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Niamh O' GormanMay 22 2008, 6:09pmNiamh,
Id like to volunteer for this race if you need anyone else? Id like to run as well if thats ok.
Enda WalshMay 29 2008, 9:39pmHi Niamh, I would like to volunteer as a helper too, either running or non running.

Niamh Ni CholmainJun 6 2008, 4:04pmDear Volunteers,

I sent an email to all scalp volunteers that I had email addresses for today. If you are a volunteer and did not get an email, please email or text me on niamh.nicholmain at arup dot com or 085 1445209.

I think I am missing: Niamh O Gorman, Danny Ward, John Grumley and Sarah Mc Loone.

Enda, I have put you down as a non running volunteer. I hope that is okay.

Niamh Ni CholmainJun 9 2008, 12:40amIMPORTANT SCALP RACE INFORMATION

There is no carparking available at the start area of the Scalp race.
Carparking will be in a private field on the Ballyman Road, close to eniskerry. A map will be uploaded to the event page later today. A charge of ?4.00 per car will apply (to cover farmers costs of moving livestock etc).

Registration will take place in the field between 6.30pm and 7.15pm sharp. No entry fees will be taken after 7.15 regardless of whether you are in a queue or not.

The field where registation and carparking will take place is 2km (uphill) from the start area. Make sure you allow plenty of time to jog/walk up the hill to the start.

Ben MooreJun 9 2008, 2:04pmHi Niamh, John Grumley is one of the running volunteers for Scalp but he is injured at the moment. I've spoken to him and I'm happy to take his place if you would like. Ben.
Justin ReaJun 10 2008, 7:53amDid anyone check if we could park at the Kilternan Sport Hotel? This is almost ready for opening and they have a massive car park.

We would hate to inconvenience the farmer on Ballyman so much ;-)
Mick HanneyJun 10 2008, 1:07pmIf Justin's suggestion is not a runner, is there a nominated pub for the prize giving? Should people car pool from, for instance, the Golden Ball to reduce traffic heading up to registration?
Niamh NI CholmainJun 10 2008, 9:54pmThe pub is The Golden Ball, also known as Palmers in Stepaside.

Enniskerry is also just down the road, so plenty of carpooling options.

Paul SmythJun 11 2008, 4:14pmA couple of suggestions.

Important race information such as the details given for the car park should not be given as a posting at the bottom of the race details page. Rather they should be added to the event details at the op of the page so that they are easily seen. It was pure luck I happened to notice this vitally important information. Also rather than just giving an online map (which are notoriously unreliable) could we please have a grid ref. as well.
P OFJun 11 2008, 10:21pmhardly unreliable?
I've looked at the very clear maps a couple of times now and they remain perfectly adequate for their intended function - no sign of changing into dinner recipes for 8. Have the orienteers grown weary of answering your queries Paul?

The race was immaculately organised by Niamh and her team. Hard to get a better laptop operator then Mr. Version1..
The race marker added to his and her onerous task by chopping and lopping various branches and Barry Minnock very nearly had the run of his IMRA life and still only came second :)
Dave MatthewsJun 11 2008, 11:43pmWell said on the route marking, the path up to carrickgolligan was much clearer than at the weekend. They put in a lot of work. It meant I could get to the bit where I could start walking much quicker!
Paul CullenJun 12 2008, 12:03amThere were quite a few people who couldn't register tonight because they arrived at 7.15 pm (I just made it). I understand that the weather was bad and the race start some way off, but at least some of those who were late were misled by one of the maps on the site, at least as far as I can see. While the map displayed above is correct about the carpark the hyperlink above it marked "Getting There Car Park TICode" appears to be incorrect - or have I got this wrong? I understand that the organisers had been out in the rain for quite a while, but in the circumstances I think some allowance could have been made.
gerry bradyJun 12 2008, 12:34amThe TICode hyperlink shows where the race started (I have amended the label). In earlier races delayed registration has delayed race starts and prevented new registrations from being processed before the race finished which in turn causes uncertainty as to who started the race, and delays the results on the night. Mountain rescue have been called out at least twice this year already.<br />
<br />
Glad you made the start!<br />
New Runner New RunnerJun 12 2008, 9:35amHang on a second lads - I am new to all of this - i'm not an orienteer - left the scouts 20 years ago and I have never had any problems finding a race! There were 3 volunteers standing out on the road in yellow bibs and umbrellas risking pneumonia to guide us in - better then any fine detailed map. Thank you to all the volunteers - great race - as usual and it cant be done without you. If you want a more detailed map up on the site i'm sure the directors will have no problem with you emailing them one!!
Mick HanneyJun 12 2008, 9:39amGreat race report and very appropriate that it was done by one of the 'lost'. A smashing race and well organised. Well done to all, particularly to William for leading the race home. All our race percentages are now screwed though for the end of summer handicap. :-)
John BarryJun 12 2008, 10:34amBut on the other hand my ambition for the last two years in my Hill Running career was to break 150%. I got to 153% previously but now to Barry's and Co 'adventure' I now have my sub 150% and I'm keeping it!!!!!!

Gary CondonJun 12 2008, 10:47amJust a quick note to say thanks to the organizers and volunteers for this race. For four of us, it was our first IMRA race (first ever mountain race) and we really enjoyed the event, despite the conditions (which in some ways added to the experience!). We had no problems finding the car-park or start line and everything worked out great.

Thanks also to the initial leading pack for improving our percentages. Unfortunately, you've made it very difficult for us to improve on our stats in the future. ;o)
Tim GrummellJun 12 2008, 11:47amShould Martin Francis not have been counted as Sli Cualanns 3rd runner, instead of Mick Hanney (sorry Mick!), which would leave Sli Cualann on 29 points and level with us (UCD) for the top team place?
Have the mens teams every been closer, with only 34 points seperating 1st from 5th place!
Eamonn HodgeJun 12 2008, 11:51amI was relieved to hear that the guys who were flying past me so gracefully towards the end were the usual leading lads. I was a bit disheartened at the time to see the lads gliding past me on the uphill when I thought I was doing okay! I started thinking have I slowed down? Have I totally misjudged this race?

On a separate note, is there any chance we could have a marker 500 metres before the end line? Give us a chance to really push it at the end. I *suppose* I could look at the map properly and do a recce but that would involve far too much effort on my part!

Have to agree my John Barry. I'm keeping my percentage! Think I'll frame it! I'm never going to hit 111% again!
Rene BorgJun 12 2008, 11:52amGood catch. Strong Sli Cualann team on the night!

That leaves Sli Cualann as winners as they have the highest placed first finisher.
Barry MinnockJun 12 2008, 12:12pmSorry Rene, UCD remain the winners. It's the first team past the post & John was ahead of Martin ...
Rene BorgJun 12 2008, 12:15pmOk, I remember a discussion in the last few months (when I raised this question) when the opposite rule was stated.

Personally, I prefer "first team across" the post, however, so happy to correct that back if that is the precedence. I will work on getting that formalised as we don't have that in writing anywhere.
Mick HanneyJun 12 2008, 12:42pmRene, I think it was Carrick when the team tie happened - perhaps check the forum on that to see what the deliberation was?

Also, you need to update the league table - SC are shown still as 31.

Just an observation, in the event of a tie should a team with a junior in their points be considered more favourably - a great run by the junior in Sli Chulainn colours.

Lastly, William Powderly I think you need to write an alterative race report to give an insiders guide from the front of the field :-)
Loretta NolanJun 12 2008, 2:33pmI was one of the unfortunates who couldnt find the car park despite being at the scalp at 7 pm and driving around aimlessly. I was not allowed participate on late arrival. I travelled from Kildare. I asked the security men at the ski club if they knew where the start was an unfortunately their english wasn't great. Might I suggest posting info at obvious local landmarks like garages or other places people are likely to enquire for help. Also on a health and safety point, the electric fence was left on in the field where the cars were parked ! !,. I noticed this when I got a shock from it when the race was over. note for future arrangements, please. L
Niall SomersJun 12 2008, 3:24pmGreat race - congratulations to organisers and marshalls. It was my first and really enjoyed it. ill definitely be back for more punishment. As a matter of interest, did the you folks in the leading pack leading pack double back on yoursleves when you realised you had gone wrong or did you stay on the trail and loop back around??
Barry MinnockJun 12 2008, 3:42pmWe had to double back or face disqualification. So poor Peter ended up at the back, with me second last : )
It was probably only going wrong for about 40 seconds and then what felt like a half hour discussing our options. We probably lost around 2 minutes by going wrong and a further minute fighting our way back on tight singletrack.
Peter O'FarrellJun 12 2008, 4:03pmWhat Barry meant to say was we had to double back or face being lost forever :)
My nav skills would embarrass a three year old.

In fairness it was a great battle after that - soooo many runners to pass, Eoin was amazing on the congested single track, it would have been mega to get back to first, second and third but fair play to William, he kept his powder dry on a wet night and powered to victory.

Thanks again to all the organisers, a fantastic job well done in difficult conditions, there were THREE high viz jacketed on the road junctions approaching the parking field. Shocking...

Eva FairmanerJun 12 2008, 4:44pmI find it amazing that despite Niamh naming the road (Ballyman Road) that the registration (field)was on, saying it was close to Enniskerry, mentioning that the map would be up on the site,over 100 people jogging up the road etc, IMRA signs out- people say they could not find it.
Niamh also mentioned the ?4 for the farmer having to move livestock out of the field so it would be a fair assumption that the fence would be electrified.
She also said that registration would be closed at 7.15 and mentioned how long a run up to the start it is. No one likes to have to turn people away in a queue but it is also not fair on the people who have been there punctually and are up at the start line, warmed up and rapidly getting cold if the start is delayed.
Full marks to Niamh and her team for such a professional job done under very trying circumstances and maybe some more volunteers would come forward and see just what is involved!!
Kevin O'RiordanJun 12 2008, 4:50pmTo be fair to the people who got lost, the original map ( gave the impression that registration area was at the location that was actually the start location. This was clarified in the newer map, although my browser cache was quite stubborn about forgetting the old one :-)

That said, being one of the people standing at the start in the cold, I was glad that they were strict about closing registration when they did :)
eoghan geraghtyJun 12 2008, 5:26pmAs a first timer to mountain racing, I'd like to say thanks to the organisers, great job guys and girls.
I was glad just to finish it,nearly didn't head out cos of the rain.
Note to remember, never ever whizz on the electric fence!