Irish Mountain
Running Association

Djouce -The Ayling Abyss


Mikey Fry

Super wrecked

Well that was not what I expected after scarr didn’t feel too bad then this beast maybe last week’s holidays of lots of junk probably not best Pre race for me but very enjoyable after...while talking to Warren on way down I felt not great so I thought feeling that way before race should be fine oh was I wrong boom joe gets us started I keep up with front guys for not very long I feel everyone passing me jump into stream and up through the little winding path I feel like m y legs are going to fall off past underground waterfall which you can’t see then up up up through the forest puff puff still wrecked onto fire road push a bit over style left past Pete then up towards djouce struggle up eventually Gordon passes me on way up to summit try keep but legs tired round marshal at top usually this we’re I can really fly but not as fast as I would have liked Gordon disappeared off pasted a few caught up with pól on turn at bottom he’s flying at the moment then just trying to push on the downs entered forest Alan the maker of this madness had only just pasted me so I said no way went after him and passed on the nice steep bit where there was a few people sliding down the hill as if it was snowing on a sledge...legs now officially bunched Alan eventually passes me nearer the bottom I am so tired not sure how my legs r moving I when crossing the river Neary got in for a swim and called it a day passed river slow slog up not wanting that anyone else to pass me got to turn finish literally got over mat passed out on floor air air air ...then some chats as usual and walk back to car with Warren trying to work out how bad we were considering how well we had done in previous years ....glad that’s over that’s to joe and crew for ashier race...

Mikey blasted out....