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Jarlath HynesAug 10 2023, 8:43pmHi all, entries for this race will open in mid August.
Details are in booklet linked on event page.

IF anyone would like to give a Leg of this a go but doesn't have a team to join OR is just a bit unsure of the 'Nav' bit, there'll be plenty of recces happening over next few weeks & we'll be looking for runners to add to teams.
IF you plan to run this OR if you're just curious & would like to join (or lead) a recce, send me a message please & we'll start organising. It'd be great to have a few 'experienced' Stone Cross vets joining a recce or two as well...
Oh ate 7 Six ate 1 22 70

Did I mention how much FUN this very low key event is...?
Derek HayAug 12 2023, 9:21amThanks Jarlath, I'm really looking forward to this one, last year's solo was one of my favourite events! I'd advise anyone sitting on the fence to give it a go you won't regret it. Let the recces begin!
nicola clearyAug 12 2023, 9:50amHi Jarlath, I would definitely be interested in the recces
Jarlath HynesAug 12 2023, 8:48pmHi Nicola, that would be great.
Can you message me at number in earlier post, please?

(and you should know most of the route pretty well, I reckon... :) )
Jarlath HynesAug 17 2023, 6:13pmThere's still plenty of time to get a team entered for this.
And there are still runners needed to complete teams, so if you'd like to run a Leg, send me a message (my phone number is in earlier post, email on Event details).
Recces are ongoing, so get in touch with me if you want to join one.

(and 'recces' will be recces, not mini-races - i.e. easy pace, looking at different route options etc, open to all :) )
Jarlath HynesAug 23 2023, 4:29pmEntry is now OPEN for the race.

If you fancy running a Leg but don't have a team, send me an email & we'll try & sort something.
There's still plenty of time to get some recces done.

(I think there might be Leg 2 & Leg 3 recces happening this Sunday 27th... just saying... a map & a compass is all you need...)
Alan KennedyAug 23 2023, 4:51pmAsking for a friend, if they've already committed to a team for the relay but are now waiting to find a better one, is that ok?? ;-)
Jarlath HynesAug 23 2023, 5:56pm@Alan, tell your friend to go with the better team, 'winning' is all that matters.
I'm sure he/she/they will make some new friends...eventually.
Alan KennedySep 8 2023, 9:47amHi Jarlath, just a question regrading the entries for the relay. Do we enter as individuals and just confirm the team to you or is it a single entry as a team of 3?
Jarlath HynesSep 8 2023, 10:26amHi Alan, thanks for the question.

Each runner enters as 'an individual' & let me know the team format directly (by email or message).

See you next week.

And it's good value at €7 per head - to include a tracker, sambos, spot prizes, obstacle course through the peat hags.For ONLY €7!
Sean ForsythSep 8 2023, 1:39pmBest 7 euro you'll spend this year.

For less than the price of a pint in temple bar, you get a 2 hour interactive, sight seeing excursion..who wouldn't want to have an amazing view all of the wild Wicklow mountains moments before you face plant yourself in heather or sink waist deep into a big, you may get even get lucky and have a sheep bleat at your cursing when you discover you've made a mess around f your nav.

Absolutely love this race, get yerself signed up
Jarlath HynesSep 8 2023, 1:43pmTeam looking for a Leg 3 runner, pace mot an issue.


Message/mail me directly please.
Alan KennedySep 16 2023, 4:21pmBrilliant race race today despite or maybe because of the conditions, certainly on leg 1 anyway at 0800. The relay was a great way for a newbie like me to test myself on the open mountain but just in awe at the solo runners today. Thanks to Jarlath for a great RD and to Lilian, Alison and John for help at the start and handovers.
Gerry McGuinnessSep 16 2023, 9:55pmThanks Jarlet and team for a great day out. Great day for nav skills.
Jarlath HynesSep 17 2023, 9:41amProvisional results posted as report
Sent to Conor for uploading
Any mistakes, let me know please
Derek HaySep 17 2023, 9:06pmWell done to all the runners that took part in the mudfest yesterday and a big thanks to Jarlath and crew for making it all possible!