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Steve CoakleyApr 22 2022, 6:06pmWebsite payment error

Hi all - I kept getting 'application error' message when I tried to pay my 2022 membership and register for Sunday's 13.5km Arderin run. Anyone else have similar issues and a way to workaround it?

Thanks Steve.
Mark McInerneyMay 10 2022, 10:46pmGreat way to celebrate the birthday. Will sign up once entries open.
Laura FlynnMay 14 2022, 9:40pmHi Andreas. Really looking forward to this new race. Any chance we could get a profile uploaded? No problem if not, I’m just slightly concerned that it might have the dreaded uphill finish!
Andreas KuschMay 15 2022, 9:15amHi Laura. It will be an uphill sprint finish! All uphill sections in Ardgillan are runnable, so that should make for a fast run. I'll try to get a profile up on Monday evening.
Andreas KuschMay 15 2022, 9:23amEntries for Ardgillan are open. Be brave, cross the Liffey! Should be a fast undulating run, with a few runnable drags/climbs and a beautiful beach section. I'm looking for a laptop operator or at least someone who can explain the system to a shadow operator. Thanks, Andreas
Alan AylingMay 16 2022, 10:15amA beach section? I still have ptsd from the last IMRA "beach section" when they made us finish on the shingle beach at Bray!
Conor O'FarrellMay 16 2022, 2:47pmIf someone wants to step in to do laptop, I will be around to show the ropes and to support if necessary.

Andreas KuschMay 16 2022, 4:12pm@ Laura: Route profile is up, but the uphill finish remains.
@ Alan: Lovely beach section, firm runnable sand, the wind in your hair and the sound of the waves in your ears. Mind you, going by the windy forecast it could also be the sand in your eyes...
Michael O sullivanMay 16 2022, 8:42pmHi Con,I will be available for laptop duties with your help,see you wed.
Andreas KuschMay 16 2022, 11:32pmDon't miss out. Entries close on Tuesday at 18:00. You can still enter on the day if you have a voucher, but they are getting thinner on the ground.
Martin BagnallMay 17 2022, 2:36pmIs this one for the Inov8s or will regular runners be fine?
Andreas KuschMay 17 2022, 2:57pmThe route is mainly on recently cut grass, sand and gravel path. Don't bring your fancy white runners, but it is one of the few races where you will get away with normal runners.
Alan AylingMay 17 2022, 5:24pmWellingtons would be another realistic option
Conor O'FarrellMay 17 2022, 5:48pm
Eoin McDonnellMay 18 2022, 7:48amI missed registration. Just a crazy day yesterday.

Might it be possible to buy vouchers this evening?
Andreas KuschMay 18 2022, 9:32amJust show up with your rain jacket and a fiver. Someone will share a voucher with you.
Edel MonaghanMay 18 2022, 4:00pmI have misplaced my bib number for tonight's race, is it possible to get a copy of it? (no.2163). Sorry about this
Eoin McDonnellMay 18 2022, 5:37pmSame with me. A lost bib.


Lillian DeeganMay 18 2022, 6:27pmReplacement bib No’s are usually available in the shop at 5€ a pop. We’ll get one of the IT lads to stick the purchase option back up.

In the meantime, for replacement numbers - an option is to ask someone for a voucher punch to cover a new number. The voucher card lender will let you know how much they want in cash.

Andreas, good luck with the 1st of this years trail league events. Wellies and the good white shoes all the way :)
John ShielsMay 18 2022, 9:54pmThat was a lovely run and the early starters missed most of the rain :)
Mike LongMay 18 2022, 10:01pmI have to say the best bit was along the beach against the wind and rain! Great work by Andreas and all the crew. Made great use of the area and course was particularly well marked. Thanks to all.
Andreas KuschMay 19 2022, 12:15amWell done to all runners who made it to Ardgillan. I think the weather actually added to the event. The views of the Mourne mountains and Rockabill lighthouse will have to wait for another year A big thank you to all volunteers who put on a brave face in the rain, especially to Peter and Isobel for marking the course and Conor and Michael on laptop. A big thank you to all from Rush Running and the Ardgillan parkrun crew for making the event run smoothly. Much appreciated.
Roelie SmitMay 19 2022, 9:28amA big thanks to Andreas and the team of volunteers who gave up their evening to stand in the rain and make the event possible. Thanks to Ardgillan for the great venue - first time there.
A lovely evening's running.
Eoin McDonnellMay 19 2022, 9:32amThanks so much for organising the run last night.

I hesitated when I saw the traffic on the M25 and the weather coming in and I'm so glad that I did go along.

The run on the beach was especially fun. A welcome change from the 'home office' !
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 19 2022, 9:35amThanks Andreas and all of the volunteers for putting on the race last night. It was superbly organised and the course was really well marked and marshalled. A very enjoyable evening!
Martin BagnallMay 19 2022, 9:57amThanks Andreas and crew for organising a great race. I think everyone must have been trying to out run the rain judging by the pace on that first km!

I should have went with Alan's welly suggestion!
John MollohanMay 19 2022, 10:00amThat was a great run last night. A very well marked cross country test, with lots of variety. And a lovely social shindig back at the Man O War afterwards.
Special hero worship to the volunteers for standing out in the rain to direct us at junctions. Thanks Andreas and team
Denis HoganMay 20 2022, 9:30pmHi Andreas/ Peter...While out running in Ardgillan Thursday morning i Picked up 10 of the IMRA Marker flags from a section that was missed. Let me know what is the best option to get them back to you. I am based in Skerries.
Laura FlynnMay 21 2022, 11:39amA belated thanks and well done to you and your team of helpers last Wednesday Andreas.
What a beautiful location. Ardgillen was fabulous and the Man O’ War pub was a gem. I’ve been passing signs for them both for years on my journeys to Donegal and never took the time to visit. Delighted to have made the time at last.
Alan AylingMay 22 2022, 8:19pmLike Laura's, a rather belated post... maybe I'm just over the trauma of the beach four days on ;-)

Super event on Wednesday, well done Andreas & crew. Totally worth venturing north of the Liffey. Traffic wasn't even that bad.

Some years ago there was a post on the IMRA forum about what was everyone's favourite post-race pub. Zellers in Lacken was a convincing winner. But the Man-o-War might give Zellers a run for its money. Super spot, made all the better by great chats with great people. The abject misery of that last climb was soooo worth it.

Hope this one's a keeper!
Andreas KuschMay 22 2022, 11:18pm@ Denis: Thanks for piccking up the flags. You could join us/pass on the flags on Monday for the regular Ardgillan Trail Trot at 17.15 or at Ardgillan parkrun.

Thanks for the kind words/report. We would be happy to do it again next year.