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Kate FlynnJan 28 2024, 3:58pmCurrently facing planting 62 trees per person at this years Carbon offset event.
Would appreciate a few less tree : person ratio, 6km run option before the event. food provided after!
Fia MooreJan 28 2024, 5:15pmI’ll bring my son along (16yrs), so that’s another helper. Look forward to it!
liam kennyJan 29 2024, 1:11pmhi would like to help out also but cant be there till 1030/11 if thats ok
Alan KennedyJan 29 2024, 2:32pmI'm going to be the same Liam so i'll be in touch and we might be able to meet up.
Miriam MaherFeb 6 2024, 7:11pmFantastic work done by a great bunch of people on Saturday. I was there and I did 'assist' in the planting of some of the trees, but I think it would be a stretch to say that I was personally responsible for any digging of holes. Too short to hammer any of the stakes in place either. So basically I was of limited use, but I did do a great job of holding the trees ready for planting and gave great positive support to all the those planting. So go me ;-)

Angela, Paul, Kate and all your friendly family and friends, thank you so much for the trojan work done before, during and after Saturday. Getting such a huge number of trees planted, approximately 500 of native species, spread across the hillsides, was a huge achievement...and it was a bit of a soft day out there too. But the hardest work was done behind the scenes by Angela, so thank you for that.

The talk beforehand from Robert was really interesting and gave us all a greater understanding of why a project like this has value and relevance for us all and future communities and generations.

Finally, the amazing hospitality and seriously tasty food provided in the Flynn household was to be seen and experienced to be believed. I've asked for the recipe of the veggy curry, the fact that a carnivore like me wants it says all you need to know about how good it was.

Good start to the year on keeping the climate focus on the IMRA agenda.
Angela FlynnFeb 9 2024, 11:50amA massive thank you to all who came out last Saturday and helped plant approx. 500 native trees on Corrigoonn Commons. The work you did will help future generations on so many levels... A special thank you to Paul Mc Redmond ( no not Flynn) and Stephan Claude who loaded and unloaded the van and set up the locations for the tree planting - Robert Moore for his consulting services and to James Cullinane and Kate Flynn for their expert catering, Caoillte and Easie Treesie for the trees and the committee who supported this initiative on every level. To the general membership who add the 1e to their entry race your donations made this event happen and will continue to do so. .Oh and eh ...there will be ongoing maintenance opportunities for anyone who might like to contribute - the bracken will grow and it will need to be cleared around the trees during the summer ..