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Stuart ScottMay 19 2010, 11:35pmHi all,

I'm looking for a handful of volunteers for the Uphill Race on Jun 16th, another 2-5 should do it. In particular, a second first aider (for the summit).

Will post more details shortly,


Brian ConroyJun 7 2010, 10:31pmHi Stuart,

I would like to volunteer for this race if possible if you still need people. Sorry, I'm not set up on MYIMRA yet. I can't do first aid but otherwise I'm happy to do whatever is required.
Stuart ScottJun 7 2010, 11:11pmThanks Brian and the other volunteers. We have plenty now.

I don't have email addresses for Brendan, Brian, Caoimhe, Ian, John and Theo so if you could contact me on scottst1 A-T gmail D-O-T com that'd be great thanks. Will put a plan together soon.
Gareth LittleJun 8 2010, 9:25amHi Stuart, if you still need a first aider for the summit let me know, garethlittle at
Stuart ScottJun 14 2010, 12:46amImportant Info for Powerscourt Race.

KIT REQUIREMENT - a light rainjacket (with hood) is required. As any one who raced last year will know, the descent can get cold. A random inspection will take place at the start and you will not be allowed to race without one.

EARLY START - for safety (and comfort!) reasons, the summit officials will return at 2030. If you are still racing at this time, you will be asked to turn back. However, an early start at 1900 will be available - those who normally finish in more than 200% of the winner's time are advised to take this option.

RETURN - for safety reasons, competitors must return along the race route. No shortcuts are allowed, and will not be of much benefit in any case. This brings the total distance to 13k.
Stuart ScottJun 14 2010, 12:52amAisling, Kim, Sarah, Sile and Gareth - many thanks for your offers of help, but I actually have plenty of volunteers. However, I know Conor is crying out for volunteers at next week's Seefingan race.

Can the remaining volunteers aim to arrive around 1815, particularly the running volunteers? I've just emailed you the plan, but I'm still missing some addresses so please contact me if you didn't get it.


Stuart ScottJun 15 2010, 11:14amMore information for Powerscourt.

CONDITIONS - bone dry unfortunately. Race is approx 50% fireroad/trail, 50% grass/rock.

ROUTE - follows the Wicklow Way entirely, until the final climb up Djouce. No shortcuts are allowed. The WW is well signposted so marking will be minimal.

IMPORTANT - the last stretch up Djouce is very badly eroded. We ask that you keep to the man-made path.

FINISH - you must touch the summit cairn so factor that into your sprint finish!

POST-RACE REHYDRATION - takes place in the Glencormack Inn, Kilmac.

JUNIOR COURSE - this will finish at the big tree, just at the left turn after the felled area and before the downhill section (O193123). Approx distance 3k, 230m climb.

RACE ENDS - 2030 sharp to give you and the summit officials time to return to Crone.

CARPOOLING - only one car listed on the carpool so far. If you've an empty space in your car, please advertise it. Both to minimise our presence and to facilitate those without transport.
Michelle Rowley Jun 15 2010, 2:02pmHi,
Any directions to crone wood? ..not from these parts! I will be in cork tomorrow with work and hope to make it. Also is there a carpooling the one at Scarr, where we carpooled from the pub carpark?
Regards, Michelle
Rosalind HusseyJun 15 2010, 2:34pmHi, it'd be great if I could get a lift out from town. I'll be heading out from Trinity, and am happy to head out somewhere along the Luas/bus/Dart line.
17.00 seems pretty early.

Jim FitzharrisJun 15 2010, 2:51pmThe event details appear to be a straight copy of those for 2009 (e.g. there is now a course record!). Assuming the post-race pub is the Glencormac Inn, this would appear to be the logical local point from which to car pool.

There is no real "cairn" as such on the top of Djouce - just a rather large natural rock formation. Do we touch this or the actual trig point on top of it? Last year, there was a "finish line" of tape on the ground some metres short of the actual summit.


Peter O'FarrellJun 15 2010, 5:05pmI can see a CIMRA like opportunity in this race...
All at your own risk of course....
That brings up another thought, does the IMRA insurance policy cover a runner who knocks out a poor innocent walker whilst returning from the summit or is it a case that as the finish line is at the summit IMRA's "responsibily" finishes at the summit??

Back to the messing..
Folk could time trial down to the river from the summit individually and note their descent time and post it up here after or else all start at a designated time, say 8.30pm.

with thanks to Colm Hill..

Stuart ScottJun 15 2010, 5:27pmThanks Jim. Yes, the Glencormac Inn is the prizegiving/carpool location. However, their carpark is fairly small so ideally people should carpool from further away if at all possible.

The event details were originally a straight copy, but I've been adding bits over the last few days. I can't change the course record, but it is 36:26 / 40:02 by the usual suspects (Barry Minnock and Donna Mahon).

The finish point is the trig pillar on top of the rock. Just be careful not to run/fall off the far side - it will be clearly marked.

Michelle, directions are slightly complicated but I'll do my best. Easiest to visualise on the (free) OS map on The grid ref of the carpark is O193142. You turn off the N11 at Kilmacanogue, head in the Roundwood direction for about 1k and take a right (signposted Enniskerry). Just after the Long Hill turnoff, the road takes a sharp right. Instead, turn left here and follow this road straight for about 4k.
Jim FitzharrisJun 15 2010, 5:36pmThanks Stuart and apologies: when I looked again I saw that you had indeed updated the event details.

The forecast is for a dry evening so we should not be slip-sliding away too much around the trig point!

For the benefit of Michelle and others, I have put my name in the car pool. I plan to go first to the Glencormac Inn and leave there sometime after 6:30 pm with a good car load. My neck is reasonably hard but not so much that I would drive with an empty car into Crone! I will of course drop all passengers back to the pub. I drive a black VW Passat 07 D 81260.


John LanganJun 15 2010, 6:25pmI am a running volunteer and plan to arrive at 6.15 - i did not receive an email as of yet - my email address is jlangan at tcd dot ie. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks
Eamonn HodgeJun 15 2010, 11:14pmOn the descent down to the Dargle can we run on the grass to the right of the zig zag path. I find this safer and quicker but if it's not allowed I won't do it.

Also at the race briefing could it be repeated whether or not it's allowed?

Pól Ó MurchúJun 15 2010, 11:36pmRosalind, Or anyone else looking for lift. I can give you a lift if you could make it to Red cow on Luas or anywhere near Glasnevin - Just across from the cemetery - I think the 40/40a and 40d go from Parnell st. Cemetery is pretty obvious landmark - where all the dead people hang out!
Stuart ScottJun 16 2010, 12:26amHi Eamonn,

Yep, that's fine (those zigzags are barely noticeable). Make the most of the descent!

Seems I've loads of stuff to mention so remind me when I forget...!

Brenda MalleyJun 16 2010, 12:26amI've registered my car for carpool, but departure time came out wrong. I'll be leaving Clontarf at 16:00, passing Booterstown Dart, Stillorgan and N11. Planning to be in Crone for early start by 18:00.
Brenda Malley
Paddy CoyneJun 16 2010, 10:00amHi Stuart. Do you need anymore volunteers? We will probably be there about 6.50...ish.

Paddy CoyneJun 16 2010, 10:01amHi Stuart. Do you need anymore volunteers? We will probably be there about 6.50...ish.

Ken McDonaghJun 16 2010, 10:07amThere seems to be Gremlins in the carpool function - I'll be leaving DCU at 17.30 for anyone who wants to grab the last space in the car.
Stuart ScottJun 16 2010, 10:23amHi Paddy,

Thanks but we should have enough volunteers, famous last words though! I think Conor is still looking for non-running volunteers next week though if you could help him out?

Great to see a number of cars on the carpool, despite the gremlins!

Susan SeagerJun 16 2010, 2:18pmI'll be leaving Celbridge at about 5:45 and travelling along the M50, if anyone would like a lift. Call 087 9332128 and we can sort out a time and location.
Stuart ScottJun 16 2010, 2:26pmIMPORTANT CHANGE FOR TONIGHT'S RACE

Due to the unusually warm and calm weather, I'm going to relax the compulsory jacket/cag rule. Bringing a jacket is still STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, particularly if you're thinking of hanging around the summit and/or walking back. However, I'll leave the decision up to you.

You may also want to consider bringing water with you too.
James ClancyJun 16 2010, 3:23pmHi,

Leving Bray 6.45 if that suits anyone could take 3 people.



Zero Eight Six, Six Zero Six Zero Two Two Two

Ps Is there any chance anyone could put me on myIMRA
Stuart ScottJun 17 2010, 1:07amHi,

I'd just to say thanks to all the volunteers for their help tonight. To Kevin, Mel and Lornie for handling the summit; Shane, Brendan, Caoimhe, Eddie, Amidou, Ian, John and Shay for their hard work at registration; Rachel for manning the junior finish; Mike and Niamh for the marking; Mike Gomm for stepping in as first aider; Justin for sorting the keys and also the anonymous person who left that midge repellent at registration! Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone.

Apologies for the delay getting to the pub and the lack of results. I think Kevin now has a mammoth task reconstructing them! We'll try to publish them in the coming days.

Glad the weather played its part. Hope everyone enjoyed the race.

Turlough ConwayJun 17 2010, 1:34amThanks Stuart and co for a great race!!!!

Dont know if its any help to Kevin but if it was perhaps people who have their time recorded could email him with their times? He may not need this ofcourse.

Kevin O'RiordanJun 17 2010, 8:44pmResults up.

Junior and short course results will have to follow as there was a separate finish point for juniors. Waiting for Rachel to e-mail them to me.

Rene BorgJun 17 2010, 9:46pmTeam results are up.
Paul SmythJun 18 2010, 11:39amWho do I contact about problems with the results?
Kevin O'RiordanJun 18 2010, 11:52amMyself

kevin.oriordan at imra dot ie
Stuart ScottJun 18 2010, 11:52amThanks Kevin for the hard work producing the results. They needed a little more effort than usual as Barry wouldn't carry the laptop to the summit. They are still provisional so if you have any queries, please direct them to kevin.oriordan at imra dot ie.

Great race report Eamonn!
Paul MorrisseyJun 18 2010, 11:58amYou won't bleed for the sport Eamonn??? Very disappointing!!
Jason KehoeJun 18 2010, 12:16pmPaul it's evident that thats why his downhill suffers, he's 'afraird' of getting a hurty/scrapey knee! Eamonn all the dedicated runners have to leave blood on the mountain at some stage! ;)
Eamonn HodgeJun 18 2010, 1:37pmHa! I felt like a real wimp at the Delphi Mountain resort surrounded by bleeding runners - Jason Reid, Paul Mahon, Jeff Fitzsimons etc.(had you come back from the doctor at that stage?!).

Bleeding from an external wound I'll consider. Bleeding from something internal I want to avoid (Is that Loser Talk I hear?!).

Alan AylingJun 18 2010, 2:52pmAs Colm Hill might say... HTFU! ;-)
Kevin O'RiordanJun 18 2010, 8:03pmI'm afraid we have an issue regarding the junior results. It seems the sheet with the list of results has gone missing (through no fault of Rachel's in case anyone gets that impression from one of my previous posts!). Unless it shows up, I may have to rely on Rachel's memory to try and get the finish orderings right and assign placings but not times for Leinster league purposes based on that.

Sincerest apologies,
brendan dohertyJun 18 2010, 8:54pmHi there
An easy one in regard to some junior results-chatting with Paula O'Donnell-Rea before the race, she said she was going to run with her young chaps up to the junior turnaround point. so voila, there is a set of junior results sorted out-her time equals their time, or am I crazy, or what?
Kevin O'RiordanJun 21 2010, 10:12pmFinish ordering uploaded for short course. Times are made up. If anyone running the short course recorded their own time, please send it on to me (kevin dot oriordan at imra dot ie) and I'll upload the results accordingly.