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Anne DunneNov 2 2021, 8:17pmHow would I find out more information about entering students in this race? Who can I contact
Alice ClancyNov 3 2021, 10:32amHi Anne, Angela Flynn would be the best person to contact: angela dot flynn at imra dot ie
Breandan MacAmhlaoibhNov 21 2021, 10:24pmI just registered with imra and want to sign my 3 children up for the race. How can I do this?
Ger CorbettNov 22 2021, 11:19amI also need to register a child for this race - do i have to set them up individually or can I add when purchasing entry for the race?

Thank you
John BellNov 22 2021, 1:23pmHi Brendan & Ger
Yes, you will need to register each child on the website first and this requires a seperate email for each, which is a bit of pain but the website doesn't allow multiple names with the same email.
Once registered you can login and purchase the membership and race entry.
Joseph BoyleNov 22 2021, 2:17pmJohn,
There was a forum post from Pol last year with an alternative way to do this. I've never tried it but it may be an option. Link below.
Pól Ó MurchúNov 22 2021, 2:29pmHi Brendan & Ger,
Using the Plus Sign and Additional Characters is a handy way of setting up additional email addresses on your Gmail account. Google does not recognize these characters but Gmail search filters do and the IMRA site will see it as a different email address. The characters after the plus sign can be either letters or numbers. So, or something similar will end up in the same Inbox as and will enable you to set them all up on the site. You can also do something similar with Yahoo mail but it needs to be set up on the mail settings in a browser. They call it disposable email addresses and you'll find Disposable email addresses under Send-only email addresses in the Mailboxes section of your settings.

Hope this helps,
Richard MoriartyNov 23 2021, 11:59amThanks Pol,

I Never knew you could do that with email addresses. I followed your instructions and worked perfectly. In Hotmail (or Outlook) it's called Alias Email Address but it's the same functionality

Thanks a lot
Lesleyann WylieNov 23 2021, 7:43pmJust to add to this. The newsletter from kilmac school came home today and the format to sign up, ie, every child having their own email address is really confusing some parents. I know of two parents who thought they could just show up and register on the day.
Laura FlynnNov 23 2021, 10:21pmHi Lesleyann, I’m sorry that you and some of your fellow parents are finding the process confusing. I might be able to help you through it if you’d like to email your contact details to me at I’ll give a call tomorrow when I get a chance. The pre-registration procedure is there for a number reasons including insurance, safety and to facilitate the recording and collating of results.
Lesleyann WylieNov 24 2021, 12:23pmLaura thanks for replying. I am fine as I have imra membership, and I have explained to anyone at school who has asked about it.
Chloe KinchNov 26 2021, 5:12pmHi just a quick query ahead of tomorrow's event, what time do we need to be there to collect bib etc.. Thanks in advance.
John BellNov 26 2021, 5:54pmHi Chloe, you can sign in and collect your race number at the GAA club from 10:30 in the morning. Sign in usually closes about 15 minutes before the start. Enjoy.
Christopher SteenkampNov 26 2021, 7:17pmIs the 5km only for U14? Or can an adult run it?
Richard NunanNov 26 2021, 10:39pmIts a school run - so it's not for Adults to take part.
Layla WhyteNov 27 2021, 4:22pmI would just like to say a huge thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who helped out today in the Kilmac schools race. Also a special thank you to a kind gentleman who had an abundance of patience helping us to sign up for membership!
It was our children's first race and they really enjoyed the adventure of running in the hills.
Thanks again
Richard NunanNov 27 2021, 5:59pmThat was Brian Flannelly no doubt, an absolute gentleman as always.
Miriam MaherNov 27 2021, 7:43pmThanks Layla,

Yes, that was Brian Flannelly, he’s the gent amongst us:) We’re delighted you all came along and took part, great to see the kids tearing along into the finish. Hope they got the bug and we see you again on the hills.

Jeff FitzsimonsNov 27 2021, 8:56pmWell done all. No better way to mark 40 years than promote and encourage the next generation that will be ensuring there are IMRA events in another 40 years time.
Richard MoriartyNov 29 2021, 12:32pmYes, on behalf of my young lad who run the 8km, thank you to all the volunteers...............he had a great time, and even managed to get an IMRA buff from a kind well wisher which made his day...runner for life