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Paul WhyteJan 30 2008, 10:48pmWill the Three Rock route be marked?
Dermot MurphyJan 31 2008, 11:06amYes, it will be marked.
Mick HanneyFeb 3 2008, 4:12pmGreat run today - in a savage sort of way.
Thanks to the organisers for a well run race.
Heres the nerdy bit. I made it 380 meters we covered in 8.8k so the route summary was slightly optimistic with 310 (I wish it was 310!)

Rene BorgFeb 3 2008, 7:28pmThanks Mick, I've entered your changes to the route. Shame we can't factor in wind conditions in our "Difficulty" system!

Note that this year's route was slightly different than last year's featuring a different final descent, meaning both Aisling and Eoin have set course records on this "new" course.

I'm having problems with the photo upload, so here's the one's I took at the finish for now:
John ShielsFeb 3 2008, 9:58pmHi all,
Photo upload has been fixed. I put a few up, the conditions were almost as challenging for the photographer as for the runners
Jackie OFeb 4 2008, 11:42amHere, here!
Well done to all organisers, helpers, marshalls and photographers who stood selflessly in the cold for over an hour (at least we got to keep warm by running!) so that we might have a safe and enjoyable race!
A big thanks and well done to all involved! :)
Mick HanneyFeb 4 2008, 11:55am
Any creative spirits want to write a race report. It deserves one! :-)
Justin ReaFeb 4 2008, 12:13pmI liked the route. Much better than tarmac.

I spookily finished in exactly the same time as last year - to the second!
Cathal LallyFeb 4 2008, 2:55pmwhat a run. what a day. I have never run in conditions like that before. I have to say I really enjoyed it in a savage kind of way. look forward to the next one. thanks to the organisers, helpers etc. not an easy day to be out.
Jason KehoFeb 4 2008, 4:01pmI hear you Cathal! It was more like needles coming down at the summit than rain. I was literally blown over twice into the bog and even contemplated running sideways for a few minutes. Might bring a sail next year for the downhill to cut a few minutes off my time! Well done to the organisers and helpers too!
Fergal NooneFeb 4 2008, 5:10pmJust wanted to add my say to the above and thank the organisers. I know its not always fair to single out some people for extra praise but hats off to the marshalls and the markers. At times, with the wind and poor visability, I had no idea where I was going.
Keith LaceyFeb 4 2008, 5:18pmMy very first trail run and I reckon it was harder than the marathon! The wind was unbearable at times; was wondering if the race was going to be stopped at one stage. From your comments above you loved it! Anyway, well done to all involved.
If you want to see my effort of a run or get stats on the elevations etc I've uploaded details to motionbased

See you all at the next trail run.
Mick HanneyFeb 4 2008, 8:31pmGreat posting Keith. I think I could see your 'red' progress bubble being blown backwards on the more savage bit!
Mick HanneyFeb 5 2008, 8:31pmAn attempt at capturing a report of Sunday's event has been posted... Was difficult to put into words ;-)