Irish Mountain
Running Association

Nav Challenge 3


John Greene


Misread at start "046020 Ruin" as "046002 Ruin" due to impatience (stupidity).. ...follow faster runners towards control 8... faster runners speed off over horizon... with nobody around I mistake 2nd stream as being the 3rd stream... slog up heavy ground with a lot of moss and fallen trees... have a sinking feeling i've a made a stupid mistake ... realize mistake #1 and cut across (following eventual winner)to control 8 on the correct along fence then straight up to summit control 5... now it can only be straight down towards trees then reach path...turn right and control 6 must be at bend in fire-road, it is... hikers shout and point to control 6.... run back trail 2.5km to start... go for 'easy' control 7 and it was... middle 3 control points found with minimum time to head for false reading "046002 Ruin" through some impassible trees ...arrive at opening, light bleeding from numerous scratches... alarmed hikers slow down, stare disapprovingly then speed up walking away ...realize stupid mistake #2...head back towards actual "046020 Ruin" main road crossing, head onto trail marked "st kevins way" assuming control is on the right as per map. Perform a full recon of area right of what i believe is "sk kevins way"...Eventually realize stupid mistake #3... actual "st kevins way" runs parallel and although this trail is also marked "st kevins way" (although not on map)... dart downwards and find apparition that is control 9 "046020 Ruin"... plod back up main road... passing drivers slow down, stare disapprovingly then speed up...arrive at start/finish feeling sorry myself but glad to finish. Thanks to Joe & Nora & helpers for the food and drinks.