Irish Mountain
Running Association





It's not often in Ireland that we are lucky enough to race in the hills in
the sun. For it to happen twice in one weekend is exceptional. Maybe it
was pay back for the aborted Donegal weekend earlier in the year. <P>

Saturday saw the usual small number of IMRA types gather in the car park
over shadowed by the cliffs of Knockdhu. The cliffs looking resplendant in
the bright sunshine, with route marking tape visible, fluttering in the
gullies an indication of what lay ahead.
But before the race had started the blood was flowing. Isabelle Lemee's
aversion to descending manifested itself crossing the stile out of the car
park, a painful gashed shin resulting. Once the race was underway Niall
Sherlock missed his footing at a critical moment and hit the ground hard.
Call it bravery or something else but he picked himself up and carried on to
finish. The rest of us arrived exhausted but content at the finish, our
private battles with oppositon and course settled for another year. The
IMRA travelling party were :
9 38:13 Paul Nolan
18 40:32 Killian Mullett
39 46:27 Kevin Grogan
41 46:53 Niall Sherlock
70 54:27 Alan Ayling
84 61:39 Eithne McShane
86 64:52 Isabelle Lemee
89 74:40 John Shiels