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Robert CostelloJan 24 2022, 5:44pmHi folks,
I’m happy to announce that Ticknock Winter will take part this year on 13 February, starting and finishing from the Gap in Glencullen. We are currently finalising the route which is likely to be similar to the Run the Line short course route for those of you who have run it. And with the easing of restrictions I’m delighted to say that we will see a return to the post race sandwiches and prizegiving - location to be confirmed.
Robert CostelloFeb 6 2022, 11:03pmHi everyone,
The race page has been updated to include the finalised route and start/finish info. This year we will run from the Gap with parking at the nearby Christmas Tree farm. Prizegiving and food at the Gap Café afterwards.
The distance is 8.8kms with 4.8km for the juniors. No early start and no short course.
If you have any questions feel free to reply here.
Elizabeth WheelerFeb 8 2022, 4:15pmQuick Q? On the climb up towards Fairy Castle, there is now a nice, runnable trod where the heather was cleared by burning last year. It's about 5m or so to the left of the main guttery, rocky climb. Is it permitted to run up this or must we stick to the principal route?
Paul ScottFeb 8 2022, 4:30pmI’m hope that the Organisers will say stick to the stones as if everyone starts to run in the exposed peat it will turn into a rocky path as well. Protect the peat guys and gals, even if it is easier to run on.
Robert CostelloFeb 8 2022, 10:59pmHey Liz,
It's stones all the way! Protect the peat.
Warren SwordsFeb 9 2022, 10:20amJust to echo Rob and Paul.

We should all keep to the stones as the fire in September has left that area exposed. There are red grouse that relied on that area for ground nests.

There's currently a red grouse survey to report sightings which might lead to some sort of action to protect the area.
Amy Tait WestwellFeb 9 2022, 11:15amHello, looking forward to the race. I am hoping for a lift to the start point, as there's no public transport to there on a Saturday (as far as I can see). I can get myself to the south of Dublin, ie somewhere on the Green line, or anywhere served by bus. Anyone driving out who could pick me up? Cheers! Amy (from Glasgow)
William Paul FenwickFeb 9 2022, 4:01pmHi Amy, I'm in the same boat as you, and unless I do find a lift I'll be taking the 44 bus to Kilternan, from there it's only 3.5km walk/warm up
Laura FlynnFeb 9 2022, 4:16pmThat’ll be quite a hilly warm-up Paul, she’ll be wrecked!!
If both or either of you want to email me Saturday or before I’ll give you my phone number and arrange something with you. I’ll be travelling from Terenure.
Elizabeth WheelerFeb 9 2022, 4:37pmRob, Warren, Paul
Thanks for the replies. Hopefully the clarification will stop runners on the peat. It looks attractive but I always use the stones. As far as I can make out the land was cleared for sheep which is disappointing.
I will check out the grouse survey - I see them regularly up there and on Maulin.
See you Sunday.
Maciej DzieledziakFeb 10 2022, 12:50pmHi all
I am only new to the IMRA and wanted to pay my fees and also purchase Ticknock Winter Entry but all I get is transaction failed...

Anybody else have similar issue? Also I couldnt see any contact points on the IMRA website so hence why I am asking here.

Andrew HanneyFeb 10 2022, 2:49pmHi Maciej,
If you follow the suggestions in this thread you should get it done.
Alban CoghlanFeb 11 2022, 4:28pmAdded a Car Pool there if it works for anyone for Sunday's race.
Karl BourneFeb 11 2022, 11:45pmHi folks, what time does registration open/close please? Looking forward to it.
Cormac RyanFeb 12 2022, 12:53amHi there ,is it possible to register on the morning of the race if you missed the online reg?
Killian VignaFeb 12 2022, 11:29amHi, same question with regards to is it possible to register on the day as it's closed online. Thanks
Laura FlynnFeb 12 2022, 11:42amCormac and Killian, If you missed the online registration it won’t be possible for you to race tomorrow unfortunately.
We’re looking at bringing back the race vouchers’ system which does allow people to turn up on the day with having pre-registered. We’d hope to have thus back in the coming weeks.,
Cormac RyanFeb 12 2022, 5:11pmThanks Laura , appreciate the reply .
Alban CoghlanFeb 12 2022, 8:14pmHi, in relation to my Car Pool, I'm not getting emails from people who took a spot so I guess departure point pick up only unless noted here which I'll check in the morning.
Alban CoghlanFeb 12 2022, 8:26pmSorry, see responses on IMRA Website now.
Tim ManganFeb 13 2022, 2:41pmThat was a brilliant route, made even better by all the mud. Thanks to all organisers and sorry to the 10 or so who followed me the wrong way for a while. Ooops.
Karl BourneFeb 13 2022, 3:09pmSuper race today loved the mud bath coming off the Boneshaker and the technical sections on the way up to Three Rock. Great route and decent conditions considering we were to be rained on. Thanks for a well organised race! Sarnies crisps and raffle a great bit of fun as well
Andy McGeadyFeb 13 2022, 4:11pmSuper course. So lucky with the weather too. Thanks to all for organising.
Paddy DoyleFeb 13 2022, 4:13pm1st IMRA race today and loved it every second of it. It had a bit of everthing. Delighted with me chocolates from the raffle too.
Cillin WhelanFeb 13 2022, 4:48pmFirst race also, really well organized, thanks for a great event. Particular thanks to Elizabeth who gave me €2 for parking and sound advice beforehand! Really nice intro to IMRA.
Warren SwordsFeb 13 2022, 5:12pmGreat race today, thanks to all the volunteers who all showed up despite the forecast.

Brilliant course. Thought I knew every trail on Ticknock but Peter managed to find the sloppiest trail in Dublin. Made for super racing but I might wait for it dry a bit before running it again.

Thanks to rob and team.
Jeff FitzsimonsFeb 13 2022, 5:43pmWell done to all involved in plotting that course. An absolute roller coaster of a route only made better by sections of knee deep sh1te! Thanks to all the volunteers and the rain for holding off for the race itself.
Róisín McDonnellFeb 13 2022, 6:26pmFantastic course today really well planned with lots of interest and good fun in the muddy sections. Well done all involved in planning and organizing.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 13 2022, 6:27pmHi All

Results are now up. Please send any queries to

Richard MoriartyFeb 13 2022, 8:05pmThanks to everyone for a great race today, the junior course was great, especially coming back down the way we came up through the sloppy/rocky gully to the GAP. Young fella over the moon with the MJ prize, you’re very kind
Ross FitzgeraldFeb 13 2022, 8:19pmHats off to Rob and crew for a super sloppy bit of fun on the hils this morning. Great track that had a mix of everything. Congrats too to Caoimhín on his 100th IMRA race
James H CahillFeb 13 2022, 9:34pmGreat day in the hills today. Thank you Rob and all the volunteers, super course with a mix of everything and a good dollop of mud on top.
David SparksFeb 13 2022, 10:07pmThanks Rob and all volunteers. Throughly enjoyed my first IMRA race. Look forward to the next. Thanks again, David
David DunneFeb 14 2022, 9:18amFantastic course, making the most of what Ticknock has to offer. Loved it
Thanks to all those who organised & volunteered
Eric MurrayFeb 14 2022, 11:06amThanks to all the organisers ,great course , i found it tough but very enjoyable !
Caoimhin MacMaolainFeb 14 2022, 12:59pmThanks very much to Rob and all of the volunteers for putting on a fantastic race yesterday. Course marking, marshalling and organisation were all superb. Loved the course. A thoroughly enjoyable morning out!