Irish Mountain
Running Association

Sorrell Hill


Mikey Fry

Lolly pop legs

So boom bum boom and I’m off again to fast as usual since I’m only back from injured hammy from Carrick I should be going slower anyway breathing heavy off the fire road ger already past me the three young lads lashed off the older dudes warren pete and more head up along and across a couple of fire roads right turn along fence then onto open mountain Cormac passes me but not fast enough I pass him again then he passes me probably and heads off a bit get to climb at last Cormac has a good run a good way up I power up I’m wrecked pass Cormac eventually front lads lash past us round top boom down boo who to the gentle up hill Cormac passes me again and a good few others struggling up left turn down down down over line few at last man I’m out of race practice nice chat with lads great run by Andrew…

Thanks again Martin and crew for a super race…good day Imra mikey