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Graham K. BusheJul 14 2020, 5:23pmHi Everyone.
Wow! Isn’t it great to be looking forward to Wednesday night races again?
A huge thanks to the committee who have put a lot of effort in to get us up and out running. Their hard work is greatly appreciated. And now for us to do our bit... Before the sale rush of the first evening race has even commenced, I am looking for volunteers for The Scalp, 05th August. First Aider, Laptop operator & Race Marker especially and helpers too. Thank you to those who have put their names down already.
Niall McGuinnessJul 14 2020, 5:33pmHi Graham,

I put myself down as shadow laptop operator. I have previously done the laptop operator role but haven't had the new training yet. Would be happy to take that on if a runner could spare some time beforehand to show me the ropes? Could be a plan b anyway, if no-one else puts their name down.

Equally happy to do a helper role on the night if that's more helpful.
Jenny Uí ShéJul 14 2020, 7:50pmHi Graham have put myself down
For first aid. Happy to help generally at the run - See you then!
Dylan WhelanJul 14 2020, 10:08pmIt says entries are closed is this race sold out? Or just not opened up yet?
Graham K. BusheJul 14 2020, 10:34pmEntries for Scalp have not opened yet.
Anyone wishing to enter must register and pay for this race online.
No vouchers or cash can be accepted on the night.
(I do not have access to edit some sections of the race details page, but they will be amended soon)
Dylan WhelanJul 15 2020, 10:17pmThat's great thanks for the info Graham
Graham K. BusheJul 28 2020, 5:04pmHi everyone, just a reminder that entries for this race open tomorrow morning... online only (No vouchers)
There is a cap on the number of entries allowed, so be mindful and confident you will attend.

Juniors aged 16 and over can run the full course. There will be a short course for those under 16 (circa 4km). Runners aged 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
No early starts.

Check the event details page

thank you,
Mike JordanJul 29 2020, 9:48amPhew! Well that sold out faster than the time it will take the winner of the race to get around the course!
Hopefully we will get close to a full attendance next Wednesday given that there will be no scalping of Scalp entries allowed.

Given this isn't a league event this year, we've taken the opportunity to make 2 small adjustments to the route. As always please follow the tape, signs, and marshals on the day. Just pointing these out so folk will be aware to keep their eyes peeled.

The alterations are:
1) A mile (1.6k, so NOT a Scandinavian mile) into the race on the Carrickgollogan loop, the route will go sharp left down the muc-ky track. Don't worry, the track isn't muddy, it just has alot of pigs beside it.
2) An eight of a mile (200m, or one fiftieth of a Scandinavian mile) after entering Barnaslingan, the route with take another sharp left down the hill adding a fun downhill section which leads to an also fun uphill section back to the Dublin Mountains Way which will be followed around the top of the steep ground at the Scalp.

Juniors under 16 will run the Carrickgollogan loop only.

I'll add the route as a photo and hopefully get it on the event page in the coming days.
John GreeneJul 29 2020, 10:13ami was able to pay for entry just now so hopefully i can get back off the sidelines next wed......"a robin red breast in a cage puts all heaven in a rage"
Jenny Uí ShéJul 30 2020, 5:15pmHi Graham wanted to ask something
About being first aid officer at race. My number is
Or email
Graham K. BusheAug 2 2020, 8:24pmHi everyone,
Thanks again to all those who volunteered to help at this race. I sent a couple of emails earlier today.
I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. And what about the dot watching excitement we had? Wicklow and Denis Rankin Rounds completed in superb times.
Now it's your turn to crank up the speed on the zippy Scalp course. There's a couple of new bits, courtesy of Mike and myself, so pay close attention to the markers and the marshals.
Remember, no early start, juniors 16+ can run the full course. U16s will start 10 minutes after and do the first loop..
Important.... Arrive in time to walk from registration to the start (2km)
Race number, timing chip, jacket and face covering.
Thanks to the committee for getting us up and out running again.
See you all on Wednesday evening.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 3 2020, 11:03amDo we need to bring coins for a car park collection at the gate this year?
Laura FlynnAug 3 2020, 11:23amAs part of the Social Distancing Protocols we’ve brought in, Imra will pay the cost of parking for the foreseeable future Kevin to avoid handling coins etc.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 3 2020, 11:29amThanks Laura.
Dave McCabeAug 5 2020, 5:20pmHi guys. Very sorry to cancel on tonight's scalp run. I've fairly bad food poisoning so would be an awful idea to head up the hills later. Was looking forward to it all week, and I get that I'm taking someone else's spot, but not a lot I can do. So thought I'd apologise here. Enjoy the race and thanks again to the organisers.
Stuart ScottAug 5 2020, 5:26pmWell done on your honesty Dave!
Gordon PlaceAug 5 2020, 10:43pmThanks Graham and all his helpers for a great evening
Graham AhearneAug 5 2020, 10:53pmBig thanks to all the organisers. Very well run event. My first IMRA race experience. Loved it. Thanks!
James H CahillAug 5 2020, 11:16pmThank you Graham and all your volunteers for a great evening trot on the upper reaches of Enniskerry. Route would have been marvelous, if it wasn't for the uphills......and the flat bits and actually found the downhills didn't quite suit me either! Great route, great evening. Thank you.
Warren SwordsAug 5 2020, 11:20pmGreat race, always the hardest, shortest race on the calendar!

Got the fright of my life when a giant pig ran out in front of me. Just a massive pig running through the trees.

Thanks to all the volunteers. Course well marked and marshalled.
Graham K. BusheAug 6 2020, 12:28amA huge thanks to my fantastic team of volunteers. I have quickly learned that the key to a smoothly managed race is to have good help. Everyone willingly took on a number of jobs, allowing me to swan around with a clipboard in hand. Thanks also to those who hadn't officially signed up to help but came along anyway to give a dig out.
I hope the runners enjoyed the route with it's new twists, climbs and descents, James Cahill..
Well done Warren Swords; Mike and I were wondering who would notice the pigs. Thanks to the land owner for safe parking. And thanks to the committee for all their hard work in getting us back running our great races.
Thomas DonohoeAug 6 2020, 9:08amthanks to the race directors and volunteers - it was my first IMRA event and I loved it... I cant wait to get stuck into this great community!
Peter BellAug 6 2020, 9:23amSome more photos up, well done everyone and to Graham on a perfectly run event. Nice one!
Laura FlynnAug 6 2020, 9:48amWell done to Graham and his team on last nights race. The committee put a lot of thought into what additional entertainment we would provide for this event to cheer you all up. Seems like the flying pig was a good choice. Well spotted Warren.
John LangenbachAug 6 2020, 10:48amGreat to be allowed and able to be back racing on the trails. I really enjoyed the race last night and the associated masked and distant socialisation. Thanks to those who showed concern after I faceplanted on the ascent and to Jenny and Mike for first aid help. Just left with a bit of bruising: nose, lip and confidence.
Caitlin BentAug 6 2020, 12:48pmMore 'thankyous' from me to Graham and his helpers. I encountered that huge Sow and her piglets on my pathway! Couldn't believe it! Not your average Irish pig:)
Vietnamese Pot Belly:]??
Course was very well marked.
Alice ClancyAug 6 2020, 10:26pmA huge thank you to Graham and volunteers for a lovely lung busting race last night! The new route has everything....rock scrambling, pigs and then just at the point you think it’s safe to slow down, some excellently placed hecklers to shame us into running up that hill!
Graham AhearneAug 7 2020, 1:38pmAnyone know how long it takes for the chip times to be posted? Not urgent, just keen to see them :)