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John J BarryApr 11 2019, 5:30pmFolks,

Time says 1pm, That will be changed to 11am inline with the other South-East events.
John J BarryApr 25 2019, 9:23amFolks,

a couple more volunteers would be greatly appreciated for Seefin.

John Kirwan, regarding: “Race Marking”, We will only mark a route from the White Standing Stone back towards the fence for the final climb to Seefin and could you also do summit Marshall where due to the fence we can't actually get to the summit so you will need to pick a turnaround spot close to the summit but on the left of the fence on the way up.

Parking for Seefin is on a public road so a couple of running volunteers would be great to just leave/enforce gaps in parks cars every 50 - 100 metres

A couple of running volunteers could also handle the 2km junior (Crohaun) course for me. I'm intending on letting them off at 10:30 so they will be well finished by 11 for the main race.

Early start for the senior race will also be 10:30. Please notify us if your taking this option.

Last year’s results will give you an idea on times
Tony SullivanApr 26 2019, 9:39amHi John, you can put me down to volunteer. I would like to run it also if possible but if not I can sit it out. I can arrive early on the day or do whatever needs doing just let me know when you do. Thanks.
Michael FoleyApr 28 2019, 6:39pmHi John, I can do parking and run or not run if you need me for anything else.
John J BarryApr 30 2019, 11:53amMichael - I have you as running volunteer and PARKING supervision
Tony - Your down as running too and helping out at Registration

Be there for 9:30 to 9:45 to give me a hand with initial setting up would also be great

One more NON Running Volunteer for LAPTOP duties. I'm very familiar with the LAPTOP so I can provide some assistance especially after the race has started

Two or Three more running volunteers would be great to keep and eye on the kids as they run up and down Crohaun (2km) It be a grand warn up for yeah before Seefin half hour later

FOLKS: This route is a cracker. No fire road at all. A little bit of technical "green road" to begin with followed by peat based trail and open mountain..
Tony SullivanApr 30 2019, 12:20pmNo problem John I will see you there at 9:30.
Deirdre CroninMay 3 2019, 7:14amHi, I'm available to help out on the day. I've no experience with any of the roles but I'll learn if needed.
John J BarryMay 6 2019, 9:46pmThanks Dierdre. Plenty of roles around registration and results gathering don't need specific skills bar a cool calm head.

Any experienced laptop person willing to give a newbie a crash course before the race???
David PowerMay 7 2019, 5:40pmHi John - I can help with juniors. I intend on racing too. Question on race numbers: it's my first IMRA race of 2019, so I don't have a number yet. Do you have numbers on the day, or what do I need to do? David
John J BarryMay 8 2019, 11:36amDavid,

That great with the Juniors. Hopefully there will be a couple of parents that give a hand too.

You just need to act as sweeper on their 2km run. That will be 10:30 so you be well finished by 11 for the main event.

Regarding Numbers, we will have the numbers there and you just have to collect it.
Deirdre O GormanMay 8 2019, 2:07pmHi John, I’m hoping to run too but can help out with the juniors also
John J BarryMay 8 2019, 2:12pmDeirdre,

That's great. As I said to David it will not effect your involvement in the main event

Just ensure you register before you pop off to chase the youngsters

There is a mask about half way to the summit (~400m), maybe the younger ones should be turned there. But I'll let yeah make the call on that.
John J BarryMay 11 2019, 10:18amMy mails are been rejected so I don't think my DB request got through.

Can somebody send me the latest DB for tomorrow's event.
John J BarryMay 12 2019, 4:36pmSmall but quality field had a lovely day out in the Comeragh Mountains where the conditions were perfect and views as usual stunning for the Comeraghs.

1: David Power
2: Tom Blackburn
3: Tone Sullivan

1: Deirdre O'Gormon
2: Elaine Walley
3: Sarah Whelan

huge thanks for the volunteers today to make my life easy.
Brían O'MearaMay 12 2019, 5:21pmThanks to John and all the volunteers. Great route, fantastic views (when I had the breath to look at them)
Conor O'FarrellMay 12 2019, 7:57pmHi All

Results are now up for this race. Please email for any queries.

Sam ScrivenMay 12 2019, 9:24pmQuality route on an absolutely beautiful day. Thanks a million to John and team of volunteers. Bring on the summer!
John J BarryMay 13 2019, 10:25amDavid Nolan has a great little video but I think you need to be a member of Waterford Trail Runners to view it

Photos attached are Ann O'Brien from the finish area and Tom White who was out marshalling on the course.