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Colm HillMay 17 2010, 5:46pmAny news on the new route? I heard it was completely off trail with zero visibility!

(...or maybe that was a dream)
Eoin KeithMay 19 2010, 9:24amA map of the new route is now up for this race. It's a fantastic route. And best of all, without a trace of concrete under foot!
Paul NolanMay 19 2010, 10:24amLooks stunning.
If only I still had two good feet.
Rene BorgMay 19 2010, 10:43amBeautiful, looks simple and straightforward. If any of the race creators would have some anecdotes and route descriptions to offer, I'd love to write up a piece on the new route ahead of the race for MST.
Billy AlexanderMay 19 2010, 10:51amHi,
If anyone is looking for accomodation for the Carrauntoohil race I have a place only 30 minutes drive from the race starting point.
It is at Kells Bay on Dingle Bay If interested I can be contacted on 087 seven77 six666. Regards, Billy.
Alan AylingMay 19 2010, 11:23amWhile the descent of Shrone will be missed, the new route looks fabulous and most importantly retains the ridge between Caher and Carrauntoohil, one of the finest bits of running on any race in our calendar.

Great work from Vivian in coming up with the new route. Hope we get the weather now.
Carlos CastillejoMay 19 2010, 11:32amPretty course! An very "runable" (does it exist in english?) if it's no rain...
Jason KehoeMay 19 2010, 2:08pmYes, you are nearly correct Carlos! It's 'runnable'! ;)

I notice the distance and ascent are still down as 13.7km and 1,126m. I'm sure the new route would have changed this somewhat. Do we have an accurate reading or profile map or do we need to see what we get on race day? Has the route been recced yet by anyone?

Eoin KeithMay 19 2010, 2:26pmI've added a profile from Geolives to the maps section, And updated the stats on the race with the information from the profile. Bear in mind that this is only provisional information, as the exact start has yet to be mapped.

Anyone who did the National Adventure Marathon last year will be familiar with the route, as we did a hillrun which climbed up Cahir using the old route, and descended down the proposed new route. On the day the weather had turned pretty nasty by the time we reached Cahir, but I still found the descent to be an absolute blast (probably the best new hill route I've done in Ireland in years), and I think everyone was in agreement that it was a fantastic hillrun. The lads from the Setanta team, if I remember correctly, may have even better knowledge of the new route, as they went to the trouble of climbing up to Caraun itself before deciding to join the rest of us on the descent :)
Jason KehoeMay 19 2010, 2:31pmhmmm circa 1.2km shorter! Could we could possibly see a sub 60 being pulled out of the bag by any aspiring John Lenihan fans???
Kevin O'RiordanMay 19 2010, 2:49pmWell damn you guys anyway. I'm supposed to be resting up for a big race the following weekend but there's no way I can eschew a route like this! Avg 18% gradient with what looks like will be an epic descent and no road in sight. I can't wait :)
Eamonn HodgeMay 19 2010, 5:17pmAnother accommodation option is the Killarney hostel at Fossa.

Scroll down to the bottom of this linked page to see images.

Phone number: 064 66 31240

It's a beautiful old house. Beds are pretty standard hostel bunks but it has great living room communal areas.

20 euro a head for dorm rooms (sleep 8 I think), 25 euro a head for private rooms (sleep 4).

I'll be staying there (it's the hostel our kayaking club use for the October Bank Holiday weekend). Much better than that kip down the road in Fossa that Dermot Murphy, Alan Ayling and myself ended up in by accident last year.

Question about the route! Will we have a delicious ice cold stream to bathe our aching, blistered, battered, bruised, carbuncled feet in like the old route? This should be a requisite for any new route. (carbuncled was probably going a bit far).

@Jason - I'll be hoping for sub 120! Can we get Christine down for a post race rub down?! assuming she has our Arnica Ice "for all your mountain running and equine needs" ...
Greg ByrneMay 19 2010, 9:39pmA nice spot just up the road from the An Oige hostel is the self catering apartments and houses in the Kilarney Country Club. Weve found it a nice base of the Reeks in the past.

Not forgetting "The Climbers"... just beware of the distinct possibility of a sneaky session if staying down the night before.
Alan AylingMay 20 2010, 11:01amEamonn, you don't go far enough with the requirements for the stream. Nothing short of full-on skinny-dipping potential will be sufficient after this race.
Vivian O'GormanMay 21 2010, 10:42amGlad to see you are all happy with the new course.

Getting there.

The road to the start is very narrow and no cars can be parked on it.It is about 10k past the Climbers Inn.I have permission to use the farmers yard for 3Euro per car which is in walking distance from the start.So please car pool - 3or4 per car.You can do this from where we used to park our cars at the quarry up to last year.The Climbers Inn would prefer that we don't use their car park for this.It is after all a bank holiday weekend and they will have customers.

I will put out IMRA road signs or black arrows on a white backround from the Climbers Inn to the race start.

The Race

The start and finish of the race is a couple of fields up off the road at a gate which is on the Kerry Way.I'm sure the garmins will be working overtime!! Unfortunately there are two fences to get over just after the start - no barbed wire!After the second fence turn right and you're on your way.The only stipulation is that you must cross this fence on your way back at the same point you went up -- no short cuts!!

If you can download your own map from the IMRA site it would be appreciated although I will have some spares but not enough for everyone.

Race registration will be at the race start area and will finish at 11.45am.

Prizegiving will be in the Climbers Inn.

Don't forget to bring the right running gear -- this is Carrauntoohil -- long sleeves,rainjacket,hat,gloves also map,compass and whistle.Have a bumbag with you as well with a biscuit and or chocolate and water - your own water!If you have studded shoes don't leave them in the garage!

I will make the decision on the day about what to wear.


A First Aid person
Two Summit Marshalls -- Caher and Carrauntoohil
Two for race registration
Two for finish
Car Park Attendant

This can be done through myimra on the IMRA website or text me 087 4150398

I am away for about 10 days but will be back!!

There is a river nearby for all you skinny dippers!!

Philip BrennanMay 21 2010, 9:49pmYes, Eoin, I remember it well - zero visibility on the way up to the top of Cahir - this was actually an advantage as it was brutally steep. From the summit of Cahir up to the summit of Carrantoohil it snowed - heavily! And this was May! And just to show what good form we were in, after our second visit to Cahir summit we managed to go down the wrong side of the ridge down to the Kerry Way. Oh what joyous memories.

Still, I remember thinking at the time what a magnificent route this would be - if the sun was shining...
John heppellMay 26 2010, 9:56pmhi there just to let you knoe there is a B&b and a cafe on the road at the start of the Lack Road se
thomas mc dermottMay 31 2010, 3:26pmhi all,i will be down in kerry the weekend. the race is no problem, but the compass is, is that a problem, or can i just follow the person in front of me,would really like to do this run,
Shane EnrightJun 1 2010, 2:05pmI won't (unfortunately) have the benefit of a recce beforehand. If anyone has, could you fill us in on what the terrain underfoot is like?
Darren BurkeJun 2 2010, 4:12pmIf anyone wants to see some pictures of the route have a look at this album from my Facebook page:

Should give an idea of the varied terrain from the start to the top, but as they are only pictures they probably don't give a good impression of how steep things are at times.
Barry TennysonJun 2 2010, 4:37pmI have 4 available seats in my car if anyone wants a lift from Cabinteely & M50.I will return home same day straight after prize-giving.Tel Barry Tennyson 087 2551489
Vivian O'GormanJun 2 2010, 11:49pm
I still need volunteers especially a First Aid Person - Finish and Car Park.

Thomas Mc D -- turn up anyway you'll never know who might have a compass!

All runners -- don't forget to bring your own water!!

Road signs will be yellow with IMRA and black arrows on a white backround
from Climbers Inn.

See you all Sunday!!

Brían O'MearaJun 3 2010, 9:56amVivian,

Grateful if you'd stick me down as a running volunteer. Forgotten my IMRA password.

Mick HanneyJun 4 2010, 1:33pm
Don't forget, for those that complete the 3 of 5 races in the Irish Champs there'll be a unique IMRA Irish Champs t-shirt.
Zoran SkrbaJun 5 2010, 9:50amIf anyone wants to carpool, I'll be leaving killorglin @ 10:15 then calling to climber's inn in glencar, let me know 0876622 167.
wayne JenkinsJun 5 2010, 7:18pmVivian,
I'll volunteer as a First Aider. But I will be running in the race.
I'll bring a small 1st Aid Kit up on the hill with me. If anyone needs to stop me during the race I will be wearing a Bright Yellow T-shirt (or Black Rain Jacket) with the Number "666"
I usually finish in the middle of the field but I'll hang around till the last runner gets off the mountain.
Regards Wayne
Glencar House Hotel Co KerryJun 6 2010, 7:01pmJust to let you know for future reference that our hotel is situated on the foot of Carrauntoohil and we would me more than delighted to offer you a good package for accommodation and food, check us out on
I hope the race went well for you all today.
Rene BorgJun 6 2010, 8:38pmTeam results are now up for this event.
John AhernJun 7 2010, 12:29pmI'll definitely be staying at the Glencar House Hotel next year. Its good value and about a mile from the Climber's Inn. (I had a pint in there on the Sat. night).
John HeppellJun 7 2010, 2:17pmcongratulations to Brian Furey from all at the Stepping Stone. see includes photo
we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who used the facilities of the Cooky Monsters Cafe.John & Sandy
Eddie NilandJun 8 2010, 11:55amWell done on the weather Vivian, and the new route. Hope you didn't eat too much of the Home made ice-cream waiting for us to finish!
Brían O'MearaJun 9 2010, 12:01pmFantastic race - really enjoyable. More of the same would be lovely...
Mick HanneyJun 14 2010, 10:54pm
Just noticed John's photos have been added and what a fab collection they are. Some candidates for photos of the year in there.
John ShielsJun 14 2010, 11:11pmThanks Mick, we were down in Kerry all week surfing and hill walking so I didn't get a chance to up load them. Definitely a race/route worth traveling for.