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Jimmy SynnottJan 15 2010, 10:01amCalling on all would be fist aiders this your last chance to get a free three year certificate in this area. The certificate that you will attain is (Emergency first Aid level 1. Its granted through the Remote Emergency Care Training Series.On attaining this cert you would then have both, the knowledge and understanding of what can go wrong when you are running/hiking in the mountains.Also the expertise to deal with such events.To keep your skills up to date your then have the opportunity to volunteer has a first aid officer at any one,or more of many upcoming race's. Its called giving something back. The feedback on our last two courses have been ,one of worth while,educational and above all very entertaining and enjoyable. So come on give it a go.Its free and we also throw in a free lunch. Once again i would like to thank the committee for their kindness in allowing this course to take place free of charge. CHEERS JIMMY
Sandra ColebornJan 15 2010, 12:53pmJimmy, what date is the next course on? I would be very interested in doing it if I was around.
Eva FairmanerJan 15 2010, 1:11pmMe too please Jimmy!
Geraldine O'SheaJan 15 2010, 7:01pmHi Jimmy
Definitely interested but depends on the date.
Many thanks,
Kevin O'RiordanJan 15 2010, 7:46pmThe course is on the 23rd of January :
Sandra ColebornJan 15 2010, 8:59pmUnfortunately I am away until the 31st Jan, but would be very interested in any future First Aid course...
Rachel CinnsealachJan 16 2010, 9:29pmHi Jimmy,

I couldn't make the last two first Aid courses but I would like to do this one if there is space.

Jimmy synnottJan 17 2010, 10:00amHi all.
Their are still some places left on this course.This is i am ,afraid the last course of this kind this year.Having all ready held to previously. Also has the certs are good for three years it could well be unlikely ,that we will need to hold any first aid course next year. This will be again up to the committee to decide. So i would strongly suggest that any one interested please sign up for this one. Cheers Jimmy
Eoin O'NeillJan 17 2010, 11:31pmJimmy
Can you put my name down for this course?
Des O'NeillJan 20 2010, 8:43amJimmy.

I was down to attend the first aid on staurday. Unfortunately due to the weather interruptions in the early part of the year I have now been scheduled to do a training day with one of our clients on saturday that I can not defer or cancel so I will not be able to make it to the first aid.

Can I do a first aid course in my own time and what type of certification should I be looking for?
Jimmy SynnottJan 20 2010, 6:27pmNo Problem Des.All basic level one first aid cert will be sufficient.Most will take 10 weeks (night class) or i can also source another one day course if you prefer. Both these options would i am afraid be at your own expense.Any help i can be just drop me a line .Cheers jimmy
Jimmy SynnottJan 20 2010, 6:36pmLast call for first aiders. We still have a couple of places left on Saturdays course.We need everyone to do their bit.Sunday kicks off our season.Training days end on Saturday so if you want to help out in any way then this is your last chance. So come on and sign up for any of our three courses.Check out event details on our events page.Can all who are doing the first aid course please be there at 8.45am. See you Saturday Jimmy
roisin mc donnellJan 21 2010, 10:27pmHi Jimmy,
will be there for first aid on sat..hope thats still ok ?
Harry McGeeJan 22 2010, 9:54amIs it an all-day course tomorrow Jimmy? What time does it finish? Thanks Harry McGee
niamh o ceallaighJan 22 2010, 11:20amHi Harry,

I am fairly sure it is 9 till 4 with lunch included.

Jimmy SynnottJan 22 2010, 5:50pmHi all,
very last call to get your name down for this worth while course. we have a couple of places left/ Course starts at 9am and will run till 4pm,with a coffee break, and a lunch break.Can all be there for 8.45am to start on time please.See you all tomorrow. Cheers jimmy
Jimmy SynnottJan 25 2010, 8:50amOnce again the first aid course on Saturday last proved to be a great success.We had another 12 people taking part. This brings the total to 36 imra members in all, who now have a qualification in first aid. On behalf of myself and the said people i would very much like to thank (1) Justin for the use of his premises, with out it would not have been possible to hold these courses.(2) To pat reaid and Jen our instructors over the three course , who along with their knowledge and expertize help inject a sense of fun into the proceedings.(3) Above all to Dermot and his very hard working committee who very kindly made it possible for all to gain our first aid certs free of charge.I think its fair to say €1500 is a tidy little sum(coasts of courses)On A personal note i would like to thank the people who gave up their free Saturday to take part in courses,and wish you all a safe and injury free mountain running season.Hoping to see you all at some stage acting as first aid officers. Put your new found skills to use. Cheers jimmy
Shay FoodyJan 25 2010, 11:15pmThanks for organising this excellent course - these are great skills to have for IMRA events (as well as for life in general).

One aspect we discussed was the time to get a first aider and equipment to the casualty, which obviously could be quite significant. Would it be worth getting all marshals to carry a first aid kit? As far as I know this is not current practice. Also are checks in place to ensure marshals are carrying a mobile phone with number of Race Director (and First Aider)?
Justin O'KeeffeJan 26 2010, 10:55amThanks to Jimmy, Justin & the folks at Version 1 for organising & facilitating the first aid training on Saturday. It was very good training by Ger and would recommend doing somthing like it if you get the chance again
roisin mc donnellJan 26 2010, 2:12pmJust to echo Justin's comment. i thought the first aid course was very good ..practical and well tailored for the needs of a first aid volunteer at a hill race...well done committee and Jimmy for organising ..and thanks to Jen. Roisin
Jimmy SynnottFeb 3 2010, 1:16pmFirst Aid certs.Can any one who took part in any one of our first aid courses over the last couple of months please come forward and collect your certs. Will be at the next winter league race this saturday. Please if you are takeng part this weekend let your self be known to me or any of the race officials Cheers Jimmy