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Colm HowlinMay 26 2011, 10:44amHi,

I'd like to volunteer for this event. Can somebody invite me to MyIMRA so I can add myself?

My email is colmhowlin_at_yahoo_dot_com if its needed.


Ronan HickeyMay 26 2011, 11:02amHi Colm,

We need a mobile number to invite you to MyIMRA. I've sent you an email so you can reply with the number to that rather than posting it on a public forum.

Colm HowlinMay 26 2011, 11:09amAll sorted now, Thanks Colm (Hill) and Ronan.
Joan StapletonMay 30 2011, 2:09pmI'm not on MYIMRA, could you include me as a running vounteer, thank you,
Vivian O'GormanMay 30 2011, 7:53pm
I need a couple more volunteers please:

1. A Race Marker
2. A Demarker
3. A Summit Marshall

Jean O'NeillMay 31 2011, 11:15pmHello Vivian, I am trying to volunteer for this event through My Imra- not sure if I did it right. I want to be a helper, running please.
Jean O'Neill. 0860559509
Mirjam AllikJun 1 2011, 3:01pmDear Vivian, I don't mind being a summit marshal or do whatever other tasks.
John WalshJun 2 2011, 11:05amVivian,

You can put me down as a volunteer (johnwalsh10_at_eircom_dot_net), preferably if I can run the race also. Can I get added to MYIMRA so I can volunteer through there in the future?

Vivian O'GormanJun 2 2011, 5:57pm
Just need two NON running volunteers then we're all set!

By the way this is a "midgy" race so don't forget your midgy spray!!
Charles DunnJun 3 2011, 5:17pmI would like to volunteer as a helper for this event
Call me if you need a hand, I hope to come along anyway as a spectator
Contact Charles on 0867829719
Vivian O'GormanJun 6 2011, 10:30pm
Hi Folks,

Could all the volunteers for this race please be at the race start at 6pm or as close as you can to 6. I will talk to you all then.

Thanks -- Vivian
Dermot MurphyJun 7 2011, 9:00amVivian, are we doing registration at the Brokagh resource center or the race start? I thought we were using the resource center?
Niamh HartnettJun 7 2011, 11:19amHi,
Just wondering whether any volunteers are carpooling tomorrow?. If so, a lift would be much appreciated. Coming from Baggot St, but can meet anywhere in Dublin.
Vivian O'GormanJun 7 2011, 12:38pm
Sorry guys registration is in the Brockagh Resource Centre -- thanks Dermot

Don't need any more volunteers now.

Sarah EftongaJun 7 2011, 2:02pmSame request as Niamh Hartnett - any early carpool for volunteers from City Centre or from along the southside Luas or DART line?
Ken CowleyJun 7 2011, 5:36pmSarah,

I'm leaving from my apartment in Carrickmines at 6.15, with (I think) two in the car. So, we've room for one. Can pick you up at 6.15, or a minute or so after, at Carrickmines Luas station if you like?

John WalshJun 7 2011, 6:09pmNiamh,

I'm leaving from the IFSC tomorrow at around 4:30 so can pick you up along baggot st/pembroke rd at 4:45ish. My mobile is 087 6292610. I've an empty car if anyone else needs a lift from town.
Tom O'SullivanJun 7 2011, 6:23pmHi John,

I'm on Baggot St too, and would appreciate a lift.


Sarah EftongaJun 7 2011, 8:50pmThanks for the offer Ken, but as I'm volunteering I'll need to be leaving early, to be there for 6. I'll try and get a lift with John Walsh if he still has some seats. Cheers.
Clare SullivanJun 7 2011, 9:13pmIf anyone needs a lift I'll be driving from Deansgrange (Bakers Corner) via Foxrock Church tomorrow. Leaving at 17.45. I'm not on email very much during the dday so didn't put my details in the carpool section. If anyone wants a lift send me a text on 0eight6 eight5two5008.
John WalshJun 7 2011, 10:17pmNiamh, Tom, Sarah.

I'll be on Percy Place, off haddington road at 4:45. That's the back entrance to Smyths Pub. Cross canal on baggot st coming from town, 1st left and left again. Silver Golf.

Jesko ZimmermannJun 7 2011, 10:56pmHi John,
would you have another space in your car. I'm volunteering so I would need to be at the race early as well.

Laurence ColleranJun 7 2011, 11:11pmI can volunteer for tomorrow evenings race, non running if required. Laurence
Joan StapletonJun 8 2011, 8:00amHi,

If any volunteers or early starters need a lift, I'll be leaving from Suir Road
Luas stop @ 4.30 and passing Walkinstown Roundabout and Spawell.
Contact me by email: before midday as I won't be in work this afternoon to receive messages.

John Kelly71Jun 8 2011, 9:20amHi

I am leaving from Kilmacud luas station at 6.10 and have space in my car but cannot figure out how to get carpool option working
John WalshJun 8 2011, 10:42amJesko,

I've got 2 people confirmed and possibly 1 more. I can probably take 4 passengers so turn up if your stuck for a lift but it will be a tight squeeze!

JOhn KellyJun 8 2011, 11:15amI'm leaving Kilmacud Luas stop at 6.10 in a maroon 06 avensis Tayota if any one needs a lift. - 087 7511624
Michael O'NeillJun 8 2011, 12:28pmCould someone help me with this. I am new to the mountain running and would like to compete tonight. Is it a turn up, register on the spot and run? should I have pre registered and do I need any kind of racing licences before I get there?
Donal TroddynJun 8 2011, 12:41pmThat's it, Michael, just turn up with €10 for annual registration, €7 for the race and fill in a registration form ( available at ). You will want to get there in plenty of time as registration can take a while if the numbers are high.
Michael O'NeillJun 8 2011, 12:54pmI appreciate the reply Donal. See you there.
Oliver CastleJun 8 2011, 1:31pmShort notice but if any one wants a lift from Blackrock I will be leaving Blackrock at about 6. Text or ring me me on 0862255391 if you want a lift.
Dermot MurphyJun 8 2011, 11:25pmA very well done to Tim Grummell on his first IMRA win tonight.

Hopefully Odhran's injury is not too serious (suspected broken ankle) and is back running soon. Many thanks to all who helped get Odhran down off the mountain in a timely and efficient manner (Gavan, Gary & Tadgh, who unselfishly gave up their run, Brendan Lawlor, Wayne Jenkins and the rest of the mountain rescue crew who were also involved).
Vivian O'GormanJun 9 2011, 9:14am
A big thank you to Brendan Lawlor, Wayne Jenkins and the rest of the mountain rescue team for doing a wounderful job last night. Odhran had a nasty injury and was taken off the mountain and to hospital very quickly. I hope he has a quick recovery and gets back running soon.

Thanks also to Gavan,Tadgh and Gary for unselfishly giving up their race to help and to John Sheilds who fortunately had his phone with him and I'm told had enough clothing to keep everybody warm!

A last thank you to all our volunteers who helped make everything run so smoothly particularly to Dermot on the laptop and Martina,Marjam and Henny for marking the course, getting wet and blown away!

Thank you all -- Vivian
Rene BorgJun 9 2011, 10:04amTeam results are up.
Odhran HendleyJun 9 2011, 12:28pmA big Thank you to everybody last night,
To Gary Cunningham, Tadgh Sullivan and Gavin Doherty who saw me spectacularly nose dive into dirty and skid a good 10 meters down the hill for your instant assistants and not listening to a word from me telling to keep going. Your help was pure instinct and underlines a valued sprit of IMRA.
Also need to mention the great help from John Shiels and his amazing bag, Martin Francis and his little Terrier, Brendan and other runner who handed over jackets and hats to contribute to the rapidly growing pile of gear to keep us all warm. (Gary got the race number of the second runner who I think owns the black north face top with hood, ping me a mail at Hendley at HP dot Com),Eddie Daly who stopped and took the time to have a quick look (free of charge I hope  ). Peter McNeil who kindly gave me a lift and waited until I was down off Brockagh to make sure I was ok and if I needed anything
Thanks to Brendan Lawlor, Wayne Jenkins, Martin? And somebody else who’s name I failed to catch from Mountain rescue who attended to me at the scene and to all the other Volunteers from Mountain rescue who responded. Your dedication, commitment and professionalism were greatly appreciated and were a great experience to witness first hand.
Also thanks to the Race Director Vivian and his crew of Race volunteers, it’s probably every RD’s nightmare of having to manage the race event and co-ordinate a rescue of an injured runner from a mountain. Everybody their last night pulled together and did a fantastic Job which I greatly appreciate, I hope it wasn’t stressful for you all.
Also big thanks to all the other IMRA members racing and not racing who contributed help last night or have emailed or texted asking am I ok. Some times when you’re relatively new to association like IMRA and feel like you skirting around the edges looking in you wonder how true the comments about how great the people are. Last night blew any scepticism I might have had right out of the water and I wanted to let others like me know how amazing the IMRA organisation is.
I guess an update on the injury is due, No break or fracture visible from the x-ray, A fair bit of Swelling with some pain thrown in, Ironically I don’t think I’ll be completing the walk the line charity event in aid of Dublin/Wicklow mountain rescue on the 25th June, but I’ll endeavour to get that sponsorship card filled and complete the route at a later date. The sunny side is I’ll now have plenty of time to get some Race Volunteering in.
Thanks Again
Diarmuid O'ColmainJun 10 2011, 9:41amGood to hear that Odhran's ankle is hopefully not broken; although a bad sprain can unfotuntately take quite while to heal, so best of luck with that Odhran.

Now, from the important to the trivial, from the sublime to the slightly ridiculous. I left my favourite red peaked cap on the bonnet of a car as I passed the barrier soon after the start of the race. After the race I was a little involved in the emergency situation and forgot all about it, so if someone collected it, maybe you'd let me know and I could get it off you next time. In the overall scheme, of no importancew whatsoever, but if I can get it, all the better!
Nora LalorJun 10 2011, 9:50amAhhh Diarmuid did it finally get away from you, you must have been distracted not to notice the cool head
Diarmuid O'ColmainJun 10 2011, 11:19amI suppose I got a few years out of it alright Nora; if only I knew where I could buy more of the identical item! That makes quite a few hats lost this year.
Caitlín BentJun 10 2011, 1:25pmDiarmuid, I have a vague recollection of seeing a red cap on the fence some where near the forest entrance at the finish of the race. Hope you find it:) cait.