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Aubrey O'NeillAug 17 2022, 9:49amHi Andy,

Will vouchers be accepted for this one?

Lots of love,


Andrew HanneyAug 17 2022, 5:04pmVouchers and magic beans are acceptable Aubrey.
Aubrey O'NeillAug 18 2022, 3:19pmAh! Just bought a cow with my last beans, vouchers it is!

Finally get to use mine bought from the start of 2020! I bought these in 2020 but never collected them, are they in the RD box of tricks or how does one receive them?
Lillian DeeganAug 18 2022, 4:05pmHi Aubrey, I’ll get your €50 punch card to Andy for next Wednesday’s race.

Could I ask you to email me your purchase confirmation email from whenever you bought the voucher. Please forward details to

And while I’m on - if anyone else has not collected their race punch voucher, might you also get in touch on the above email address and we’ll get you sorted too.

Thanks, Lillian.
Lillian DeeganAug 18 2022, 4:40pmAubrey, I should have added - a screenshot of your imra purchase history showing the €50 spend for the punch card will suffice as confirmation if that suits better to send on to me.
Andrew HanneyAug 19 2022, 6:18pmPlease read the detail as this a specific event type and different from the usual Summer races. This is a timed single mile uphill race to the top of Downshill. However…. Bear in mind when signing up for this event that it is a 3.6km warm up (with a good deal of uphill) to the start of the uphill mile from registration. The start is marked by an old military rifle range sign. Upon completing the uphill mile it is another 3km back down the hill to registration. By the time you have done the warm up, the mile race and warm down it is 9k. . To get from registration to the race start, it could take you anywhere from 20 mins to 30 mins so keep that in mind. Due to the distances involved and the location of the start finish, there is no kids race at this event. There is no early start. Early starters should register early on the evening and make their way to the start in plenty of time. Parking and registration is at the Grove pub, follow the instructions of marshals when parking. Please car pool as the car park is only so big. Registration will open at 6pm and close at 6:45pm to allow time to get the race kit to the top of the hill. Thank you to the Grove pub for accommodating our race and arranging the parking etc. This race is a fitting end to the Wednesday night races. People can warm up together to the race start, and after the race enjoy the 3 k downhill to the pub. Great race reports from last years event: Barry Minnock's 6:53 and Grace O'Rourke's 8:14 are the times to beat :)

This is the warm up route:
This is the uphill mile itself:
This is the warm down:

Thanks to all of the volunteers that have signed up. I have enough now and anyone looking to volunteer should look to other races on the calendar.
Andrew HanneyAug 22 2022, 11:35amEntries are now open for this race. Time to test yourself on the uphill mile, the last Wednesday evening race of the year. Volunteers, I will be in touch by email by tomorrow on your roles.
Michael CornynAug 22 2022, 3:37pmWhat date is race
Andrew HanneyAug 22 2022, 5:23pmThe race is on Wed 24th, all details are on the event page
Andrew HanneyAug 23 2022, 9:42amEntries for the Uphill Mile close at 6pm this evening. Come along and join in the fun. Did I mention, hot food afterwards in the Grove pub :)

There is a big social element to this race, so if you're on the fence, just try it out.
Warren SwordsAug 23 2022, 9:55amThis was one of my favourite races last year if anyone is on the fence about doing this race.

Sure, the race distance looks short on paper but I guarantee it will feel like the longest race of the year. So tremendous value for €7, packing the five stages of racing into 10 minutes or so.

First you feel shock as you sprint off a pace that you'll never maintain.

Denial follows as you ignore all the warning signs that you may have gone off too fast. Sure it's only a mile, I'll be grand.

Then comes anger as you glimpse at your watch and realise you've only ran 400 metres. #@*!

Your brain now makes a bargain with the legs to keep running till next turn but OHMYGOD, how have we not reached halfway yet.

Finally comes acceptance and hope. Yes, my legs and lungs are on fire, I am going backwards into the abyss but there is hope that this ordeal will have come to an end at some stage.

It's great craic, I'm raging I'll miss it.
Andrew HanneyAug 23 2022, 11:35amJust on about parking, the Grove pub has an extended car park just to the right of the pub building, so we need to use that first before anyone parks on the the road. Follow marshal instructions for parking and remember to car pool. The Grove is a busy place.
Aubrey O'NeillAug 23 2022, 11:59amHahaha! Well said Warren!
Mikey FryAug 23 2022, 12:01pmRory would now about good parking up there:))
Michael CornynAug 23 2022, 12:43pmI have entered for 1st time . Is that the Grove pub near Dekgany
Andrew HanneyAug 23 2022, 2:34pmYes, it is close to Delgany.,-6.1044306,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4867af444c719c0b:0xda31a1f5a4a7a9a2!8m2!3d53.1221201!4d-6.1102367

Address is : Killickabawn, Willow Grove, Co. Wicklow, A63 XY89
Michael KellyAug 23 2022, 2:34pmHi
Without a car tomorow
Anyone from carlow/Kilkenny direction going to this race
Thank you
Diarmuid KavanaghAug 24 2022, 9:14amWould it be possible to get a new tag tonight as I lost mine
Conor O'FarrellAug 24 2022, 9:36amHi Diarmuid

Yes, new tags will be available, but you will need to purchase one from the shop beforehand.

Aubrey O'NeillAug 24 2022, 10:18pmWell done on another cracking Uphill Mile event Andy... Thoroughly enjoyed by all again I think (once we had our breath back!).
Anna MichaelAug 24 2022, 10:48pmThank you to Andy and all the volunteers for a great race. A really enjoyable evening.
Andrew HanneyAug 25 2022, 12:29pmIt was a lovely evening on Downshill yesterday for racing, I hope you all enjoyed the uphill mile. It was a record turn out for this race, great to see, and I hope it will continue for many years on the IMRA calendar.
The organisation of this race is dependent on a lot of factors, and I had a great team of volunteers that made it all happen seamlessly. A big thank you to all of them.
I was delighted to present Lindsey Heppenstall with her club 100 T shirt, we both joined IMRA around the same time and Lindsey always has a smile no matter how tough the course is, even at the end of an uphill mile!
Well done to the winners, a new and incredible men’s record by Killian with Enda just 10 seconds behind. Well done Kathryn on the ladies title for 2022.
Thanks to Dinny of the Grove pub for sponsorship of the winner’s plates.
It would be great to see some race reports from all sectors of the field, they are a great way to promote the race when it comes around again.
I have put photos up from the finish line. See you next year!