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Gearoid ToweyJul 9 2010, 3:54pmHI Everyone,

just when you thought you had survived yet another Leinster league unscathed.......

We are organising this race on Wednesday the 18th of August to raise funds for The Bubblegum Club which is a small charity dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged and sick children all over Ireland.

A small charity like that would benefit greatly from the funds we could collect from a fun night of hill running on Tibradden and so all proceeds will go to the Bubblegum Club. The end of the Leinster league and the week after the Mountain Rescue Benefit race means some of you might have an idle wednesday evening with twitchy legs.......well not anymore!

Check out their website on to see what it is they do.

Basecamp are sponsoring the race and prizes and the prizegiving will be at the Merry Ploughboy afterwards.

A map of the route will follow on the site shortly

i will be needing some volunteers for the night, both running and non running and would be delighted if some people came forward

Hope to see you there for a good night of hill running

Gearoid ToweyAug 4 2010, 12:28pmHi Everyone,

I am putting out a needy call for a Laptop operator for the Bubblegum Club Charity race on the 18th.

Thanks in advance,

gearoid toweyAug 12 2010, 4:09pmInov8 have agreed to sponsor some prizes for the race. So we will have some pretty decent spot prizes on the night....

check out recolite sandles...they are giving a number of these towards the race.

Info to follow re parking for the prizegiving etc, some changes from usual.

Warren SwordsAug 13 2010, 5:03pmI can volunteer for this event. Not running.
gearoid toweyAug 13 2010, 6:02pmcheers warren,

i will put you down as a volunteer and will email later in the week re the race.


catherine halpinAug 15 2010, 9:32pmhave you enough volunteers already? if you need another one, i am around and not running?
Gearoid ToweyAug 16 2010, 10:12amHI Catherine..... more the merrier!!!! Thanks a million.

See you out there as early as you can make it

Brigitte MorroghAug 16 2010, 12:48pmHello Gearoid, I have put my name down as a helper. This is my first time as a volunteer, so I do not know how many people you need.
Please let me know if I am needed and what time to arrive.
Mary McDAug 16 2010, 6:01pmHi
Can I volunteer to help on Wednesday 18th, I'm not running.
Gearoid ToweyAug 17 2010, 10:37ammassive thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far.

would those who have, please email me at so I can send out details of what where and when?

Thanks a mill,

Eoin KeithAug 17 2010, 3:36pmParking for the Bubblegum Club Tibradden Basecamp race differs slightly from previous editions.

The Merry Ploughboy Pub can't be used for carpooling due to space restrictions and they have requested that we do not use their carpark before the race.

They have kindly arranged for us to park in the Ballyboden Wanderers GAA Club carpark before the race so we can carpool from there. There will be some parking in the Pine Forest Car Park but we would ask single car occupants to please pool from the GAA Club.

About 200m past the Merry Ploughboy Pub towards Pine Forest, there is a RIGHT turn onto Mt. Venus Road. Continue on Mt. Venus Road for approx 500m and on the LEFT is the GAA Club.
susan seagerAug 17 2010, 8:06pmIf anyone has as spare seat in their car going from town or near Celbridge, I'd very much appreciate a lift to the race. Please text me on 087 9332128. Thanks
susan seagerAug 17 2010, 10:46pmI have a lift organised. Thanks
Caroline ReidAug 18 2010, 2:51pmHi Folks,

Still a number of people to collect end of league prize, so please come along tonight or else make sure one of your friends collect it for you TONIGHT!

This is the list of people eligible for the End of League Prize:

7 races + 2 volunteering

Niall McAlinden
Daniel Morrogh
Mike Long
Cormac O'Ceallaigh
Rosalind Hussey
Declan Flanagan
Mirjam Allik
Susan Seager
Diarmuid O'Colmain
Roisin McDonnell
David Williams
Wayne Jenkins
John Maher76
Liz Ryan
Maria O'Rourke
Aoife Quigley
Barry Tennyson
Charlie O'Connell
Cliona Langford
Brenda Malley
John Ahern
Gillesa O Shea


Mags Greenan
Niamh O'Ceallaigh
Aisling Coppinger
Ryan Montgomery
Gerry Brady
Laura Flynn
Jane Porter
Graham Porter
Phillip Brennan
Douglas Barry
Tom Blackburn
Niall Enright
Martin Francis
Mary Collins
Mary O'Colmain
Shane Enright
James Alexander
Mick Galligan
Cian Galligan

Many thanks
Edward BatemanAug 18 2010, 5:02pmHi Caroline, I will be coming along tonight but dont see my name on your list. Can you check my details and add me so there is no confusion later? Thanks.
Mick HanneyAug 18 2010, 5:09pmLooks like an oversight Edward, apologies.
gearoid toweyAug 19 2010, 9:49amMassive THANK YOU to all who helped out with the race last night. An event is only as good as its volunteers and I had the fortune of having excellent ones last night.

Thoughts going out to Aisling, hoping she makes a speedy recovery and will be back on the hills soon.

Some housekeeping things:

Left over from the race are

A red womens marino wool typ, zipped longsleeve.

Two unbrellas. One tartan green and the other navy.

Those who won prizes last night and who were not available to pick them up:

M50 Winner Peter Kernan
F40 Winner Joan Stapelton
Junior Cian Galigan

Your prizes are available to collect from Basecamp.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the charity.


Michelle Rowley Aug 19 2010, 10:12amGearoid, the tartan umbrella is mine...Can I collect it at the basecamp shop next week? Regards, Michelle
gearoid toweyAug 19 2010, 11:00amno worries michelle, the umbrellas are in the office here!

Barry BurkeAug 19 2010, 11:41amJust a quick message wishing Aisling a speedy recovery from her nasty fall..
Niamh GarveyAug 19 2010, 12:19pmHi Gearoid,
the navy umbrella is mine - completely forgot about it - I'll collect it from the shop over the next few days. Thanks a million
Tadhg CrowleyAug 19 2010, 1:08pmVery concerned for Aisling. It looked a nasty injury. Please could we know about Aisling's well being? Is she in hospital?
Mick HanneyAug 19 2010, 1:36pmTerrific set of photos (again). Some contenders in there for a yearbook.
gearoid toweyAug 19 2010, 1:50pmLast news is that Aisling was being treated for her injury in Tallaght. On the mountain she was in good spirits and according to those who assisted her, was remarkably calm and cool given the situation.

Further news to follow.
Gillesa O'SheaAug 19 2010, 6:00pmI agree Mick, the photos are great. Especially this one
John AhernAug 20 2010, 1:37pmHi Caroline,
I didnt make it along on Weds to collect the end of league prize. Any chance it'll still be poss to collect it at the start of the winter league?, or is there any other way to pick it up?
Jeff FitzsimonsAug 20 2010, 1:46pmThat is indeed a smashing picture Gilly, question is can anyone identify the silhouetted runners for a blankety blank cheque book and pen?
Aisling HarrisonAug 20 2010, 4:30pmHi All,

Very Big thanks to everyone who assisted me getting off the mountain on Wed nite especially Ken, Jack, Donal & Wayne from Mountain Rescue. The update is that I'm still in Tallaght until Sunday my knee is just v badly cut but thankfully no damage to the bone. I have a wide range of jackets and tops that folks kindly gave me to keep warm and will arrange for them to be at the next race meet and if not claimed there will drop to Basecamp. I was really enjoying the race until I fell and hope to be back running soon:)

Many thanks to everyone again!
Ken CowleyAug 20 2010, 5:08pmAisling,

Wow that's great that there was nothing broken. Obviously it was an extremely bad cut, but fingers crossed you'll make a quick and full recovery. The way you coped with your predicament on the night was very impressive by the way, you were by far the calmest person at the scene!

Best wishes,

Tadhg CrowleyAug 20 2010, 8:34pmAisling,

Very glad to read your posting. You deserve a special price from IMRA for courage, resiliance & fortitude.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

Tadhg Crowley
Caroline ReidAug 20 2010, 8:49pmAisling,

Delighted to hear you are on the mend - best wishes for a speedy recovery :)

John, End of league tops can be collected next Wednesday night at the Hellfire. If you can't make, please get a friend to collect it. Prizes cannot be stored until the winter league!
Wayne JenkinsAug 21 2010, 8:07amThats great news Aisling.

Glad to hear you will make a full recovery. It was a very serious wound & I'd like to echo previous comments & commend you on your bravery.

Also fair play to all the helpers involved. We managed to gel together like a well oiled machine having you treated, insulated & packed up for immediate evacuation when the paramedics & stretcher arrived. So well done everyone.

Wishing you quick recovery.


Justin ReaAug 21 2010, 10:01amHope you get home soon Aisling. I'm sure the trauma of four days spent between A&E and surgery far outweighed that of the incident! Sorry to hear of the extended tour of the facilities of the health service.

This accident shows the importance of having a good plan in place for getting injured runners off the mountain. Having an experienced team like Gearoid and Wayne in place made that happen like clockwork. The fire engine was probably a bit much though ;-)
gearoid toweyAug 21 2010, 12:47pmGreat to hear from you Aisling.

I hope you will be out on the hills soon. I will arrange the jacket return. My number is 086 3997278, give me a bell when you are back home and I will collect them.

Hope you are mending well,

jack laydenSep 24 2010, 4:11pmHi All
Just to clear up the prizes from our bubblegum race event.
we Still have a voucher for Peter Kernan and Joan Stapelton.
we also have recolites for Tom and Gavan

Just to let you know that we cant wait to give you free stuff here.