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Jarlath HynesAug 10 2023, 8:32pmHi all,
entries for this will open in mid August. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me already re entering. And I hope you're enjoying the recces.
Event details are are in the linked booklet on the event page (any changes closer to the day will be posted here).
Sean ForsythAug 12 2023, 11:19amThanks Jarlath for getting this race together again.
For anyone looking at this race, don't sit on the fence get signed up.
Easily the best race on the calendar, has everything you want in a mountain race, a few recces with some people with nav experience goes a long way on this and if you don't fancy the full race, the relay is still savage.
Jarlath HynesAug 23 2023, 11:46amEntry is now OPEN for this race.

Don't forget to send me an email in advance of registering to say hi & to confirm you're capable of staying safe & navigating your way over the distance, particularly in the event of bad weather or poor visibility.

Many of the recces so far have been in bright, clear conditions - so hopefully Sep 16th will be the same...
Jarlath HynesSep 8 2023, 8:50amThanks to everyone who has signed up so far... it's not too late late for anyone who is still considering running...

And there is still time to get a recce or two in (there's been plenty of discussion on 'less than optimal' route choices in the Mullaghcleevaun/Stoney Top area - sure doesn't it look very straightforward on a map :) ).

Still a few days til I send the final tracker order to Primal, so why not go for it?

Or a fun day in the hills for a relay team?
Andre Van BarneveldSep 9 2023, 5:17pmHi, do you need any more volunteers?
Jarlath HynesSep 9 2023, 5:36pmHi Andre,

thanks for the offer. It's a pretty 'low-key' event in terms of volunteers, we're pretty well covered.

But you still have 20 minutes to sign up for the Solo if you have a few hours free next Saturday!
Roger TegartSep 11 2023, 11:36amJust wondering if anyone is heading back into Dublin city centre
After the event and could offer me a lift?
Rachel HarneySep 11 2023, 12:44pmHi Roger,
My friend is collecting me from finish and I'll be going to city centre via Maynooth (my car at her house). We can bring you too no bother.
Andre Van BarneveldSep 11 2023, 7:08pmThanks Jarlath, would have loved to do it again, one of my favourites but just did KWU Nite and thought I'd still be a bit "tender" and thought maybe I could help instead. Cheers
Andy KeelingSep 12 2023, 1:39pm
Eoin SyronSep 13 2023, 11:43amHI to Avril or anyone else looking to car pool.
I am doing the last leg of the relay and was thinking of leaving my car in Fentons on friday afternoon evening.
IF someone would be willing to collect me on Friday evening. I can bring them back on Saturday after the race.
I am based in Kilmacanogue.
I expect to finish on saturday around 4pm ish
Jason DowlingSep 13 2023, 12:14pmHi Eoin,

Was going to post later today to see what the craic was with lifts etc. and try to catch some-one coming from Fentons direction on Saturday morning but Friday night sounds slightly a better proposition. I'm expecting a sub 9hr finish so should be back in Fentons by 5pm at the latest. If that suits, then happy to give lift on Friday.

Kind regards,
Avril ChallonerSep 13 2023, 12:20pmHi Eoin, I'm currently doing a car drop Friday evening after work with another runner. I'm hoping to be at Fentons circa 6:30 (traffic dependent) driving back to the city via N81 onto Inchicore and onto Clontarf, so unfortunately Kilmacanogue isn't nearby but you're more than welcome to a lift if its helpful to get back to the city?
Eoin SyronSep 13 2023, 6:47pmAvril

If I could get a lift back to Tallaght on Friday evening that would be great.

Jason I can give you a lift home or back to start on Saturday.
Whichever you prefer.
Andy KeelingSep 13 2023, 9:34pmEoin. I'm heading down on Friday evening, leaving my car and getting a lift home with Avril. So far only 3 full seats going back to the start line so if it saves you the trip on Friday you're welcome to a seat back to the start on Saturday.
Eoin SyronSep 13 2023, 10:28pmHi Andy and Avril,
Actually it would work out better for me to get a lift back to Dublin on the Friday evening. If that's ok with you.

If you want to send me direct message

Email is

Esyron at Gmail dot com
Raghnall O'DonoghueSep 13 2023, 10:39pmEoin, or others, I can do a car run on Friday evening if it helps? South of city so can look to drop to Killmac. Only thing is that I would struggle to get to Fentons before 7.

(I currently have someone coming to collect me from Fenton's, so am sorted either way. But I am sure they would appreciate not having to ferry me around Wicklow twice in one day!)
Andy KeelingSep 14 2023, 8:18amSame offer applies to you Raghnaill or anyone. Basically I've room for another runner from fentons back to the start if it's useful to anyone.
Andy KeelingSep 14 2023, 8:20amApres race that is
Roger TegartSep 14 2023, 4:15pmThanks Rachel. Ill hopefully take you up on that lift. Assuming i dont
Get swallowed by the bog somewhere along the route.
Maike JürgensSep 14 2023, 4:28pmLeg 1 runner here - can offer lift from oldbawn junction to start, looking for a lift from sally gap back to start and also drop bag transfer from start to sally gap. Thanks Maike
Rachel HarneySep 14 2023, 7:19pmNo bother Roger. Haha, don't worry, the bog may defeat me too! Hopefully I'm back in good time for you not to be waiting too long, but it's my first ultra so it will take me a while!
Eoin SyronSep 15 2023, 7:34amHi Avril,

Still ok for a lift back from Fenton's to the city this evening circa 6:30?

Thanks Eoin

eight 7 six 5 two two zero 6 five
Avril ChallonerSep 15 2023, 10:04amHi Eoin, no problem! I'll give you a text.
Roger TegartSep 16 2023, 9:11amHad car issues this morning and was sorry to miss it. Wishing all
The runners luck.
Andy KeelingSep 17 2023, 8:24amThanks again Jarlaith and team. Race report up.
Jarlath HynesSep 17 2023, 9:45amProvisional results posted as report
Sent to Conor for uploading
Any mistakes, let me know please.

And THANK YOU to everyone who ran & helped out on the day - you are FANTASTIC.
And thanks to Fenton's for the hospitality & the sambos - and the entertainment :)
nicola clearySep 17 2023, 9:58amHi Jarlath, our result is incorrect -we came in 10.12mins

Thanks again for a great day!
Jarlath HynesSep 17 2023, 11:21amThanks Nicola, I'll edit that later & forward to Comor for official results.
Seán HigginsSep 17 2023, 11:50amWhat a day out on the hills. It didn’t go right for me but I’ll continue to try to unravel the mysteries of the hills. Thanks to John for the lift after succumbing to the inevitable on Leg 1. Thanks to Jarlath, Lillian and the rest of the crew for getting me back out on Leg 3. Well done to all the runners on a super effort In challenging conditions.
Sean ForsythSep 17 2023, 12:53pmWell done to Andy on a great race and win. He absolutely flew through checkpoint 1. Thanks to Jarlath and crew for a great day out and huge weel done to all the runners out there in very challenging conditions
John MurraySep 17 2023, 4:51pmSuper day out on the hills and well done to everyone who took part especially those first timers. Great run from Andy leading the way from the first summit and managed to hold off Enda who was hot on his tail after a few early nav hiccups.

Thanks to Lillian, Michael, Alison, David and John for giving up their time to help throughout the day. Very much appreciated.

A massive thanks to Jarlath for once again keeping this awesome race alive. Type 2 fun at its best.
Rachel HarneySep 17 2023, 8:55pmSuper race report from Andy and such a well deserved win! Thanks so much to all organisers and helpers for putting on such a fantastic event. It often takes me a day or two before I want to do a hard race again the following year, but when I finished this one I knew straight away that I want to run it again next year!
Denis Mc glynnSep 17 2023, 10:16pmFare play Andy. We'll deserved
Super race report.
Maeve O'GradySep 18 2023, 6:54amThanks so much to Jarlath, Stephen, Lillian, Michael, Alison, David and John for putting on the race and helping out. Amazing volunteers to stay out in the cold for hours looking after smelly runners!
It was a real Nav challenge, just need to get the legs working again now!
Maike JürgensSep 18 2023, 11:44amthanks Jarlath for organising and ferrying my change of clothes around.
thanks to Stephen for ferrying me around and all the other volunteers for lasting out in that weather so the rest of us could have fun (might have been type II fun given the conditions but nonetheless).

just to point out some exciting stats:
contrary to about 10 years ago when i first took part and there were no female soloists, this time a whooping 40% of finishers were women (and 29% of solo entries).
22% of relay runners were women.

some great developments over the last years!