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Mike McRaeMay 21 2012, 3:45pmJust want to ensure that the details for this event are correct, as has this event listed with different details. Would be disappointed to get out there and find myself alone in a parking lot. Cheers.
Seán HarteMay 21 2012, 8:35pmI can confirm that the details here are correct, it's on 26th May, not 27th
John J BarryMay 22 2012, 9:09amHi,

I would also like to confirm the start time is actually 7 p.m. (Great excuse to miss the Eurovision!!!) I would not like to arrive a few hours late!

Seán HarteMay 22 2012, 2:48pmRace is planed to start at 19:00. Please arrive at 18:00 to give time for registration
Robbie WilliamsMay 22 2012, 3:23pmThanks Sean, yes all details on the IMRA site are up to date. Please also note the change in length from 8-14km and the new prize giving location .

Paul TierneyMay 24 2012, 10:27pmWeather looks like it's going to make this a special evening in the mountains! I know the Wicklow Way relay is on as well but it would be great to see some of you boys up around the pale make the trip down! This is a quality route and Robbie's Mrs. makes lovely sandwiches!! :) You will not be disappointed!!

See ye there!
Paul GrantMay 25 2012, 12:30pmBy any chance is anyone driving from or through Clonmel to do the run tomorrow? I'm back home for the weekend and would like to give the run a go but I don't have any transport. Long shot I know but looks like its going to be a perfect evening for it.
I'll check the forum regularly.
John BarryMay 25 2012, 12:47pmI'm driving from Tramore/Waterford area if anybody is interesting in Car Pooling / Sharing.

Unfortunately Clonmel is a little to far of a detour.

I could spin by Portlaw if you can make it there.

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Paul GrantMay 25 2012, 3:28pmThanks for the offer John but its too awkward for me to get over to Portlaw.
John J BarryMay 28 2012, 2:06pmI would like to thank everyone for the wonderful event on Saturday night. It was my first championship run and I think I would be hard pressed to have found a better event and evening for it.

My first effort at "Race Report" writing is up for anybody that wants a good laugh at my poor writing skills.

I also had the privilege in meeting a World silver medalist in Patricia Blackburn. Well done Patricia.