyz... 167 (49 Viv Lavan, 50 John P O'Regan, 68 Eoin Hardiman)
7. Setanta 183 (31 Kevin O'Riordan, 54 Andreas Kusch, 98 Sean Hassett)
8. GEN 226 (30 Alan Ayling, 48 Ted McCormack, 148 Brendan Doherty)
9. Raheny Shamrocks 434 (125 David Brady, 152 Lunar McGrath, 157 Mike Gomm)

1. Crusaders AC 31 (4 Susan Seager, 12 Emma Boland, 15 Roisin McDonnell)
2. Sli Cualann 46 (1 Jenny McAuley, 21 Aisling Renshaw, 24 Maria O'Rourke)
3. Setanta 73 (7 Hazel Thompson, 14 Eileen Walsh, 52 Melanie Walsh)