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Anne-Sophie RonvauxJan 27 2022, 1:34pmHello everyone,

I am new to trail running, but I registered as I always wanted to try after seeing people running up the hills when I was hiking. I was planning to join the Lisvernane/Aherlow race as my first event, but here is my question :

How slow can I be?

I am getting better but still very slow, last Sunday I ran 8 k in 1h20 (it was very steep). I don't mind arriving last, but I don't want people to wait for me for ages after everyone is finished.

Should I wait a bit? What do you think?
Stephen O KeeffeJan 27 2022, 2:27pmHi Anne-Sophie,

You should ask if there is an early start. They do it in some races for the slower runners. As a pack of the pack runner myself, and usually in last, all I can say is the volunteers are brilliant and will always wait for us to finish.

Robbie WilliamsJan 27 2022, 7:10pmJust one point on this.

In race of over 8km an early start may be allowed but you should make sure to ask the Race Director. This may allow you to start 30-60min before main race.

That way the runner who are not racing but are volunteers that day are not standing out in potentially bad weather for longer then what is needed.

Please also make sure to volunteer at least once for every 5 races you run in. This allows every person a fair amount of runs.
Anne-Sophie RonvauxJan 28 2022, 10:12amThanks Robbie and Stephen for your answers.
Alice ClancyJan 28 2022, 10:44amHi Anne-Sophie, you are very welcome to IMRA!

Starting off with trail runs less than 10k and volunteering at races are a good way to get a feel for the type and speed of running at IMRA events. Volunteering is also a great way of getting to know other hill-runners and to organise training runs too.
The early start is a great option to take if you are worried about time (check with race-director, it's not at every race)'s also a lot of fun!
I can be a pretty darn slow runner myself but it's never been an issue-just be conscious of volunteers' time, take early start and short course options where applicable and only take on hill-races and events that are feasible for your current level of strength & fitness.
The race calendar is a brilliant way of building up your hill-running ability and strength over the year.. .before you know it you'll be speeding up those hills!
Anne-Sophie RonvauxJan 29 2022, 12:30pmThanks Alice, I am definitely planning to volunteer later in the year, once we buy a second car.
I think I will just start with an easier race next month.
Robert CunninghamJan 29 2022, 10:49pmEarly start is @11:30.
Anne-Sophie RonvauxJan 31 2022, 2:08pmThanks Robert. After running 9 k yesterday, I don't feel I am ready for a race next week. But I'll see you soon.
Stephen O KeeffeFeb 4 2022, 3:04pmI'm down as running volunteer on Sunday and was just wondering what time do I need to be there for. I'm coming from Cork City.

If ye need someone to do the sweeper/tail runner role I'd be more than happy to do it, as I'm usually in the last few finishers anyway.

Robert CunninghamFeb 4 2022, 8:26pmHi Stephen,
I'll be sending out an email to all volunteers with all relevant information either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks.
Stephen LynchFeb 5 2022, 4:50pmhi guys, im having trouble paying online again. after trying a few different cards, no good. Is anyone else having issues?
Robert CunninghamFeb 5 2022, 5:45pmStephen, there doesn't seem to be any issues with payment. If you autofill be sure to scroll back up to make sure your phone number is in the correct format as per instructions on the payment page.
Kieran dalyFeb 5 2022, 9:06pmHello
Could I register for this event please? Website closed and won't let me book.
Kieran Daly
Robert CunninghamFeb 5 2022, 9:30pmUnfortunately not Kieran. Registration closed at 6.
Ashleigh Byrne O BrienFeb 6 2022, 10:24amHi all just realised I don’t have a 22 number- will I get off done today at the race?
Frank CoughlanFeb 6 2022, 9:14pmThanks to Rob and all the Volunteers today for a great race, the weather was fine if you were running but not so great if you were in the one position marshalling, kudos to everyone..It was a lovely course, I haven't seen so many people scraping mud off their legs in a long time.
Thanks again...
Emer O'ConnellFeb 7 2022, 8:58amAgreed, great fun and so well organised, go raibh maith agaibh
Paul RussellFeb 7 2022, 6:52pmThanks for such a great event. So much fun. Must be so much work that goes on behind the scenes setting up the course and all the volunteers where excellent and thanks to the first aiders for the assistance afterwards
Brian FlannellyFeb 7 2022, 9:35pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie