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Beth StephensJun 13 2019, 1:55pmHi! Just wondering if you need any more volunteers? Im available from 7 if you do
Damien McParlandJun 15 2019, 3:54pmHi, I just put myself down to volunteer on Wednesday but if you have enough already let me know. Damien
Conor McCombJun 17 2019, 2:32pmHi there, I am new to IMRA but keen to do a number of the midweek and weekend races however I don't have a car. Would anybody driving from Dublin City/D8 area have space for me? Thanks, Conor
Ciaran CroninJun 17 2019, 9:29pmHi Conor, I will be driving from Donnybrook at 5/5.30 on Wednesday and back to D8 after the race. Give me a text if you can make it. 0873120336.
Ciaran CroninJun 17 2019, 9:30pmHi Conor, I will be driving from Donnybrook at 5/5.30 on Wednesday and back to D8 after the race. Give me a text if you can make it. 0873120336.
Martina DunneJun 17 2019, 9:51pmCiaran have you got space for one more?
Ciaran CroninJun 17 2019, 10:23pmYes, just give me a text.
Andreas KuschJun 17 2019, 11:57pmRegistration closes on Tuesday at 6pm.
Weather forecast is brilliant.
Midges will be bloodthirsty.
Volunteers are ready.
Sandwiches (all vegetarian) have been ordered.
Bring it on.
Ian ConroyJun 18 2019, 8:09amI'm also looking for a lift out, city centre or I can find my way somewhere on the Dart line or Luas. Thanks
Mikey FryJun 18 2019, 8:17amIan surely you could run to race nice warm up for you:)
steven brayJun 18 2019, 5:21pmHey. Just joined. I’ve not done mountain run before. Is this a sensible enough one to start with? The notes say there is a 6.5km route but you must rerun by the Wicklow way bringing distance to 12km? . Is this a 6km walk back to car after the race? Cheers. Steven
Alan AylingJun 18 2019, 5:44pmA sensible one to start with? This isn't a sensible one for ANYBODY! ;-)
But sure if we were sensible we wouldn't be mountain runners.

Yes it's an unusual one for IMRA, pretty much our only uphill-only race. Has a tiny downhill section just to keep your will to go on alive... just.

And yes, you make your way back from the summit at your own pace afterwards, most of us jog the return at a conversational pace.

Not an easy one to start with. But very doable if you have reasonable fitness. Give it a lash sure.
steven brayJun 18 2019, 6:52pmSounds good. Thanks Alan. Sure it’s sink or swim with this stuff. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow. I’ll be there for the 7pm head start. Thanks
steven brayJun 18 2019, 6:52pmSounds good. Thanks Alan. Sure it’s sink or swim with this stuff. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow. I’ll be there for the 7pm head start. Thanks
Graham K. BusheJun 18 2019, 7:13pmHi Steven, at the risk of being a bit of a killjoy, I don't see a member number on your profile. You've done step one, which is setting up your imra account. You then have to become a member (go to purchase imra products) annual membership costs ten euro. You can then register for one race at a time most are seven euro or buy a set of ten vouchers for fifty euro.
The problem is that the option to do this closed at 6pm today to allow the organizer to print off the lists of entries etc.
steven brayJun 18 2019, 8:01pmOk cheers Graham. You live and learn. I’ll catch up on the next run around Dublin / Wicklow area. Thanks anyways. I’ll get a membership sorted in the meantime
Ciarán McCannJun 19 2019, 1:00pmHey do you have to pre register for this race online or can you just show up this evening? Got my IMRA membership a few weeks ago I believe but wasn't sure how registration for the race works? Thanks
Gordon PlaceJun 19 2019, 1:18pmCiaran,
You need to pre register for races by 6pm the evening before leinster league races (other weekend races may close some weeks before so keep an eye on the race details page and forum).

The other option is to buy a €50 voucher card for 10 races and it is punched at each race. Having said that, seeing as you are registered for the year and are on the system, if you turn up this evening, someone will sell you a punch on their card for €5.
You'll collect your race number and timing chip, both of which you keep for the year, if lost you purchase a replacement. Make sure you get your timing chip scanned as well as signing in before each race.
Dave DochertyJun 19 2019, 1:23pmCiarain,
If you have registered for the year and paid 10 euro and have number assigned to you, then turn up tonight collect your number (and chip) and pay with a voucher card punch. If you don't have a voucher card to punch somebody will sell you one of theirs, its a regular occurrence. Vouchers can be bought at the purchase IMRA product tab on the site, but it might be too late for tonight's race to collect your voucher. The Race Director may have already printed off the voucher list for collection and won't have you on his list tonight.

Pre reg usually closes at 1800 the night before the race to allow the race organizers get ready.
Ciarán McCannJun 19 2019, 2:09pmAh right I see, cool thanks for that Gordon and Dave. Will give that a go so. Cheers
Dave DochertyJun 20 2019, 12:04amThat was torture. Loved it. Thanks to all who made it happen. Enjoying the Cider. Cheers.
John McCannJun 20 2019, 12:08amThanks Andreas and team for a fabulous event. Really enjoyed it!
Andrew HanneyJun 20 2019, 7:50amExcellent event put on by Andreas and crew last night, thanks to all who made it happen. So who was KOM/QOM?
Caoimhin MacMaolainJun 20 2019, 8:21amThanks very much Andreas and volunteers for another great race last night. The course changes made it much tougher but also much more interesting. Great night.
Val JonesJun 20 2019, 8:32amThanks Andreas and crew for a great run (or a lot of power walking in my case) last night. Hopefully Brendan and Stuart didn't get too cold on the summit. Glad I took the early start. Great to have this back on the calendar. There's something about uphill only that really makes you dig deep for that extra energy reserve.
Stuart ScottJun 20 2019, 9:54amVery well done to Andreas last night for some flawless organisation. I shall treasure my tall plant forever.

Big thanks to Tim and Linda too for manning the summit and Brendan for foregoing his sneaky run and stepping in at the last minute.

Can I please remind all runners to SHOW YOUR NUMBER when you get to the finish line. I appreciate the lack of oxygen but it's vital that your number is clear. I was late entering a lot of the result times because of it. Even numbers on legs are very hard to see so the tshirt with four pins is the best place.
Conor O'FarrellJun 20 2019, 3:39pmResults are now up for the long course. Short/junior course will follow once they have been finalised.#

Please send any queries to

P.S. That was one hell of a torturous race. Thanks Andreas and crew for another great(?) event!
P.P.S. Sorry Mikey, for the delay. ;-)
Andrew HanneyJun 20 2019, 5:47pmThanks Conor, we all appreciate the great work being done on turning the results around so quickly, fair play to you, Jason and everyone else involved behind the scenes..
Brian KitsonJun 20 2019, 6:40pmFair play for putting on a great night Andreas, I don't deserve the marking credit for this race as Rachel and Linda did all the work so please remove this from my volunteer record

Report up!
Jim FitzharrisJun 20 2019, 8:54pmMessage for my fellow M60s who may feel that I have access to a hitherto unknown performance supplement:-

My time is wrong - I was an early starter (I was wearing a sticker!).

I have emailed the Results Secretary.


Andreas KuschJun 20 2019, 10:38pmThanks to all volunteers and especially to summit marshals and Conor on the results. Plenty of participants, plenty of junior racers, plenty of midges, plenty of views, wind, sun and pain. Seems like a lot were surprised by the good turnout.

Sounds like Rachel and Linda found a nice course for you to race. Remember the route on the day is the marked route.

Thanks to Lillian we had a key to the barrier and could drive up to get injured James down quickly. He was well looked after by friends and volunteers, but probably won't be out next week... speedy recovery from all, James.
And the new IMRA mmantra is: SIGN AND SCAN