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Theo MooneyJan 4 2011, 1:04pmi am signed up to as a helper for this ticknock winter event, do i need to know anything beforehand? or will all be revealed on the day?
Ken CowleyJan 13 2011, 2:54pmHi. I've just switched from 'running volunteer' to 'non-running volunteer'
Happy to turn up whenever required.

Dermot MurphyJan 14 2011, 9:27amHi guys. I will be the Race Director for this race. I will send around a list of responsibilities a couple of days before the race.
I still need a few more volunteers for the race including First Aid officer and Race marker. Can people please sign up as volunteers over the next couple of days so that I can organise the tasks in time before the race?
Tony KeelyJan 17 2011, 12:16pmIf anyone interested will be driving from Donabate and have one seat available if anyone going from Nth Cnty Dublin.
andy minshullJan 18 2011, 12:31pmThanks Tony - If that seat is still spare I'd like to take up your offer - I live in Donabate as well. 0863927842
henny brandsmaJan 18 2011, 1:01pmHi Dermot.
If you stil looking for racemarker,aldo i am injured wil mark race ,will need some help ,as course is very long.
Tony KeelyJan 18 2011, 1:53pmNo problem Andy will contact you to arrange details.
Dermot MurphyJan 18 2011, 1:59pmHi Henny - I still do not have a race marker - could any of the non running volunteers please help Henny mark the course?
Tim O'BrienJan 18 2011, 2:22pmHi, I wonder is anyone driving through terenure/kimmage/hareold's cross (or anywhere near) on the way out to the race this Saturday, I'm really stuck for a lift! My mobile is 0851046333. Thanks. Tim.
Brendan DohertyJan 18 2011, 4:46pmHi there Dermot/Henny
Like our dear Dutch colleague, I am also recovering from injury and so would be very happy to assist with marking the route. Dermot, I can get in touch with Henny if you are in agreement. Perhaps you could also enroll me as a helper.
Dermot MurphyJan 18 2011, 5:51pmThanks Brendan - thats sounds fine.

When you have been in touch with Henny, just let me what time you want to start marking the course so I can arrange to get the marking gear over to you.
Kate HarrisJan 19 2011, 7:52amHi,

I am happy to volunteer and help out at the race in Ticknock, if you still need helpers? I am new to IMRA but planning to run over the course of the year, if only I can shake the end of this flu.

Many thanks, Kate
Dermot MurphyJan 19 2011, 12:44pmThanks Kate, I have added you in as a helper. Do you want to run?

I am still looking for a First Aid officer, if anyone is available can they please sign up asap?
Dermot MurphyJan 19 2011, 12:50pmA quick note regarding registration for Saturday:

Registration will take place at Taylors pub, and hopefully we will have access to the lounge for the purposes of registration. Registration will open at 9:15am and close at 10:30am, in order to give the officals time to complete registrations before the race and also to get to the start line. Can people please car pool as much as possible up to the forest and park INSIDE the gates. Its a 10 minute jog from Taylors to the start line, so people may prefer to jog up as part of their warm up. We will try to start the race at 11am sharp.
Brendan PollardJan 19 2011, 1:19pmHi Folks,

Anyone traveling from Glasnevin area on Saturday morning?

Turlough ConwayJan 19 2011, 2:54pmHi Brendan. Im leaving from Ballybough. Can swing around Griffith Ave, Glasnevin no probs. Send me a mail. turlough dot conway at iadt dot ie
Turlough ConwayJan 19 2011, 2:58pmon the carpool now....
Kate O'MahonyJan 19 2011, 11:18pmHi Dermot,

Not running unfortunately, but, happy to help out.

What time / where do you plan to meet up before hand?

Dermot MurphyJan 20 2011, 10:41amCan all volunteers arrive at Taylors before registration opens - say around 9:10am.

I will send a list of jobs to each person by mail later today. Can volunteers please send me a quick mail at dermot.murphy at imra dot ie so that I have their mail address? I have some but not all mail addresses.
Paul Brew CrewJan 21 2011, 8:39amHi all,

The Brew Crew will be at the race on Saturday offering our usual selection of hot strong Coffees, Teas and Hot Chocolates together with a mix of healthy / unhealthy goodies. See you there!! Paul.
Ken CowleyJan 21 2011, 11:12amI left a black ankle strap somewhere near the clubhouse in Howth last week. If anybody found it, can they let me know, and/or bring it to Ticknock?
I'm volunteering, collecting money, so easy to find me..
Ken Cowley
085 7129070
Dermot MurphyJan 21 2011, 1:02pmJust to say again-

Registration will open at 9:15am and close at 10:30am, in order to give the officals time to complete registrations before the race and also to get to the start line.

In addition, it would be helpful if people did their best to register between 9:30am and 10am, if a lot of people leave it to the last minute it makes it more difficult for the organisers with regard to starting race on time.
Dermot MurphyJan 21 2011, 1:02pmAnd registration will take place at Talyors!!
Gareth LittleJan 21 2011, 7:01pmCan the person who has a car seat booked in my car from Blackrock passing through sandyford industrial estate give me a shout to organise details. o87 957 32I6, thx
Brenda MalleyJan 21 2011, 7:53pmWould it be ok for me to start early and time myself, as it will probably take me about 2 hours to finish? What time do you expect the course to be marked? Thanks, Brenda
Dermot MurphyJan 21 2011, 8:18pmHi Brenda, no problem with you starting early and self timing. What time will you be at Taylors for registration? The course markers will be heading out at around 9am.
Brenda MalleyJan 21 2011, 8:22pmThanks Dermot, I expect to be at registration by 9.30, and my husband will drop me off at Ticknock around 10. I'll set off then if that's ok.
Rene BorgJan 22 2011, 2:55pmTeam results are up.
Brian FortuneJan 22 2011, 3:46pmGreat race! Thanks everyone!
Geraldine O'SheaJan 22 2011, 5:54pmThanks to everyone involved in organising today's race. I did an early start so can't claim the time allocated to me in the results (unfortunately). Also followed a slightly different course towards the end so best to put me down as a DNF. Rene, this affects the Crusaders ladies team result so could you amend ? Thanks a million, sorry for the hassle!
Dermot MurphyJan 22 2011, 5:57pmWhat a lovely morning for a run in the hills!

Thanks to all volunteers who all contributed to smoothly organised race, especially to Brendan and Henny for doing a great job in marking the route.

Also a general thanks to all runners who arrived to registration in a timely and car pooled/jogged up to car park as requested beforehand - this also contribution to the smooth running of today's race - same next time please!
Zoran SkrbaJan 22 2011, 8:27pmThe base and race points are the same for this race. Is this correct?
Eoin KeithJan 22 2011, 8:28pmThanks Zoran. No, they should be different. I'm looking in to it.
Rene BorgJan 23 2011, 3:35pmThat's changed Geraldine.
Geraldine O'SheaJan 23 2011, 4:48pmThanks Rene!
Liam DunneJan 24 2011, 2:29pmWell done to organisers and helpers for a great race on sat.
Well worth the drive up from Laois and really enjoyed
my first experience of Irish mountain running, very
friendly atmosphere in very picturesque setting.I look
forward to a few more races in the 2011 calendar.
Also well done to Eoin on winning, maybe next time!