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Robert CunninghamJul 20 2022, 10:37pmDate changed for this race from Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th of August.
McAdden MarkJul 22 2022, 7:35pmHi,
Where is the starting point for this race?
Michael McSweeneyJul 22 2022, 7:49pmDropped pin

The race starts just up the road from the Trailhead for Lough Curra & Galty More.
McAdden MarkJul 22 2022, 7:55pmThat's great, thanks for getting back to me Michael!
Páraic RyanAug 2 2022, 2:14pmHi all,

When can I enter this race online? Does it only become available to enter shortly beforehand?

Thanks in advance
Michael McSweeneyAug 2 2022, 2:39pmParaic.
Normally opens a week or two before the race.
Páraic RyanAug 2 2022, 3:32pmThanks Michael.
Robert CunninghamAug 7 2022, 4:40pmGaltymore now open for registration. Vouchers accepted on the day.
Kevin BroughtonAug 7 2022, 10:05pmI’m going to have to un-volunteer for this unfortunately, can’t drive for the next week or two following todays injury (wouldn’t be able to go to a marshalling post either). I’ll keep trying to arrange a lift there in the meantime and could do car park duty or registration or something like that, but for now I’d say plan without me
Patricia RyanAug 8 2022, 10:49amDon't worry about it at all Kevin. Hope you recover soon.
Kevin BroughtonAug 8 2022, 12:11pmThanks Patricia
Des LaneAug 8 2022, 1:07pmHi Guys, I'm available to volunteer if ye need help?
Patricia RyanAug 8 2022, 8:07pmThanks Des, I'll take you up on that offer.
Patricia RyanYesterday, 8:43pmParking will be in a field at the bottom of the Cush road. Please follow the instructions of volunteer stewards. Give yourself plenty of time to get up and down to registration (in Cush carpark) and up to the start.
Patricia RyanYesterday, 8:52pmRegistration will also be in the field, not up at the Cush carpark