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Turlough ConwayMay 23 2023, 3:31pmNext up in the NW league is the Knocknarea hill race.

This will present different challenges to the Union Wood race but will be just as enjoyable. The mountain is famous in running circles as the Warriors Run takes in the summit cairn called Queen Maeve's grave.

We'll be visiting her twice this time, the second climb will cover most of the Warriors climb with tired legs, so perfect preparation.

We still are short several Volunteers needed for the race (including First Aid). Remember, you need to complete 3 races AND volunteer once to earn the coveted league prize. There may not be volunteer spots for the last 2 races so get your volunteering done early.
Let me know here if you'd like to volunteer.
Turlough ConwayMay 23 2023, 3:48pmLesser known fact: Some say the Morrigan is buried under those rocks and not Queen Maeve at all. You're better off not knowing what a Morrigan is.

Also, volunteers required! (See first post below)