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Gareth Little

What a difference a week makes to the weather!!

I decided on the early start as I certainly wasn't going to be putting in a 'competitive' time and also to give me a bit of time to get into the social later on that night. Secondly, I was hoping to break 7 hours and I felt confident of that but deep down I was really hoping to break 6:30 so either way I was going to be out for a while. As I waited around in the hotel, it was looking like I was going to be the only one availing of this option. 8:30 arrives and the race is off. Some person from out of nowhere sets off down the road and after a minute or two adjusting my gear and enjoying the sunshine I set off as well. I probably would've waited around a bit longer but Gerry kept telling me that the clock was running and so I headed off to keep him happy and start the race!! Myself, Maike and Matthew strolled off from the start in glorious weather. You really couldn’t have asked for a better day to go running around the Wicklow mountains. We pottered along up St. Kevin's Way and I was nearly in awe at just how different the weather was today from a week ago. Had the weather today been like it was then, it would've been a very interesting race indeed and the only record that probably would've been broken would've been the amount of people who got lost on the mountain.

We proceeded up St. Kevin's way. Myself and Matthew got a little ahead of Maike and eventually we caught up with the early pacer whose name we later found out was Dan. As it transpired, we ended up going around together for nearly all the route and helped pull each other along at different times during the race. We cross the road and begin our decent over the Lough Ouler. The ground along here was definitely a lot soggier than last year which made the going a little slower than I was hoping for. However, I stayed low for a good section here before heading over the saddle to our first lake. I chose to descend a little further down the ridge to touch the lake and ascended up the really steep bit which also happens to be the shortest route. We progressed across the Shoulder of Tonlagee where Dan stayed higher and I dropped a little. Upon seeing the car-park, I decided not to make a direct bee-line, instead keeping my height for a while. This turned out to be a good route (cheers John & Lillian from the recce the previous week) and I had a nice uneventful run down to the first check-point where we were all greeted with plenty of cheers and encouragement from all the runners waiting there. I could get use to this as most of the people are gone home by the time I usually cross the finish line!! I was delighted with this leg and clocked in one of the fastest times that I can remember.

We took the usual short-cuts going up Turlough Hill and stayed right to go under 'the bowl' over to Lough Ferrib. The plan here was to hopefully find the track and stay right (without descending). I had done this route a few weeks previously in near perfect weather and ended up missing the lake by about 200m due to mainly being complacent with the navigation. I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. We landed right on top of Lough Ferrib. Had the weather been bad at this point, I would've taken the track over Conavalla and headed west when the track ran out, but given the weather today, we were taking the direct route. Again, we made good progress over to the Three Lakes. As good as progress was, I was still thinking of leg 3 and 4 and the simple fact that I had plenty to go. Got plenty of nutrition into me on this leg which I knew would stand me good for the later part of leg 3 onwards. We hit the Three Lakes and I then headed south west into the valley. The route I ended up on this day was probably not the best but decent progress was being made and we were soon on the fire-road. A pretty uneventful descent into Glenmalure followed. Upon arrival at the check-point, there were more cheers and words of encouragement from the waiting crowds. This was definitely a another great little pick-me-up and I started leg 3 with a little smile as I was feeling really good.

However, the smile was soon wiped from my face by the climb to Art's Lough. This leg is my nemesis, I was absolutely dreading it. Myself and one of the relay runners get to the bottom of the hill just after the river. He went right and went up by a route I'd never seen anyone go up before and I took the usual route up by the fence at the forest. I kept looking to my right to see if I could see the other bloke but no joy. A little under half way up, I see him in the distance at the top!! I honestly have never seen anyone climb that hill as quick. I remember thinking to myself at this point that I must try out the escalator on the route he took. Shortly after Gareth passes me by on this section. He was moving well but definitely not as fast as the bloke ahead of me. But sometimes the eyes can deceive as I later found out that Gareth had posted the fastest time on this leg. We exchanged pleasantries as he passed and my goal now to try and keep him within close visual distance to see what route he took from Art's to Lough Skelly. This soon proved futile as by the time I was beginning to head up the ramp, Gareth was nearly out of sight going over it. Anyways, keep putting one front in front of the other and go forward. This whole climb was one big slog for me. I eventually crossed the walker's track and decided to stay high on my approach to Skelly's. In hindsight I should've descended a little sooner but thankfully not too much time was lost and we eventually make it to Lough Skelly we're we meet some bloke out enjoying the sunshine at the lake. We descend down Carraway Stick and again we probably stayed a little higher than we really should have. However, we soon found ourselves at the stile heading onto the ziggys. I was moving reasonably well at this stage and decided to head straight across cutting out the ziggys. We made decent progress across this section and entered the forest over on the left. It was at this stage that I had inadvertently pulled ahead of Matthew and Dan. I was going to wait for them, but on quick inspection of the clock, breaking 6:30 was looking like an outside bet. This was to be the last I seen of Dan and Matthew until the finish line. I savoured the short run into Ballinafunshoge where I once again greeted with plenty of cheers. It was really hard not to stop here and say hello to everyone and enjoy the amazing grub on offer but 6:30 was now doable.

Myself and some other girl set off up Malachy Grove. We are taking turns as to who goes first up the hill with her being the eventual winner. I stop for a brief moment when I get to the Wicklow Way to look back over to the ziggys where upon I convince myself that I took the right path in cutting out the ziggys and heading straight across to the forest. The girl in front was now a good distance ahead of me and never seen her again for the rest of the leg. I ran all the way to the bottom of the steps and walked up all the steps. As soon as the ground flattened (per se), I got jogging again and was soon on the boardwalk. Another check of the time, and I upped the pace a bit knowing that this was the last climb of the day. I took a look at the watch when I hit the fire-road section and 6:30 was going to be extremely tight but I decided to go for it. I started off by knocking in 5 min/ks coming down the Wicklow Way and soon had it to 4:15 and sometimes lower, but I felt this a little unsustainable so eased off a fraction to 4:30. I made good progress down to the upper lake where I think I had about 13 (ish) minutes left to break 6:30. This gave me two 6:30 ks but I didn't want to leave it that close if at all possible. Thankfully the path to the lower lake was virtually devoid of tourists. Some-one was definitely on my side for this part as I had awful trouble at this point last year dodging all the tourists. The minutes tick by and the round tower comes well into sight. A quick look at the watch again, and it's looking good. I approach the end of the path and go to cross the bridge when low and behold there was loads of tourists jam packed on the bridge taking selfies this way and that way. There was barely any space left for another person on that bridge and I had to get through it quickly!! I had no time for niceties and simply let a roar to "get out of the way". No-one took notice of this so let another roar of "coming through" as I got closer. This got their attention and I got through relatively quickly given the circumstances. The relief I felt at getting though that road-block was palpable. There was still one road-block to come at the entrance to the grave yard at the gates on the far side and it didn't disappoint. Loads of tourists listening to some story about a monk and they were all blocking the whole path. Thankfully I was able to push my way through without losing too much time. I head down the final set of steps at the hotel with the finish line in sight. I also notice that there is no queue for the ice-cream stand either!! Decisions, decisions. Any other time, I would've gone straight for the ice-cream but there was a chance of breaking 6:30 which was too good a chance to miss plus everyone was again cheering for me at the finish so I wasn't gonna get slagged by all them for bailing too soon for the ice-creams!! I cross the line with 6:27 on my watch. I later found out that this was my official time which I was absolutely delighted with!!

Thankfully, I had started my watch when the race officially began and the few minutes flaffing about at the start didn't cost me too dearly. I then made haste to the ice-cream stand to stuff my face with beautiful ice-cream!! Had nice chats with all the gang at the finish line and meet Mike at the car-park. The topic soon turns to grub and where upon he asks me to hold a seat for him at the table. I go into the Glendalough hotel for a nice few drinks and dinner and always get a good laugh listening to all the war stories at the end. Mike left me waiting at the dinner table as I was holding a seat for him but massive kudos as Maike later let me know that that reason he was late was because he went on call for mountain rescue!! I could not help thinking though, imagine if that call-out was up at Art's Lough? I'd have cried if I was him if that was the case!!

This was a great day out. The enthusiastic reception from all the gangs of people at the check-points were great little pick-me-ups and definitely had a positive contribution to my run. A huge thanks to Rachel, Gerry all the other volunteers for giving up so much of their day so that we could enjoy ours. It was very much appreciated. Congratulations also to all the winners of the day as well as there were some seriously good times recorded on the day.

A Quality Event
(GPS signal was picked up after roughly 1km into race – start and finish is at the same place, Glendalough Hotel)

In the week prior to the event I was eagerly anticipating the start of this race. I didn’t do any recce so I spent a lot of time looking at the Harvey’s map, Google Earth and reading past race reports – so much so that without ever running there I knew the lingo - the zig-zags, the ramp, the tunnel of love (love can certainly be prickly! (the tunnel of love turned out to be a narrow path overgrown with gorse). I was looking to pick out a route that would suit my strengths, I am good on rough ground and descents, but relatively slower that others around my pace on steeper climb. So the aim was to contour where I could and to pick out “short-cuts” that when running the race I would judge if the terrain was runable enough to take that route.

A lesson was learnt early on in the race that a good recce can shave seconds, as the majority of the 9.40am starting pack took a short descending fork off St. Kevins way, I sheepishly followed, and then we had to climb back up onto St Kevins way (it was maybe three km in near some ruins) while a few lads at the back of the pack wisely knew to stay high, didn’t cost time but it was an extra 5m climbed in the legs! It was a clear day, so on leaving St Kevin’s way, I could look up and see the South Eastern spur of Tonelagee and I took a straight line from exiting the road to join it and climb along it then gradually ascend to the left side of the saddle just south of the lake. I did up the effort slightly as I got off the road and onto the boggy terrain and found myself running on my own from this point as others took a slightly higher route. Exiting Lough Ouler, I opted to take a route roughly similar to my descent into the lake so I knew I would be exiting at the lowest point of the saddle, this meant leaving an inviting grassy re-entrant and climbing rougher terrain, including pulling myself up over one small crag.

At the start of leg 2, at the Wicklow Gap, there was a relay runner ahead of me heading up a nice wee short cut from the barrier (at the start of the road up to the reservoir), I duly followed, it proved to be a good “short-cut”. After rejoining the road I had brain freeze and followed the road around to the sharp corner and cut short the road at that point and not the better earlier point on the road and from previous race reports more common place short cut. I guess that is the way the relay runner ahead of me went, as I didn’t see him again on the road. I contoured south of the quarry and made b-line for the large V-shaped crag (marked on Harvey’s map). I took a bearing for Lough Firrib from the crag, and knowing it to be 1km from the crag I took note of my distance on the GPS. I went slightly left of the straight line route and maybe lost 30seconds with hesitation. From Lough Firrib, I took another bearing for the Three lakes, 2km away, again noting distance travelled on my GPS. I was bang on bearing (looking at my GPS after), but then took the nicer running along a path (that I’m guessing leads up to Conavalla), had the mist been down this could have been a big mistake for me. But, as it turns out the Lakes were clearly visible in the distance, maybe I could have saved time by not climbing the path here, but the running was good underfoot. There is a world of Peat Hags on the low ground exiting out of the Three Lakes, towards the river valley down towards the end of leg2. Killian Brennan took a higher route out of the Three lakes and he said he avoided the peat hags, perhaps that is the faster option?

I felt I was maintaining a good rhythm on the steep climb alongside the forest up towards Arts Lough, but all runners around seemed to be moving faster! The ramp was definitely obvious in the clear light of (unmisty) day. I laboured up this section. Another runner caught me at a point where he turned right and went up a steep climb, he said “he had gone straight on last year but wasn’t going to make that mistake again this year!” I was hesitant, I started to climb up with him, after a few metres I realised my legs were not up to it and veered back down and took the contouring route, it was rough and if you are a strong climber the other route is probably faster, for me though I would contour every time. I hit the path on Clohernagh ridge at 630m. From this ridge I took a gradual descent down towards Kelly’s Lough, mindful all the while not to drop too much height so I would have to climb up into the Lough. Probably went too far around the re-entrant just north of the Lough especially since there is a line of inconvenient small hills just in front of the lough which I ran parallel to and then around to touch the Lough. For the descent down to the end of Leg3, I had always in mind that I would go to left side of the open mountainside and not the zig-zags. On Google Earth, it looked like there was a path and no fence through the last field to the bridge near Leg3 end checkpoint. I descended and near bottom realised there wasn’t and so I followed along the fence and into the forest and made b-line for the forestry path and bridge. Next time, I will aim for the corner of field and forestry, where as its turns out, the forest is easily accessed and the 50m of forest running is fine until you reach the path. I lost a minute, from dropping to the field boundary too soon and climbing back up to the corner with forest. The descent here has large areas of loose rocks but with a recce a clean line can definitely be picked out. Importantly for me this route minimised any road running on tired legs.

Leg4 was tough, I walked most of the uphill, punctuated with the occasional slow spurt to a point 50m up the track on the most gradual of inclines. On the final descent, I had decided that I would cut corners by going through any forest that looked passable, as it turned out there was just one opportunity right at the very start of the descent which cut maybe 100m or so, and you have to be happy with pushing through low lying branches! Half way down this slope I looked at my watch and I thought, hmm maybe I can get in under 5hours, and I pushed on for a couple of km. However, the distance and climb along Glendalough valley is much hillier and further than I judged from the map and I hit the 5hour mark as I touched the last of the Loughs.

The last spurt meant I left absolutely everything out there. This was the longest race I have done (bar one road marathon, which doesn’t count!) - It was a great race and a great experience. I enjoyed running the race immensely but also the geeking before and the satisfaction after. Thank you very much Rachel, Gerry and all the other volunteers. Bring on next year!

Lakes relay win for Gareth Little's team

In the days before the race runners were researching what to do if there was lightning but on the day relatively clear skies, lightly frozen ground, and no rain held throughout the race. The race format pits teams of varying composition against each other and against solo runners who were doing all four legs non-stop! This year the relay teams looked faster than the solo runners with older teams with time bonuses going to be chased hard by teams off scratch. There were more orienteers entered than previously so there was the prospect of new more efficient routes with less climb or distance.

Five solo runners opted for the early start of 8:30 which gave them a 70 minutes advantage and ensured that they would not see the posse until at least well into leg 2. M60 runner Martin McDonald looked intent as he stood on the starting line in shorts and singlet at 08:40 beside a well-clothed Joe Lalor with both representing teams with one hour age and gender time bonuses. 76 minutes later he handed over in the lead to Gerry Brady. Solo runner Adrian Hennessy had the fastest time on leg 1 of 65:32 but he was closely followed by Brian Flannelly and James Haynes who were representing the two favourite scratch teams. Niamh O’Boyle and Suzanne Kenny had the fastest women’s times finishing almost together in 80 minutes.

Conditions on leg 2 made navigation and the terrain easier with the slightly frozen bog offering a little protection against sinking into wet peat to the knees. Brady held on to send Desie Shorten out in the lead. Niamh O’Boyle and Killian Brennan came in next and had reduced the start difference from 15 minutes to 11 minutes. As the carnival moved to the end of leg 3 word came through that Ben Mangan had run a blistering leg 2 in 58:45 and that Bernard Fortune was chasing him hard. Adrian Hennessy was extending his lead in the solo race and three of the five early starters were still holding off the scratch posse.

Shorten handed over a 15 minutes lead at the end of leg 3 but Bernard Fortune’s teammate Gareth Little had substantially reduced the gap with the fastest time of the day of 68:28. Maeve O’Grady was running legs 3 and 4 after Daniel Morrough had ran legs 1 and 2. She got off to a good start with the fastest women’s time of 84:12 with Niamh O’Ceallaigh close behind in 86:30. Adrian Hennessy pulled further away in the solo race with Shane Lynch in second after skilfully picking his way through the steeper ground lower down on Cloghernagh to minimise the distance and climb. Both W60 Ruth Lynam and Lynch opted to skip the zig-zags on the descent by taking on a more direct very steep descent to the forest opposite the handover. Ruth afterwards assessed it as gaining her five minutes despite having to do a short loop at the end to avoid the out-of-bounds fields. So two new route options for a future recce.

The last leg was Mikey Fry chasing down Mags Greenan and he pulled it off with a superb run and a new course record of 4:05:55 opening the possibility of four hours for future years. Mags Greenan belied her years to bring her team home in second. Jonathan Quinn held third place for a young orienteering team and Anthony Whelan recorded the fastest leg time of 46:35 to bring his team into fourth. Karina Jonina had the fastest women’s time on leg 4 with 61:52.

Adrian Hennessy won the solo in a very impressive time of 4 hours 35 minutes with Shane Lynch in second in 5 hours and 4 minutes. Maike Jurgens took the women’s solo title in 7:56.

Congratulations to race director Rachel Cinnsealach and to her volunteers who made a great day on the hills possible. Driving home in vertical rain and sleet was a timely reminder that we had had the best of the day.


OVERALL RESULTS (finish times with early starters adjusted to non-early start)
Place, Finish time, Leg 1 runner, Leg 2 runner, Leg 3 runner, Leg 4 runner
01. 13:45:55 (Brian Flannelly, Bernard Fortune, Gareth Little, Mikey Fry)
02. 13:52:47 (Martin McDonald, Gerry Brady, Desie Shorten, Mags Greenan)
03. 13:54:31 (James Haynes, Ben Mangan, Christoph Rohrmeier, Jonathan Quinn)
04. 13:59:05 (Suzanne Kenny, Don Hannon, Liam Vines, Anthony Whelan)
05. 14:10:58 (Patrick Byrne, John Bell, Peter Bell, Kevin Bell)
06. 14:15:16 (Niamh O’Boyle, Killian Brennan, Ruth Lynam, Regina Kelly)
07. 14:15:33 (Adrian Hennessy)
08. 14:17:55 (Joe Lalor, Roisin McDonnell, Joe Lalor, Roisin McDonnell)
09. 14:20:23 (Mags Fitzgerald, Dermot Murphy, Rory Campbell, Vivian O’Gorman)
10. 14:44:31 (Shane Lynch)
11. 14:48:25 (Daniel Morrogh, Daniel Morrogh, Maeve O’Grady, Maeve O’Grady)
12. 14:49:21 (Martina O’Kearney, Hugh McLindon, Niamh O’Ceallaigh, Bernie Byrne)
13. 15:01:30 (Mark Walker)
14. 15:01:31 (Brian Keogh)
14. 15:01:31 (Paul Mahon)
16. 15:02:16 (Warren Swords)
17. 15:03:48 (Val Jones, Philip Brennan, Gavan Doherty, Santina Doherty)
18. 15:06:20 (Declan Moyles, Jarlath Hynes, Brendan Murphy, Patricia Murphy)
19. 15:06:55 (Daniel Gallagher, Paul Tierney, Peter Power, Alan Webb)
20. 15:19:33 (Christopher Dunne)
21. 15:23:43 (Richard Church)
22. 15:27:24 (Eoin Syron, Andreas Kusch, Eoin Syron, Andreas Kusch)
23. 15:29:28 (Alan Ayling)
24. 15:30:05 (Andre Van Barneveld)
25. 15:33:37 (Sarah Brady, Stephen Brennan, Siobhra O’Sullivan, Karina Jonina)
26. 15:36:39 (Mike Jordan, Mike Jordan, Mike Jordan, Mike Jordan)
27. 15:50:20 (Jim Breyfogle
28. 16:03:00 (Damien Kelly)
29. 16:07:10 (Jason Dowling)
30. 16:09:20 (Graham Bushe)
31. 16:13:01 (Matthew Sammon)
32. 16:17:20 (Brian O’Murchu)
32. 16:17:20 (Anthony Cahill)
32. 16:17:20 (Juju Jay)
35. 16:20:15 (Brian Kitson)
36. 16:23:50 (Daniel Whittaker)
37. 16:29:55 (James Cahill)
38. 16:50:26 (Maike Jurgens)
39. 17:09:40 (Brendan Delaney)
40. 17:22:40 (Jonathan Dolan)
41. 17:29:50 (John Condon)

Runner, Category, LEG 1 time
Adrian Hennessy, MS, 01:05:32
Brian Flannelly, MS, 01:06:35
James Haynes, MS, 01:07:15
Shane Lynch, MS, 01:11:13
Mark Walker, MS, 01:14:52
Brian Keogh, MS, 01:14:52
Paul Mahon, M40, 01:14:52
Warren Swords, MS, 01:15:32
Laurence Quinn, MS, 01:15:32
Martin McDonald, M60, 01:16:16
Christopher Dunne, M40, 01:16:21
Alan Ayling, MS, 01:17:08
Mike Jordan, MS, 01:17:52
Andre Van Barneveld, M40, 01:18:32
Daniel Gallagher, MS, 01:18:50
Richard Church, M40, 01:19:10
Patrick Byrne, MS, 01:19:28
Graham Bushe, M40, 01:20:11
Niamh O’Boyle, WS, 01:20:35
Suzanne Kenny, WS, 01:20:47
Eoin Syron, MS, 01:22:08
Damien Kelly, MS, 01:23:13
Daniel Morrogh, MS, 01:25:17
Brian O’Murchu, MS, 01:25:24
Juju Jay, MS, 01:25:24
Brian Kitson, M40, 01:26:42
Anthony Cahill, MS, 01:26:42
Jim Breyfogle, MS, 01:26:55
Declan Moyles, MS, 01:28:05
Mags Fitzgerald, W40, 01:28:22
Joe Lalor, M60, 01:31:25
James Cahill, M50, 01:32:39
Matthew Sammon, MS, 01:33:00
Val Jones, M60, 01:34:03
Jason Dowling, M40, 01:35:16
Daniel Whittaker, M40, 01:35:43
Sarah Brady, WS, 01:36:13
Brendan Delaney, M50, 01:43:25
Martina O’Kearney Flynn, W40, 01:44:35
John Condon, MS, 01:49:55
Maike Jurgens, WS, 01:55:48
Jonathan Dolan, M40, 01:56:05

Runner, Category, LEG 2 time
Ben Mangan, MS, 00:58:45
Bernard Fortune, M40, 01:03:42
John Bell, MS, 01:05:02
Paul Tierney, MS, 01:06:40
Adrian Hennessy, MS, 01:06:48
Don Hannon, M40, 01:09:38
Jarlath Hynes, M40, 01:12:00
Killian Brennan, M40, 01:13:08
Shane Lynch, MS, 01:15:26
Dermot Murphy, M40, 01:16:06
Hugh McLindon, M40, 01:17:35
Philip Brennan, M50, 01:18:27
Laurence Quinn, MS, 01:18:27
Christopher Dunne, M40, 01:18:39
Warren Swords, MS, 01:19:28
Mark Walker, MS, 01:20:08
Brian Keogh, MS, 01:20:08
Paul Mahon, M40, 01:20:08
Gerry Brady, M60, 01:21:09
Roisin McDonnell, W50, 01:22:36
Mike Jordan, MS, 01:26:28
Damien Kelly, MS, 01:27:37
Andre Van Barneveld, M40, 01:28:13
Daniel Morrogh, MS, 01:28:51
Richard Church, M40, 01:30:56
Anthony Cahill, MS, 01:34:54
Jim Breyfogle, MS, 01:35:40
Juju Jay, MS, 01:36:12
Alan Ayling, MS, 01:36:27
Graham Bushe, M40, 01:36:59
Daniel Whittaker, M40, 01:37:02
Jason Dowling, M40, 01:37:24
Brian O’Murchu, MS, 01:37:30
Matthew Sammon, MS, 01:39:45
Andreas Kusch, M40, 01:41:42
John Condon, MS, 01:44:20
James Cahill, M50, 01:52:33
Jonathan Dolan, M40, 01:54:45
Brian Kitson, M40, 01:56:54
Brendan Delaney, M50, 01:57:22
Maike Jurgens, WS, 02:03:17
Stephen Brennan, M50, 02:10:14

Runner, Category, LEG 3 time
Gareth Little, MS, 01:08:28
Rory Campbell, M40, 01:09:42
Liam Vines, M40, 01:12:05
Peter Bell, MS, 01:12:20
Adrian Hennessy, MS, 01:17:30
Christoph Rohrmeier, MS, 01:17:56
Maeve O’Grady, WS, 01:24:12
Desie Shorten, M60, 01:26:25
Niamh O’Ceallaigh, WS, 01:26:30
Shane Lynch, MS, 01:32:21
Brendan Murphy, M40, 01:32:22
Joe Lalor, M60, 01:32:29
Peter Power, MS, 01:32:40
Alan Ayling, MS, 01:33:25
Mark Walker, MS, 01:33:37
Brian Keogh, MS, 01:33:37
Paul Mahon, M40, 01:33:37
Ruth Lynam, W60, 01:34:56
Eoin Syron, MS, 01:35:50
Richard Church, M40, 01:37:24
Gavan Doherty, M40, 01:39:16
Warren Swords, MS, 01:39:40
Siobhra O’Sullivan, WS, 01:40:18
Andre Van Barneveld, M40, 01:44:15
Christopher Dunne, M40, 01:46:20
Jim Breyfogle, MS, 01:47:35
Laurence Quinn, MS, 01:50:35
Mike Jordan, MS, 01:51:15
Jason Dowling, M40, 01:56:20
Graham Bushe, M40, 01:59:00
Matthew Sammon, MS, 01:59:22
Daniel Whittaker, M40, 02:00:02
Damien Kelly, MS, 02:00:10
Brian Kitson, M40, 02:00:24
Brian O’Murchu, MS, 02:00:46
Anthony Cahill, MS, 02:02:04
Juju Jay, MS, 02:02:04
James Cahill, M50, 02:11:53
Maike Jurgens, WS, 02:17:55
John Condon, MS, 02:25:10
Jonathan Dolan, M40, 02:26:40
Brendan Delaney, M50, 02:28:13

Runner, Category, LEG 4 time
Anthony Whelan, M, 00:46:35
Mikey Fry, MS, 00:47:10
Jonathan Quinn, MS, 00:50:35
Kevin Bell, MS, 00:54:08
Karina Jonina, WS, 01:01:52
Shane Lynch, MS, 01:05:31
Adrian Hennessy, MS, 01:05:43
Warren Swords, MS, 01:07:36
Andreas Kusch, M40, 01:07:44
Mags Greenan, W50, 01:08:57
Maeve O’Grady, WS, 01:10:05
Bernie Byrne, W40, 01:10:41
Vivian O’Gorman, M60, 01:11:13
Roisin McDonnell, W50, 01:11:25
Regina Kelly, WS, 01:11:37
Mark Walker, MS, 01:12:53
Brian Keogh, MS, 01:12:54
Paul Mahon, M40, 01:12:54
Richard Church, M40, 01:16:13
Brian Kitson, M40, 01:16:15
Jason Dowling, M40, 01:18:10
Christopher Dunne, M40, 01:18:13
Andre Van Barneveld, M40, 01:19:05
Jim Breyfogle, MS, 01:20:10
Matthew Sammon, MS, 01:20:54
Mike Jordan, MS, 01:21:04
Santina Doherty, W40, 01:22:02
Alan Ayling, MS, 01:22:28
Patricia Murphy, W40, 01:23:53
Alan Webb, MS, 01:28:45
Daniel Whittaker, M40, 01:31:03
Damien Kelly, MS, 01:32:00
James Cahill, M50, 01:32:50
Graham Bushe, M40, 01:33:10
Maike Jurgens, WS, 01:33:26
Brian O’Murchu, MS, 01:33:40
Anthony Cahill, MS, 01:33:40
Juju Jay, MS, 01:33:40
Jonathan Dolan, M40, 01:35:10
Brendan Delaney, M50, 01:40:40
John Condon, MS, 01:50:25

OVERALL results – fastest times (excluding time bonuses)
Team, Race time
Team Brian Flannelly, 04:05:55
Team James Haynes, 04:14:31
Team Suzanne Kenny, 04:29:05
Team Patrick Byrne, 04:30:58
Adrian Hennessy, 04:35:33
Shane Lynch, 05:04:31
Team Mags Fitzgerald, 05:05:23
Team Martin McDonald, 05:12:47
Team Niamh O’Boyle, 05:20:16
Mark Walker, 05:21:30
Brian Keogh, 05:21:31
Paul Mahon, 05:21:31
Warren Swords, 05:22:16
Team Daniel Gallagher, 05:26:55
Team Daniel Morrogh, 05:28:25
Team Declan Moyles, 05:36:20
Team Joe Lalor, 05:37:55
Team Martina O’Kearney Flynn, 05:39:21
Christopher Dunne, 05:39:33
Richard Church, 05:43:43
Team Eoin Syron, 05:47:24
Alan Ayling, 05:49:28
Andre Van Barneveld, 05:50:05
Team Val Jones, 05:53:48
Mike Jordan, 05:56:39
Jim Breyfogle, 06:10:20
Damien Kelly, 06:23:00
Jason Dowling, 06:27:10
Graham Bushe, 06:29:20
Team Sarah Brady, 06:28:37
Matthew Sammon, 06:33:01
Brian O’Murchu, 06:37:20
Anthony Cahill, 06:37:20
Juju Jay, 06:37:20
Brian Kitson, 06:40:15
Daniel Whittaker, 06:43:50
James Cahill, 07:09:55
Brendan Delaney, 07:49:40
John Condon, 07:49:50
Maike Jurgens, 07:50:26
Jonathan Dolan, 07:52:40