Irish Mountain
Running Association

Halloween Half Marathon


Robbie Williams

Halloween Half & 5km

Last Saturday I set off for Kilworth Woods with Shep my faithful aid. The morning was spend picking up coke and lollipops from the cash & carry before picking up the gazebos for the finish incase of bad weather. With the imra van loaded we headed the road. Phone calls on the way to double check that out “Munster Chef” David Yelverton was still all good to provide the soup and rolls for the event, and the local man Gary Healy in line to collect them along with soup kettle and compostable cups. Arriving at Kilworth village at 2pm, myself and Shep hung some of the road signs showing the way to the woods, grabbing a delicious coffee from the horse box cafe in the square.. Onward to the woods and filled my rucksack with reflective arrows, hammer, nails, tie wraps and a snickers.. I took the mountain bike to save time so that at least the open fire roads would be quicker. To say it was wet would be an understatement, and immediately after stating I could taste the delicious muck from the trails in my gob as the bikes wheels threw it everywhere…oh to be a dog ! Once we got to the 5km point there is a very steep descent to the stream so we marked this with fairy lights and set up a rope as a handrail down the mudbank, which a lot of runners were happy to see.. Onward through muddy puddle avenue and through Lord of the Rings forest where the muck was now in gloop ponds. We set up more fairy lights just before the 10km aid station, at the Tunnel of Terror. One lap of mucky square mile brings you back to the aid station a second time before turning for home. We followed the Blackwater Way most of the way back, taking a mini diversion to cross the foot spa twice. We finished back in the main car park where Shep grabbed a well earned rest. I was glad to see all the volunteers there, and we quickly unpacked the van and set up gazebo and registration within. The soup soon arrived cans we kept in hot in the Soup Kettle while helper John Hallahan connected up a generator to ensure we had plenty lights around the sign in area. Having such a great gang of helpers made everything so easy and I want to thank them for all their help. Runners were soon signing up and collecting their Halloween Beanie hats… The races then started soon after with the kiddies braving the dark woods with their parents before returning to a supply of candy and drinks. At 7:30 the Half started and after 2km they pass by the start area again where they all got a big cheer from the 5km gang waiting to start their race. It was brilliant to see all the headtorches and costumes as they passed by and tackled the muddy bank. At 8pm the 5km set off and they were soon following in the initial steps of the Half gang. After that it was happy, tired runners streaming over the line for the next 2-3 hours. All finished with hot soup , drinks, and sweets & tayto. We all mucked in and took apart the finish area just before the rain started. My two boys came up with Emer who was doing her first night run, and Scotty helpers in tidying up too. We turned the key on the forest barrier at 12 midnight and went immediately to Mc Donald’s on the edge of Fermoy for a wholesome Big Mac Meal with Vanilla milkshake after missing lunch. Scott woke up as did Shep at the traffic lights to the Jack Lynch Tunnel. It was a long and tiring day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s unreal to see all the runners finishing and telling how much they loved it. One made who must have been mid 70s crossed the line and shouted that “that was brilliant “ , “ I always wanted to do something like that”! That made me very happy. I hope anyone that was there really enjoyed it, and if you didn’t, we will see you next year !!! Long Live Irish Mountain Running Association!!