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Philip PurcellJan 2 2020, 9:54amHappy New Year all

just wondering what time we need to be in kilfinane for on friday week?
(what time does the bus depart for the start)

Amy O' LearyJan 4 2020, 1:22pmDon’t know if I’m posting this in the correct spot but hoping someone will steer me in the right direction! I’m signed up for the Ballyhoura moonlight half next week but unfortunately will not be able to take part due to illness. Just wondering who I need to contact in order for someone else to take my spot?
Andrew McCabeJan 4 2020, 1:37pmWould have an interest in taking you spot ? Don’t know that works or if possible!!
Robbie WilliamsJan 4 2020, 8:24pmOk Lads.

We have 14 spots available for the Half Marathon

They will open to 2020 IMRA members at 7-7:15pm tomorrow night.

After this everyone will get the email with final details.
Barry GilbourneJan 5 2020, 7:08pmHi
I just booked two tickets. I wanted two half but I booked one half and one full ?

leonie BoyceJan 5 2020, 7:12pmHi there looking for one half marathon entry are they sold out ?
leonie BoyceJan 5 2020, 7:17pmHi Amy if u still have that entry I would be interest in taking it ...let me kno thanks
Robbie WilliamsJan 5 2020, 7:21pmAll sold now lads

There were actually extra places out on up to 24 so they are now all accounted for.

I will send an email out tomorrow for all to read carefully with instructions.

Thank you
Robbie WilliamsJan 5 2020, 7:22pmLads..

As per event page no transfers allowed
Please respect imra policy & volunteers
Pádraig KeaneJan 6 2020, 11:13pmShould we have received an email today?
Robbie WilliamsJan 7 2020, 8:48amMail will go out today at some stage with all details .
Bernard HealyJan 7 2020, 10:53amMorning folks,
The instructions for the race are asking for a hi vis jacket to be worn. Is the likes of a karrimor yellow running jacket ok or would you be looking for something like the RSA hand out?
Breda MaguireJan 7 2020, 2:42pmGood afternoon. Got the email thank you. Just wondering about proof of registration, Do we need to print out our entry details for registration on the day. Also do we need proof of ID. Thanks
Robbie WilliamsJan 7 2020, 2:46pmJacket: must be high visibility/ reflective

Proof: we have a entry list of all runners
Once you come and give your name, you will get your number, to get your number, we require your email you received from imra which will have your payment ID and your IMRA 2020 number on it
Robbie WilliamsJan 7 2020, 2:55pmNote based on questions received:

This is a challenge. Not a race.
It doesn’t matter what time you do it in, nobody will care, we have a huge calendar where runners can race to their hearts content. This is to have a nice run, have a few chats, make some friends and such.

Runners need to fill in their finish times as part of signing in at end of event. That gives us a time, just for record purposes of completion and also as a safety device so we can see who had actually finished, and who is still on the course.

Record of finishers will go up on imra so that anyone doing full for instance who is counting marathons can add it to their list. But this is not a race... it’s s journey ;)
JOHNNY SEXTONJan 7 2020, 10:20pmHi ,I saw that there was a few spaces left for the half midnight run,is there any chance to get in ???
mark fitzgeraldJan 9 2020, 8:50amlads just wondering could I get a ticket for the half marathon I only just heard about it
Robbie WilliamsJan 9 2020, 9:14amSorry

This event is completely sold out.

Next half is Sli Mhuscrai

There are still places available in that
Eadaoin QuinnJan 11 2020, 11:16amThanks so much for a great run. We were so well looked after. Loved it.
Joe CollinsJan 11 2020, 2:06pmReally enjoyed it, thanks for all the hard work put into organising it and all the volunteers who made it happen.
Daniel SheahanJan 11 2020, 3:05pmHuge thanks to the organisers and volunteers, great event again this year
Miriam O'ConnorJan 11 2020, 6:13pmThanks to the organisers & volunteers for a great event last night. There was some scramble to be on that first bus! Great event
Robbie WilliamsJan 11 2020, 6:51pmThank you all runners, ye were brilliant!

We all love watching you running the trails and enjoying the buzz and the challenge also.

We had some problems with Half results as results computer crashed twice. We are letting IT folk look at it on Monday, to see if it can be sorted.

In the mean time, hold tight! I will update when we get an update. At least it happened on a challenge and not a race.

We will move to chip timing for 2021 to make things easier.

We hope you are all able to relax now after your adventures in the hills. We hope you enjoyed your breakfast and beer , and hope you got some zzz’s afterwards.

Thanks to all helpers that volunteered their time to make this happen. We had some great new volunteers too who we were happy to welcome on board.

Thank you all !!