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Annette O reillyOct 7 2023, 7:41pmHi I was just wondering about getting refund I initially entered when it was advertised for sat and wouldn't have entered if had been the Friday as it is now as I wouldn't make it with work unfortunately thanks
Robbie WilliamsOct 8 2023, 9:27amPlease email me Annette

robbie Dot williams At imra dot ur please
Colm DeasyOct 22 2023, 12:56pmHi Robbie - I was wondering if it would possible to volunteer and run?
Sorcha KearneyOct 23 2023, 12:12pmHi Gang. The details on the half-marathon section state 6:45 for the Candy Run and 7:05 for the 5K. On the Spooky 5K page, it say 06:30 for the candy run and 8pm for the 5K. Which is correct please? Also, what time would you like volunteers there if covering all three?
Robbie WilliamsOct 23 2023, 12:43pmShould be sorted now

Ideally volunteering from
6pm please

I’d take a few earlier to set up tables/tents too

I’ll be there from lunchtime marking the route
Stephen O KeeffeOct 23 2023, 4:25pmHi Robbie, I've registered to run and I'm off on Friday with no other plans so I'm free to give a hand beforehand if ye want.
gavin sweeneyOct 27 2023, 2:16pmHey is there any possibility that i can enter the half marathon tonight?? i didnt realise that you had to enter in advance
Brendan CollinsOct 28 2023, 9:20amBig thanks to Robbie and crew for a great night.
Ian SynnottOct 28 2023, 12:15pmThank you to all for a wonderful race.

I have put up a report for your reading pleasure :D.
Damien HolianOct 28 2023, 12:18pmWe'll done to Robbie and his team. Event was very well marked. Plenty of muck and splashes to enjoy. Very well run event. Funny to overhear some conversations, two fellows in front of me, one said to the other, you never told me I'd be running up a mountain, and the other fellow replies ah sure it's good craic. Sums it up really.
Brian FlannellyOct 28 2023, 10:38pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Ian SynnottOct 29 2023, 11:29amJust a note on the race:

The elevation gain is listed as 300m. But I registered over 400m. And I was wearing a Coros Apex, so it's very accurate.
Noel EarlyOct 31 2023, 10:05pmJust a word of thanks to all the Volunteers and organisers of the Halloween half marathon. It was my first adventure into the Imra world and I had no clue what to expect. Absolutely mental experience but thoroughly enjoyable and I'll be back again.

Thanks again