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Gerry BradyApr 24 2009, 10:34pmCourse map and profile now on IMRA web page. The 4 km lap broadly breaks into 1600m at 15% climb followed by 2400m at 9% descent.
Gerry BradyJul 28 2009, 10:52pmSome photos of course for World championships at . The photographs were taken by Mauro Ceresa and Federico Trotti. They are courtesy of the Italian mountain running website . The Italian trials were won in 57:19 (senior men), 44:18 (SW), 39:36 (JM) and 25:02 (JW).

mags greenanSep 6 2009, 8:43pmFantastic results for all the teams and what about the women 8th!! Hope all the new comer juinors enjoyed themselves and I am just thrilled you all did so well - sorry I was'nt there with the biscuits..catch you next time.Hope all the accompanying parents were suitable decked out in orange and green. Enjoy the celebrations. Cheers Mags
Rene BorgSep 7 2009, 10:03amWell done all. Men finishing 14th out of 23 in what looked to be a very big competitive field is good going to. GB & NI 7th and the Eritreans really seem to be growing into a force in the worlds. With Kenyans starting to move into the individual GP races, one can only wonder how long it'll be before one of their teams must be contended with as well.
Gerry BradySep 8 2009, 8:32amRace report and photos at

Congratulations to the senior and junior women on making the top ten teams. The senior and junior men put in very solid performances.

The runners would like to thank the membership for their support which provided great additional motivation when the pressure came on in the race. There was a great gang of supporters out there also.
Brendan LawlorSep 8 2009, 11:29amWell done to all the Irish teams and individual performances in what sounded like very competitive races indeed.

Also well done to Gerry Brady ,Mags Grennan and their helpers and assistant managers for all their hard effort through the year , this was no fluke and the junior performances are particularily encouraging