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Just dropped Lads off at Ashford back from another Mountain race a lot of fire Road and off up the road panting pretty heavy because the tree route we normally go when it was run able now not:( and then into a nice really nice part of the forest few spots being taking then taking back round some twisty turns two lads in front went wrong way called them back and kept on track I pushed ahead and nobody pasted me for a good while so John smell ahead not to far just before open mountainy bit going the opposite way to previous race was a nice uphill then Gareth and Dan past me and bit further on Dan decided to walk really I thought he was a hard lad;) pasted him again hit the top and fly down the beautiful after Gareth who afterwards told me he wasn’t great on the downhills ducking driving eventually hit fire road to right on along for a bit I new there was a turn somewhere on left but saw some people running back but we hadn’t missed it boom and down again at a good speed then unfortunately right turn onto fire was enjoying it till then pushed on Dan and Gareth passed me still no sign of Ben and pòl but I knew I’d see them soon there’s warren started to run back up coarse eeeeejet warren slapped me into shape then headed down to one more trail but mostly fire road at this stage onto lady part Ben passes me so I keep up with him and keeping up and passing slightly on the downhill bits then some roll coasters bits kept up but then let him off slightly was wrecked so just in behind him phew great race but too many fire roads for me…good chats with all thanks again to dave and crew for a super race always love the feeling of the after race feeling of my body no pub tonight I won’t be giving Matt a lift again if he keeps getting those brilliant results well done dude second those legs were made for them fire roads:)

Good day Imra