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Brian SmythJun 9 2022, 11:52amHi All,

DATE CHANGE: Brockagh LL race will now take place this coming Wednesday 15th of June.

Entry will open online this Sunday at 9am and close Tuesday at 6pm.

We still need plenty of volunteers for this one folks, including laptop crew, registration volunteers ,marshals etc.

Please don't be shy : )

Sign up as a volunteer on the Brockagh event page.

Chat soon
Orla CullenJun 9 2022, 3:08pmWill there be early start for this one ?
Brian SmythJun 9 2022, 4:08pmHi Orla,

Yes early start is at 7pm.

Stephen LavelleJun 10 2022, 5:58pmHi, I have my name down as volunteer / helper, is there a certain time you want volunteer / helpers to be there? Thanks.
Brian SmythJun 11 2022, 9:27amThanks a mill Stephen,

I will be emailing all volunteers with details on Monday /Tues.

Anne LyonsJun 11 2022, 12:07pmHi I’ve my name down to volunteer and run but will just st volunteer and not run thanks anne lyons
Eimear O'BrienJun 11 2022, 2:26pmHi,
I am available to help as a volunteer ( helper) if needed. I won’t run this one.
Brian SmythJun 11 2022, 3:15pmGreat , thanks a mill Anne and Eimear.

Anne I've changed you to non-running.

Eimear I've added you to the volunteer list.

Brian SmythJun 11 2022, 3:25pmFolks another shout out for volunteers for this race which is fast approaching.

In order for the race to go ahead, we still need a Laptop operator, someone to help with marking Weds afternoon, and some more helpers in general.

Thanks a mill to all who have volunteered so far.
Anne LyonsJun 12 2022, 11:19amI can be there around 5 ivf you need help marking course ,if that helps at all
Conor NolanJun 13 2022, 9:52amI could get there early too to help marking if that's helpful
Diana Whelan PorterJun 13 2022, 10:08amI could also get there early if needed.
Brian SmythJun 13 2022, 12:23pmThank you to all the volunteers who have come on board so far.

Still on the hunt for a Laptop Op if there's one out there somewhere : )

Anne , Conor , Diana thanks a mill, we have a race marker sorted now. I'll likely still need some of you for demarking.

Was on the route yesterday, open mountain is lovely and dry at the moment . The heather is friendly at the moment too : )

Look forward to seeing you all there
Paul MahonJun 13 2022, 12:44pmHave myself down as "Helper" Brian but can place marshals / marshal / demark etc as needed on the night as know area, ok at reading maps, etc
Brian SmythJun 13 2022, 2:57pmThat's great, thanks a mill Paul
Brian SmythJun 13 2022, 5:19pmSlight deviation to last year's route folks.
Please see updated map tab and route description on event page.

Apologies in advance to all the Fern enthusiasts out there : )
Brian SmythJun 14 2022, 10:56amHi All ,

Entry for this race closes at 6pm today

I will email all volunteers this evening. Can all volunteers be at the carpark for 6pm please.

Many thanks
Lillian DeeganJun 14 2022, 5:36pmLooking for a favour please & thanks folks.

We're putting one more shout out for laptop Op. for this one. With the online shop due to close shortly, it's looking like a small enough field for tomorrow evening.

RD Brian was good enough to bring his event forward by a month to help us out when the Djouce AA had to be dropped last minute.

Have we anyone who might be willing to slip in as LO?

Cheers, Lillian
Rory HearneJun 14 2022, 10:14pmIs it ok to enter on the evening? I missed the online entry this evening. Thanks a mil.
Brian SmythJun 14 2022, 10:25pmHi Rory ,

You can enter on the evening only if you have a voucher.
Another option is to chance buying a voucher punch off someone on the evening.

Rory HearneJun 14 2022, 10:56pmThanks Brian, No Ive no voucher. Not avail to buy on the website. If I cant find someone there to buy a voucher punch, would it be ok if I run with out a number? Thanks.
Lillian DeeganJun 15 2022, 6:12amMorning Rory,

Yes, if you can’t get a punch to enter, you can run with no result post-race. Good luck getting sorted.
Lillian DeeganJun 15 2022, 7:20amSorry Rory, I’ve just noticed a typo. You can’t run without an entry.
Laura FlynnJun 15 2022, 7:44amThanks for that clarification Lillian. Rory, while I’d say it’s likely you will get a voucher tonight from another runner, if you want to be sure that you can run the race I’d recommend you put a shout out here to secure one from someone who is going tonight.

Anyone not registered CANNOT take part in the race.
There are a number of reasons for this. Not least, being that they will not be covered by IMRA insurance nor will we have a record of them having set off so if they got lost or had a problem on the route and didn’t return we would not be aware that they were out there.
It would also cause confusion for the laptop and in the results as has happened in the past so please do not attempt to do so.
Laura FlynnJun 15 2022, 7:47amI have a a voucher myself Rory which I’d be happy to give you. Unfortunately I can’t make the race tonight as I have a family commitment but if you live near me ( I’m in Terenure) and want to swing by we can do an exchange.
My email is
Rory HearneJun 15 2022, 9:41amThank you Laura. that is brilliant. I will email you directly.

I understand yes in terms of insurance and follow up why someone cant run without registering. Just didnt realise they closed the eve before. Will know for future! Thanks a mil.
Treasa KellyJun 15 2022, 9:53amHi all, I’m just wondering if anyone else has a voucher that they would be so kind as to sell me for this evening’s run? I also missed the deadline to sign up! Thanks very much, Treasa
Conor O'FarrellJun 15 2022, 11:21amI have a few punches left on my voucher. Just let me know at sign-in. I'll be doing laptop, so should be easy to find. Have your fivers ready.

Treasa KellyJun 15 2022, 11:37amHi Con, thank you so much - really appreciate it!
Rory HearneJun 15 2022, 1:43pmGreat Con can I get one off you too in case I dont get to collect the one off Laura?

Thanks a mil
Lillian DeeganJun 15 2022, 4:36pmReminder: Tonight's race is likely to be a hot and sweaty one. Remember to bring your own water to carry during the race or have by the finish line post-race.
Karl BourneJun 15 2022, 4:36pmHi all - would anyone please have a spare punch on their voucher that my wife could purchase? She is registered for IMRA but didn't make the cut off last night to sign up.

Many thanks, Karl
Lillian DeeganJun 15 2022, 4:52pmI'll sort that for you this eve. Karl.
Karl BourneJun 15 2022, 4:59pmThat's great Lillian - thank you!
Deirdre DeeganJun 15 2022, 10:34pmHi Brian and Co please note an error regarding my distance, l ran the junior route with my daughter Effie not the long route, l can clarify l was most definitely not the first female in so this can be rectified on times, thanks
Brenda MalleyJun 15 2022, 11:22pmI need to have my result amended too please. I ran the short course but got listed as finishing the long course. Race number 2660. Many thanks for a great race.
Peter BellJun 16 2022, 8:11amMassive thanks to Brian and his crew, that was brilliant night on the hills. The feeds in the pub where much appreciated too.
Brendan LawlorJun 16 2022, 8:40amThanks Brian and Team for a great run last night ! And no, I did NOT miss those ferns!

There appears to be a bug in the listing of the race results

For example , the person who was 92nd in a time of 1:33 is showing ahead of the runner in 93rd , who ran in 1:13

I've seen the same issue in one or two other results listing.. anyone throw any light on it ?
Warren SwordsJun 16 2022, 9:35amThanks to Brian and team for a great night of racing. Marking and marshals were fantastic.

For once, I really enjoyed the addition of a fire road! The effort was worth it for the downhill. Conditions were perfect for the descent
Conor O'FarrellJun 16 2022, 9:46amHI All

I've amended the few early/short course runners, so all should be good now.

@Brendan. Early starters are now listed behind the regular starters, but without adjusting their time.

Brendan LawlorJun 16 2022, 9:55amThanks for the clarification Conor

Thats a good change in results presentation
Pól Ó MurchúJun 16 2022, 10:42amWell spotted Brendan “eagle eyes” Lawlor. It’s a nice bit of functionality that was introduced about a month or so ago. Thanks to Eoin Keith for the work on this and Kevin also did a bit of work on it previously. Amazing how few people have noticed this actually. There’s a new column added to the results table to indicate of Early Starter also which drives this. Few other small changes to the results if anyone can spot them…no prizes for the winner… :-)
Sean ForsythJun 16 2022, 10:58amWell done Brian, great debut as Race Director. Was a great course and well run with a good crew. Thanks to all the marshals out on trail for the encouragement.

The sweets before and after were a great touch
Lillian DeeganJun 16 2022, 11:30amHere here - Well said Sean!

RD Brian, hat tip on a job nicely executed last night. It’s always such a great relief to hear of no route errors as the field returns. All thanks to your nifty route marking, marshal and de-marking team - well done everyone. Last night also saw a relatively new group of reg. and finish line helpers. Thanks a lot ladies & gents.

With a membership of over two and a half thousand people, ahead of Sorrell Hill next week, RD Martin hopefully won’t have much difficulty seeking a race team for his mid-week event.

Well done again RD Brian. Your next one will be a breeze :)
Laura FlynnJun 16 2022, 11:41amWell done Brian on your impressive debut as race director. We’ve had a few first-timers this year who attended our training evening and took the daunting enough step, following gentle persuasion by Brendan on the night, of signing up to a race. We should applaud them all. It does take a fair bit of time and effort but they’ll probably all say that it’s also really rewarding.

Anyone out there thinking about it for for next year maybe chat to some of them for guidance and encouragement or sign up as deputy RD so you can observe with little or no pressure.
Brian SmythJun 16 2022, 11:51amWell done to all the runners last night. You were all the envy of us midgie fodder folk down in the forest : )

Just to say a massive thanks to Lillian and all the volunteers. You all made my job very easy. We had a great team and you were all a joy to work with.

To those who came on board a bit later on (Paul & Con) , thanks a mill, your guidance and advice was very much appreciated.

Special thanks to Gaelan who travelled all the way from Tullamore to mark the course!

Don't forget to sign up and give Martin a hand at Sorrell Hill next Wednesday folks. Guarantee you will enjoy the experience.

See you all on the hills
Alan AylingJun 16 2022, 1:40pmCracking race last night. New route variation worked well, good bit of fire road but well worth it. Great job by Brian, Gaelan & marshals.
Slightly disappointed at the lack of a post race photo of Peter & Warren in a heap ;-)
Richard FoxJun 16 2022, 2:52pmThank you Brian and the many encouraging volunteers who made this race work so well. Always great to get out on the hills but even better when the event is so well run. Congrats on your inaugural RD role, very well done and thanks again.