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Robert CunninghamJul 9 2022, 4:33pmDate had been changed for this race from Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th
Paul TwomeyJul 25 2022, 8:28pmHey, is the Nagles 1/2 route for 2022 the same route as used in 2021? Thanks.
derek walshJul 26 2022, 9:48amThe route will be the same as last years race Paul
Paul TwomeyJul 26 2022, 4:26pmThanks Derek
Robbie WilliamsJul 28 2022, 4:57pmThis race will close this Saturday !!
derek walshJul 29 2022, 5:35pmVolunteers needed
I'm looking for a few more Volunteers for the race. As of now I have 5 people including myself which is really not enough as last year I had more than this out on the course and felt that I could have done witha couple of more marshals out there. If you plan on helping please put your name down to do so. If you aren't running and haven't volunteered much now would be an ideal opportunity to do so. I don't need anymore volunteers that are racing also and to be fair all these people have been volunteering regularly and deserve to race. We have/are putting a lot of work into getting this race organized and for it to be compromised by a lack of people preparing to help out is quite annoying to be honest.
Derek Walsh
derek walshJul 29 2022, 5:50pmAlso there is a recce of the course tomorrow. Meet at race start/finish at 9am. Pace will be suitable for all runners.
Jamie saundersJul 30 2022, 7:26pmHi any late entries available?
derek walshJul 31 2022, 1:40pmNo Jamie, sorry but we already extended it a week for people. You are welcome to come down and help if u wish or run with the sweepers at the back taking down markers.
Enda CollinsJul 31 2022, 6:50pmHi Derek, I appreciate you have said entries are closed and that you extended it for an extra week. I’m new to IMRA events and would love to take part in this race if possible? Is it a definite no for entries on the day? Thanks
derek walshJul 31 2022, 9:11pmYes Enda, the entry list is closed. Most longer races such as half marathons etc close a couple of weeks before the race. As previously stated I actually asked for this race's closing date to be extended an extra week till after the recce we did yesterday morning.
Enda CollinsAug 1 2022, 9:11pmThanks for getting back to me Derek. Totally understand. I’ll make sure to book in earlier for the next event. Enjoy
Diarmuid SmithAug 2 2022, 1:12pmHi, this is my first event of the year. Will my number/chip be available on the day? Or do I need to get it posted out?
Thanks, Diarmuid
Deirdre O GormanAug 2 2022, 1:24pm@ Diarmuid, you can collect your number when you check in at registration on Sunday (we don't use chips in Munster). Just keep your number and bring it to any other races for the rest of this year.
Stephen O KeeffeAug 3 2022, 10:06pmJust wondering if there is an early start option for this?
derek walshAug 4 2022, 12:00pmWe haven't planned to have one Steven, however if a few runners feel they need one, I will try to accommodate them and let them start around 10am. Please note that I can't have all marshals in place for this start time.
Nic BakerAug 4 2022, 10:33pmHi. Im signed up for Nagles half on Sunday and wondered if there will be any water stops en route?
derek walshAug 4 2022, 11:11pmThere will be an aid station with some water at approx mile 6. However please do not rely on this alone. You are expected to carry water/food to get you through the race.
derek walshAug 5 2022, 10:09pmRegistration for race will be in Killavullen GAA. Please ensure you arrive in good time as it is about a km to the start of the race and the briefing will take place there at 10.45am sharp. After the race there are refreshments including a sandwich for every runner. Showers should be available back at the club after the race
derek walshAug 6 2022, 8:54pmAs previously discussed I can now offer an early start for a few runners at 10am. Please be at registration for 9am and let it be known you want to go early. You times will go in after the 11am start runners results as is the norm.
Robert CunninghamAug 7 2022, 4:26pmHi Derek,
Really enjoyed the race today, great course.
Well done you and all volunteers.
Sam HandAug 7 2022, 4:49pmThanks Derek and the team of volunteers for organising a great race today, really enjoyed it was a fun course.!
Iwona KelleherAug 7 2022, 4:51pmBeautiful course, superb markings, VIP limo drive to the start line and a Teddy bear serving pepsi at half point...what else do you need:) ...many thanks to organisers and the marshals.
Ian SynnottAug 7 2022, 5:10pmThanks to all for running a great event today. It was my first imra race and throughly enjoyed it. Although I somehow took the wrong course about 7k in and ran for over 1k before I realised I'd gone wrong.
Tough sections on that course, the 18th to 20th kms were downhill but hardship. Running on rocks essentially. Great experience tho and I'll be back for more.

Thanks again to all.
Kevin BroughtonAug 7 2022, 5:18pmThanks a mil to the RD and all the volunteers today. The course was challenging but enjoyable, marking was brilliant (even I couldn’t go wrong). Thanks especially to Mariusz for a great job patching up my knee at the finish and for the advice to go to Mallow general (because I actually would have just driven home without that advice). Also thanks to the eagle eyed marshalls who spotted the wound as I was running past and made sure to check I was ok (Collette, the guy at previous station sorry I don’t know your name, and at the finish line). Absolutely top class people every one of you. Thanks as well to all the runners who checked I was ok when I went over, especially the lad who offered a hand up , appreciated that but my legs were non- functional for 30s after going over due to a massive cramp when I hit the deck. Thats me out for 2-3 weeks as I can’t bend the knee while the sutures do their work but counting my blessings I didn’t hit a tree or a rock. See you all again soon )
derek walshAug 7 2022, 7:10pmThanks to all the runners who raced today, glad ye liked the course. Big thanks to everyone that helped over the last few weeks and all today's volunteers who did a fantastic job.
derek walshAug 7 2022, 7:14pmKevin, fair play to you today. Considering how nasty the injury was you toughed it out and got the race done. Hope you make a speedy recovery and we see you back on the trails soon
Tom McloughlinAug 7 2022, 8:22pmHats off to Derek and his team! (Nagles half marathon hats!) Class course, really enjoyed the new sections!...made an already enjoyable course even better!... Great job and thanks for all the work that went into today.
Mags HassettAug 7 2022, 8:50pmThank you Derek and all the volunteers for putting together a great course today. Really enjoyed it.
Brian FlannellyAug 7 2022, 8:51pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Mariusz LuczakAug 8 2022, 8:54pmKevin, I hope that you are still okay to run at Masters. It was great to meet you and thanks for the good word.
Kevin BroughtonAug 8 2022, 9:17pmThanks again Mariusz - I will be ever grateful you decided not to amputate! :D