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A number of errors have been pointed out to us in relation to the Corrig results..these will be corrected within the next 10 days

Well here?s a report from further back in the pack than usual..... just to add some balance to the report on the race or for this week should I say ?epic?.
It was a wet and blustery night ? whether it was the darkness of the cloud or the prospect of Henry vs Ronaldinho who knows, but numbers were a little down on previous weeks. As the 3-2-1 was announced some of us were still discussing the merits of taking a jacket up with us... oops too late.... take it as it comes.

By all accounts I think Ronan sped off to the front of the leading pack, obviously confident that all navigation errors had been run out of his system the previous week. The rest of us battled it out behind ? bemoaning those in front who stopped to walk and blocked the path in front - secretly glad they had stopped as it gave us an excuse to walk :-) The run was very pleasant up the first high-point (on this occasion the wind offering a little helping hand up the top ? phew!) where Graham was there to stop us being blown completely off course... ?Thanks Graham I know it?s that way but... arrrghhh!?

Anyway corner turned and it was off across the boggy mountain top to the high point of the race. Challenging terrain would be a fair description ? as a newcomer to mountain running, I am quite sure that in my previous life that with boots, gaiters, fleece, windproof jacket etc. I would not have ventured to follow these yellow flags. But tonight there was only one way to go. Finally we got to the turnaround flag and started to head down....
Taking care not the jump too high over the boggy bits for fear of taking off. As my bandana and hair clip flew off in the wind, I was left to imagine where my feet were landing with the occasional glimpse through strands of hair [note to self: get hair cut before next race!]

Finally we turned off the bog, out of the wind and onto the trails for the run back down to the finish. Time to spot that person in front and catch them... the competitive instinct still well and truly alive despite the elements! And over the finish line to feelings of relief and a little bit of smug satisfaction - sure where else would you be on a blustery Wednesday evening. And off we toddled for the serious part of the evening, a pint, and the spot prizes!!

In terms of what happened at the front I can recount....Ronan made it home safely in first place, followed by Eion Kieth and Turlough Conway. In the women?s race first home was Karen Bothwell followed by Roisin McDonnell and Aoife Joyce.

Thanks to Race Director Diarmuid O?Colmain, and to Graham for the marking and pointing at the top. And thanks to everyone else who helped... the evenings really are brilliantly organised.