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Anthony RussellOct 19 2022, 10:32amHow can I purchase this event ?
Michael McSweeneyOct 19 2022, 2:51pmIt will be available to purchase closer to the date.
Niamh AbeytaOct 29 2022, 12:08pmRegistration will open next week
Senan McDermottNov 22 2022, 7:49pmHi all, my first time trying out one of these, just a question or 2, it's the loop available to see somewhere, it's it the same as any other loop just longer or doubled? Also how important is nav/GPS could I survive using markings alone from course?
Niamh AbeytaNov 22 2022, 9:20pmHi Sean. There is a link to the loop in the event section. However, here is the link also.

All the races will on this loop with very minor variations for the different races. You will not need a GPS, as the route will be fully marked, with Marshals along the route.
Senan McDermottNov 22 2022, 9:22pmPerfect, thank you.
Niamh AbeytaNov 22 2022, 9:23pmHi Senan, sorry for wrong name
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Peter CornallyNov 23 2022, 4:28amHi Niamh
I'm signed up for half, but have a knee injury is it possible for me to switch to 10km and how do I go about this
Peter Cornally
Niamh AbeytaNov 23 2022, 6:43pmHi Peter, what's your imra number, and I will make a note of it that you are doing the 10km