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Tiernan SwanJan 10 2020, 5:11pmBefore i book somewhere, i thought id chance and see if anybody here based in cork had a room for the fri/sat night?
Roger TegartJan 10 2020, 5:16pmI slept in my car in the car park beside the bus pick up last year. Nice chipper in the village for supper. Worked out well!
Tiernan SwanJan 11 2020, 2:27pmHaha Didnt think of that! Sure that'll do! Thanks Roger!
Robbie WilliamsJan 12 2020, 9:11amSli Ultra is now full for 2020.

Volunteering roles available for various checkpoints lad, so if you feel like ‘giving back’ to our great community, please stick your name in the volunteer box. Will you then also email me robbie.williams@IMRA dot ie. Note that this is a day long event, you will get a race tee shirt & hot dinner. Help to encourage friends and ‘not yet friends’ on their quest through west cork as they cross the miles from Kealkill to Millstreet. It’s a beautiful part of the country.

Please note; as is imra policy there will be no transfers or refunds.

Thanks Lads,
It’s going to be great!
Shane O'MalleyJan 12 2020, 9:45amShame about the no transfers rules. Can't make it myself now and someone else misses out on a place in a sold out race.

Seems to go against the comunity/non commercial nature of IMRA.
Robbie WilliamsJan 12 2020, 9:49amShane the reason is because we were over and back constantly with the volunteers doing IT and treasury with every single item. A few years ago it became totally unworkable and as more got refunds, more asked. It was a nightmare.

If you need to transfer to the half instead we can do something there. Please email me and we can chat. robbie.williams@imra DOT ie

Thanks Shane
Shane O'MalleyJan 12 2020, 11:30amHi Robbie,
I understand the issues and i thank you for the email when I raised it with you a while ago. I was happy enough to accept it when the event was not a sell out but that is not the case anymore and thought I would point it out. It is pretty much the most expensive event on the calendar so maybe the same administrive constraints should not apply as compared to a €5 event.

Just a thought going forward.
John Murphy74Jan 12 2020, 12:33pmI recently got a place in an already full ultra in the Uk this year. How it worked was as follows: the person withdrawing emailed the organisers to say they were withdrawing, they then received a code, they then passes the code to the person taking part who was able to register using this code. The money end of it was sorted privately, through paypal, between the two people. Seems like a good idea and organisers don't have to provide any refunds at all.
Gordon PlaceJan 12 2020, 1:31pmAt a guess, the UK ultra was a commercial one with some staff? I think very few races allow transfer. Maybe you'd get more just entering everything while they make up their minds, knowing they can likely transfer later.
I think if IMRA change for one its hard to pick and choose events allowing transfer without more complaints on the others, or have to change for all.
Plenty of notice was given of diminishing places with nearly a countdown on the number remaining, and the purchase page showing how many were left. The lads usually bend over backwards, as the recent midnight challenge showed with waiting lists and extra spaces etc. (which I ended up not being able to make, but no problem with the loss being my own fault)
Robbie WilliamsJan 12 2020, 1:36pmThanks Lads

Yes, I will ask computer side of it, if there is possibility of organizing a system.

The financial side is not the main issue here if there are others to buy entry. One of issues is if you book, then we order busses, food and t-shirts and then 10 decide to pull out, then we get caught for what we ordered , that won’t work, but I think what you are saying that if someone is prepared to buy your entry (a system so they we don’t end up footing the bill for booked items) is a great idea. I need to ask if this is son that could be developed for sold out events. This is well beyond my levels of computer understanding but I will enquire if possible.
John Murphy74Jan 12 2020, 4:01pmI understand the UK one is commercial but the system I described would mean that there is no financial issue for organisers. They will be able to order x of whatever safe in the knowledge that all the money is there.
Kevin O'RiordanJan 12 2020, 8:42pmTo weigh on this, speaking as the person formerly in a position of responsibility for the IT stuff, there's no way I'd take on the admin burden of handling transfers. Regardless of what entry price the regional organisers set for a race, the committee volunteers get "paid" the same amount, ie: 0.

The question then is it worth prioritising time/effort/money on developing a website feature to make it easy to do self service transfers. There's plenty of other stuff on the backlog which I wager takes higher priority but it's also probably one of the easier features to implement. Assuming the treasurer/auditor is okay with it maybe being not so easy to link payments with race entries as it is with the current setup.

For races that don't sell out, I think it would be a no-brainer. For high demand races, I wonder would the knock-on effect on behaviour make it more difficult for fully committed entrants to sign up. At the moment, there's a quite a long window between when entries go live and when they sell out so for anyone who's committed to doing the race and is able to plan ahead, an entry is quite easy to come by. I've seen in cases with other organisations and high demand races where transfer systems are in place, that there's a massive rush on places as soon as they go live from people buying up "just in case" entries, leaving more committed entrants to have to source entries on the second hand market.

That's just a thought ^^ I don't have sufficient data to know how it would actually play out in practice. But it's probably prudent to gauge what people would prefer before implementing a system. Do people prefer races that are easy to enter but come with the possibility of losing your entry fee if you can't run, or races where you can easily recoup your entry fee, but sourcing entries is a pain. Not to mention having your inboxes flooded with requests for second hand entries ;)
John Murphy74Jan 12 2020, 8:59pmKevin,
i understand fully where you are coming from, i was just throwing out an idea for handling transfers that i had encountered.
This is from their website.

Unfortunately, there are NO Waiting Lists for the events so when they have sold out, no further places will be made available.

Its worth noting that the GB Ultras Community forum is a good place to possibly pick up a place, please note, transfers must be complete 3 weeks prior to the event

The 3 week rule may prevent the logisitical nightmare of last minute transfers but i understand that this increases the burden on voluntary people who carry out these tasks.

I think it may make it easier for fully committed people to get entries. Sometimes , for various reasons, you may think that you cannot compete in a race and then it becomes possible but the race may be sold out because less committed people snap up entries just because they are limited and they better enter just in case.
Stuart ScottJan 20 2020, 11:57amHi all,

On the issue of transfers, this should really be on a separate forum thread. But seeing as it's here...!

I think there are two schools of thought on this. Either:
a) Allow transfers and all the admin that entails.
b) Over-sell the event by the expected drop-out rate and do not allow transfers.

I've been involved in organising races with both systems. The latter is far easier to organise, brings in more money (which ultimately results in a lower entry fee for all) and allows entry lists, tshirt orders etc. to be prepared far in advance. As the drop out rate is fairly constant (and surprisingly so!), it's actually quite easy to oversell an event and still end up with the numbers you want.

I'm sure Kevin would be happy (!) to write an entry system that allows self-service transfers but is it really warranted? It just results in more hassle for everyone. Race directors are overworked enough as it is. I think it's much better to oversell each event and do away with waiting lists entirely. Of course people will drop out but provided this drop-out rate is constant, and in my experience it has no matter what the weather, then that can be factored into the planning.

My only concern is what Kevin alluded to - people buying up 'just in case' entries and regular runners missing out. However, the big races are already major events and are borderline commercial entities so I wouldn't have a big problem with this. Provided the remainder of the races maintain the current IMRA volunteer-led 'turn up 2 minutes before the race and run' ethos then there's enough to keep everyone happy!

John J BarryFeb 9 2020, 11:20amRobbie,

In the first year of this event we could have a change of shoes in Gougane Barra. Is that option available this year? It might be nice to be able to change back into the same shoes for the last leg as required for the half marathon
Robbie WilliamsFeb 9 2020, 11:50amHi John

Ye can have a drop bag at Gougane and Ballyvourney

To be honest, a few years back the ground Was much drier, most changed out of mountain runners and into more cushion less grip for rest of race, not really a good idea this year, very muddy and sloppy throughout

If I was doing ultra id wear xtalon for the whole lot
Samuel FoxFeb 9 2020, 9:00pmThanks for tip on shoes - that answers my first question about current conditions. I have read the event details about checkpoints and food/water stops. Can I check what food will be available at the stops - are we basically expected to bring everything we need and just use these checkpoints for a few extra nibbles?
Robbie WilliamsFeb 9 2020, 9:25pmYep

Water, some coke
Sweets, choc

Nothing fancy

You will get email in next 24 hours or so
Robbie WilliamsFeb 14 2020, 7:47amOk boys & girls....

We are almost there...

You can entertain yourselves with some nice dot watching from the comfort of your home, Tracking the Sli Gaeltacht Mhuscrai ULTRA

Start time is tomorrow 8am from Kealkill, Co. Cork.
Patrick KissaneFeb 14 2020, 10:46amJust checking a few things, I assume Hoka speedgoat3 are grand. They worked fine for Ballyhoura and other muddy wet trials. Will there be toilets at the bag drop areas and do we have to wear the hi vis at all times or just on road sections/ start and finish?
Robbie WilliamsFeb 14 2020, 11:13amHi Patrick

Hi Viz on roads

Toilets:not at start, just before first bag drop (200m) there are public toilets beside lake but not sure on opening times. Full toilets & kitchen in Ballyvourney (2nd bag drop )
Pavel BodiFeb 14 2020, 1:02pmHi Robbie, im not gonna make it.
I have Jaw infection.
To all ultra and half Runners, stay safe and enjoy.
Phil behanFeb 14 2020, 1:54pmHi Robbie

I'm out unfortunately too. Still recovering from a nasty dose of the flu. Enjoy all and stay safe !!
Angela FlynnFeb 16 2020, 8:18amA massive thank you to Robbie and the team who organised such a great event in conditions that can only be described as EPIC..the wind, the rain, the water, the terrain, the distance , the elevation , the duration of the event and not least the numbers participating oh did I mention the muck?
Meeting volunteers at 5 am and the same people at 9.30 pm tidying up the hall, who all were helpful, engaging and genuinely delighted in your achievement says it all really.
To the munster crew, well done and thank you.
Samuel FoxFeb 16 2020, 8:52amAgree 100%. Thanks so much to all organisers who helped keep us safe yesterday. Truely a great great test out there.
Yvonne KellyFeb 16 2020, 10:52amJust want to add to the thanks and appreciation towards the sli organisers. Very well organised from start to finish. Thanks for keeping us safe and your words of encouragement at checkpoints and still smiling and supportive at the end on our last legs. Many thanks.
Christopher DunneFeb 16 2020, 12:06pmJust want to thank Robbie and all the volunteers for putting on a great race in such challenging conditions.
Laura FlynnFeb 16 2020, 1:44pmI just want add my thanks to Robbie and the great Munster team for putting on such a fantastic day of running yesterday. The work that went into organising it and making sure everything ran smoothly on the day was phenomenal. Your hard work, encouragement, good humour and legendary hospitality was greatly appreciated by all of us who participated.
Mark KingFeb 16 2020, 3:58pmRobbie & Team. Sincere thanks to all of the volunteers yesterday. As ever, Dominic, Stevie & I enjoyed our time in Millstreet - it was worth the journey.
Tiernan SwanFeb 16 2020, 3:58pmMany thanks to Robbie and each and every volunteer out there yesterday. A long day for you all, but all so friendly and encouraging out along the route in the dyer conditions! bringing me 'back to life' at the second bag drop! haha All the little things go a long way! All a credit to the Munster association, I hope to get down again soon! Also well done to all the runners who took part. Rest and Recover well!
Robbie WilliamsFeb 16 2020, 7:02pmHe are welcome lads.

Thank you for all yere comments.
Big thanks to all of the IMRA family & volunteer crew..

We do love organizing when ye love running !!
Robbie WilliamsFeb 16 2020, 7:19pmWe will have results up tomorrow gang
Brian MullinsFeb 16 2020, 7:30pmWill the results include time splits for the sub aqua section between Ballingeary and Ballyvourney? These could be crucial for next year!

Major respect to all who started the ultra yesterday, it doesn’t get any worse than that (despite what Greta might say!). Finishing was a bonus and lands you in elevated company with the likes of Noah (minus his ark) and Jules Verne.
Thomas CollierFeb 16 2020, 8:29pmA massive thank you to all the IMRA team for a truly unique experience yesterday. The good humor and positive encouragement throughout really contributed to making this an unforgettable event.
The hot shower and pizza at the end were the cherry on top to ensure a massive smile on the face for the drive home.
Jason WebbFeb 17 2020, 2:59pmI just wanted to say thanks to the race organizer's and volunteers you guys were also had to endure Denis for those many hours, it was definitely one of the best experiences I have had racing, I wish someone could have taken a photo of my look of puzzlement when I got to the 30k mark and realized I was in a duathlon :)

Seriously though much respect to anyone running but just as much respect for anyone who gave up there Saturday to stand in the rain and make the race possible, thank you.
Brian FlannellyFeb 17 2020, 8:02pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Edel KieranFeb 18 2020, 7:49amHi Robbie, firstly thanks to everyone for a great well organized race.
There was some gear giving to the the marshalls at Ballyvourney checkpoint 3items Inov8 black leggings, patigonia base layer black and black kanjei gloves, loaned to another runner but not used.
If anyone has them let me know thanks. I’d like to get them back. My email is
Patrick KissaneFeb 29 2020, 11:37amHi, we didn't get our race tees before the race due to the delay. We were told afterwards that we could pick them up at another event. Is this possible?
David BarrySep 21 2020, 7:22amJust wondering if there were any ITRA points awarded for the Sli this year?