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Tom HoganPeter O'Farrell

Tom Hogan

Noel Kennedy 16th place is also S.B.R.

Peter O'Farrell

Looks like the winner of the all in* club prize had to be decided on countback with both CNOC and Crusaders achieving 52 points. Taking either top placed or bottom placed as the counter Crusaders take the win with their 2 - 24 - 26 placings beating CNOC's 6 - 7 - 39. Well done to Jason Kehoe, Oran Murphy and Ragnall O'Donoghue. Raheny were third in 4 - 11 - 107.

Team unattached remain the unofficial winner on 36 points 9 - 13 - 14.
Time to get recruiting club secretaries.

Crusaders also win the most clubbies at Bray award with either 7 or 9 depending on whether crusaders without an AC means something else. Raheny definitely had 7.
SBR only had the two runners but they did well for themselves and speaking of club secretaries if Noel Kennedy was registered as a SBR runner they would have won the club prize as well as the race on 1 - 8 - 16 for 25 points, even better then nonteam unattached.

* boys&girls