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Wayne LeeJan 1 2022, 11:16amHi lads what's the format for the phone number in registration please
Richard NunanJan 1 2022, 9:21pm
Richard NunanJan 1 2022, 9:24pm353|871234567 this is the correct format, the pipe dream continues. Happy New Year !
Wayne LeeJan 1 2022, 10:43pmThanks lads
Yvonne WalshJan 2 2022, 1:34pmHi it's asking me to add my imra membership to purchase ballyhoura. I've already paid and did bweeng but they had to give me a temporary number. Can you sort it? Thanks Yvonne
Tim MackeyMar 4 2022, 4:33pmHi,
i'm a web developer and would like to volunteer to see if i can help improve the web site to make it easier to be notified when race openings are available.

i have the "Receive Forum Emails" setting switched off in my profile because i wouldn't have time to read all the messages about everyone with a question about their head torch or running shoes or parking tips etc. there's hundreds of messages!

when you're looking at the events calendar there is often no indication of when the registration will open, so it's difficult to plan for the year with family commitments etc. i missed out on a race i would really like to have run - the wicklow way half.

my suggestion is a "notify me" button on the events page that will ping you an email as soon as the registrations open, and at least you can flag all the races you would like to do in a year, and have a good chance of getting in.

IMRA is an amazing organisation and i especially love that the prices are kept low thanks to the the community volunteer efforts. in terms of coding i'm from the .Net world but could pick up whatever language the site is built with no bother and would be happy to help out. timmer3 at gmail
Laura FlynnMar 4 2022, 6:48pmThanks for that offer Tim and your suggestion which is a good one. There’s a lot of work going on in the background to improve the website. Clearly this is not visible to our members and we’re fully aware of the difficulties people have been having. I can assure you however that a lot of hours have been and are being put in to resolve the issues. A call was put out at this year’s and last year’s AGM for members with expertise in the area to come forward to help out and
a team has been put together. I’ll mention your post to Alan, our webmaster in case he hasn’t seen in and he may contact you.
As regards our races in general quite often for we have limits on our numbers imposed by National Parks or by Coillte so my advice to you is to enter early to secure a place.
Tim MackeyMar 4 2022, 8:45pmthat's fantastic thanks Laura. i'll keep a close eye on the forums and social media in the meantime to stay in the loop for registration openings. Thanks again.
Tiarnan JohnstonApr 12 2022, 9:46amHi,
Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else. I've scanned through the Forum but can't see it answered anywhere. When I try to buy membership for 2022 there is no option to buy it under Membership / Shop / Online tab. The only option is a test event... If this is related to the web site issues that's fine I can try again later.
Thanks for all the hard work done in the background.
Richard NunanApr 12 2022, 11:17amHi Tiarnan,

We are hoping to re-open purchases tonight.

We are just working through some final tests. We will post on the Forum when the shop is re-opened.


Tiarnan JohnstonApr 12 2022, 12:19pmThanks Richard