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Kevin O'RiordanApr 15 2010, 11:15amHi all,

I'm looking for more volunteers for this race:

A first aider as well as several non-running volunteers for course marshalling and finish results. Also, volunteers needed for parking and registration, though these can run if they so wish.

Remember, you need to have volunteered at least twice to claim your prize for completing 7 races in the Leinster league. Prizes from previous years have included Berghaus technical running jerseys, headtorches, innov8 running packs all with imra branding so it's definitely worth it.

You can volunteer through the MyIMRA system and the volunteer option on the event page or by contacting me directly (first initial dot surname at gmail dot com).

Gareth LittleApr 15 2010, 12:19pmIll do the car park marshalling as a runner if you need?

gareth dot
Kevin O'RiordanApr 15 2010, 12:25pmYup, that would be cool. Might need a few car park marshalls if the Hellfire car park fills up to stop people parking on and obstructing the road (a reminder to people to carpool!) and to park a few people in Massy's across the road if necessary.

Caitlin BentApr 16 2010, 12:14pmCan you put Tom Galvin down as a helper and run for Hellfire.
derek livingstoneApr 16 2010, 1:11pmhi just to let you know i have the key for the main gate. il be there early on the day if that helps
regards derek,
Kevin O'RiordanApr 16 2010, 3:07pmThanks to everyone who signed up. I reckon I have enough running helpers now. Could do with a few non running helpers though.

Kevin MoranApr 22 2010, 11:31pmHi all,

I would like to be able to sign up to volunteer but I need someone give me access to myiMRA. Could someone help me out?


email address: (race number 494)
Johan DehantschutterApr 26 2010, 10:20amAlthough it's not mentioned as such (I could have missed it), I presume the registration location is at Buglers and not at the start of the race? Please confirm.

And at what time does registration open (and close)?

Thanks in advance
Kevin O'RiordanApr 26 2010, 10:26amHi Johan,

Registration is at the event car park at Hellfire:

I would ask that if you have less than 3 people in your car though, that you meet at Bugler's first and take/offer a lift from there. I'll arrange to have someone there in a hi-viz jacket to be a point of contact for people who are unfamiliar with each other. Though you should be able to spot the fit looking people standing outside the pub in the early evening wearing technical wicking fabrics.

Registration will be open at 6:15 and will close at 7:15 to allow running volunteers to get changed before their start.

More details to follow.

Kevin O'RiordanApr 26 2010, 10:59amCan Thomas Galvin contact me with his e-mail address?

Ronan HickeyApr 26 2010, 11:13amI'm pretty sure Thomas Galvin doesn't have an email address as he mentioned at Saturday's race that he doesn't have the internet. Perhaps one of the other volunteers can get the information to him?

Kevin O'RiordanApr 26 2010, 3:09pmCheers. Got a phone number for him so sent him a text.

Kevin O'RiordanApr 27 2010, 5:26pmThe following is a repeat of the instructions on the event details page so people are aware of updates:


Hell Fire Woods, Killakee, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin. G.R. O121237

Map to event location and registration:

Map to Buglers (prizegiving and carpooling location):

Coming from M50, get off at Junction 12 (Firhouse), and head away from city. At first roundabout, take a left onto Ballycullen road. Head straight through two junctions and turn left at a crossroads onto Gunny Hill. At the t-junction at the end, turn right onto Kilakee road. Hellfire car park is a few kilometres up the road on the right.

Coming from Buglers (carpool location): Take a left coming out of Buglers and head straight through the Ballyboden road roundabout. Take the next right for Scholarstown Road (signposted Glencree) and take the next left for Stocking Lane (again signposted Glencree). Follow this road until you see Hellfire on the right (across from Massy's on the left).


Registration is at Hellfire car park (see Getting there instructions above) and will be open from 6:15 to 7:15.

Race starts at 7:30pm sharp.


3 people minimum per car. If you're arriving with less than 3 people, please call to Bugler's (the prizegiving location, see getting there instructions) and arrange to car pool with someone there. Vivian O'Gorman will be on duty there to arrange people into groups for anyone who's worried about not recognising other runners.


Annual registration is €10 (€5 for the unwaged) and race registration is €7 (€4 for the unwaged). Bring exact change if you can to help smooth registration.
If you've never run an IMRA race before, it would be helpful if you can bring an already completed copy of IMRA registration form (available here: If you've run in previous years, the laptop operator will print you out a form with your previous details for you to double check and sign.

Make sure you hand back your number after the race


After the initial climb up to the house the route goes out along a Fire Road and then takes the path around the perimeter fence line. There are 2 further climbs of about 70mt elevation climb each before running back down the steep climb to the carpark.


Juniors will turn left after the Hellfire club and follow a shorter loop back to the hill top before descending to the finish. Juniors course will be approximately 2.7km in length with 133m climb.


Prize giving after the race is in Bugler's pub, Ballyboden. (See getting there instructions above)
Ken McDonaghApr 28 2010, 11:33amCould the first person to accept a lift with me from the carpool above please get in touch as I didn't get the contact e-mail? My address is kenneth dot mcdonagh at dcu dot ie
Cheers, Ken
Colm MoranApr 29 2010, 12:15amEmm.. I was running against James Alexander, and he most certainly wasn't running the Short Course! :) That must be a mistake in the results.
Colm HillApr 29 2010, 12:34amYup I was the marshal at the junction, JA ran the long. There was no way I was going to make him turn off for the short course.
If I was fighting for position high up in the race and some random guy attempted to make me take the short course, he's see my middle finger as i legged it past. I say fair duce to him for keeping up with the older guys!
Kevin O'RiordanApr 29 2010, 1:03amBit of confusion there unfortunately. James was fine to run the long course as it was less than the 10km stated in the rules for juniors and close enough to the recommended 5km limit. The short course was for young juniors who didn't feel up to running the long. Will amend his result tomorrow.

Justin ReaApr 29 2010, 9:10amMyself and Michael Galligan also both ran with our sons on the short course.

Well done Kevin and John for handling such large numbers so well, especially because of all the new registrations.
Brenda MalleyApr 29 2010, 12:49pmGer Power and I started early and finished before the race began. We gave our results to the helpers who were noting the finishers as they came in, but I see we are both missing from the computer results. My race number is 582, and I finished in 45 minutes, in W50 category. Ger will send in her number and time too. Many thanks, Brenda Malley
Ger PowerApr 29 2010, 4:31pmI ran this race no 7 time 59.55. an you please update the results thanks Ger
Kevin O'RiordanApr 29 2010, 10:03pmUpdated results now up.