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Maike Jürgens

comeraghs race - race report.

After a glorious day in the hills, i feel it is time for a race report to highlight the nice options for mountain running in the comeraghs.
The "comeraghs" mountain race direct by Michael Kilkelly was the only of the munster (and leinster) Wednesday night races that was a reasonable drive away from Waterford city to justify going across on a weeknight after work. I had been to the Nire valley once before for an explore of the Comeraghs from the west so was at least familiar with the route (and the way to the start). I made it in good time and was surprised to see so many people (and a lot of familiar faces). Time for catch ups, chats and a little warm up before we were called up to the start for the route description (mind the dog and follow the fence, you can't go wrong .... famous last words :) ). Off we went up a fireroad, past the farm (thankfully no dog chasing us), across the river and through the bog trot field i was not looking forward too. Trying to keep with whoever was ahead helped keep focus and the bog provided much needed cooling for the feet and legs on a glorious summer night out. The track then gets a bit drier and steeper and i was happy out. the next flat section quickly reaches the gap (or not so quickly as i kept loosing the trail) where we turned left up the next steep section (yay) and it was starting to get cooler. After a couple of false tops, we reached the point where to turn left. Joan who was right ahead of me enjoyed the views before bounding down the hill. I had decided to do the Seven Sevens and wasn't going to chase anyone downhill. Followed by two other ladies, i set of down the quite enjoyable, mostly bouncy downhill. Follow the fence, easy that until you hit a post pointing right (or at least i thought so in the heat of it all). unfortunately that was not the right way and the two of us got called back to follow the fence. Tom was further down the hill pointing us in the right direction towards the finish. happy days. some more chats and it got chilly so all made their way home swiftly.
a lovely course that should stay on the calendar (in my opinion). fast enough for a weeknight and the only race in the comeraghs i was glad i made it out. many thanks to the volunteers.