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Joachim PietschFeb 9 2019, 9:18pmHi, can you pay registration on the day or do I need to purchase the 10xregistration vouchers on the website?

Mikey FryFeb 10 2019, 9:33amJoachim you need to have registered night before 6pm online registration or buy vouchers and just turn up on the morning of race just make sure you’ve got your annual 10 euro membership for the year done the day before race if you haven’t done already....enjoy the race:)
Mike LongFeb 10 2019, 11:43amDear All it is 2 weeks to the Trooperstown race.
Good few volunteers signed up already.
Thanks to all of you.
We need a laptop operator and a first aid person
as well as a few more general volunteers please
We can offer you a nice bowl of soup and a sandwich
In the Coachhouse afterwards
Mike LongFeb 15 2019, 4:33pmDear ALL
It is just over 1 week to Trooperstown. We still need a lap top operator, a first aid person and a few more general volunteers please
Alistair HodgettFeb 15 2019, 5:42pmMike, I have done assistant laptop so if needed can step up to the laptop operator's still the space bar right?
Mike LongFeb 17 2019, 5:32pmAlistair
That is fantastic. Thanks. Yes my understanding is that the system is the same as last time you would have used it.
Thanks again
Lillian DeeganFeb 18 2019, 8:21pmHello all,

With Trooperstown this coming Sunday, we anticipate a field of 150 runners give or take. I'm on to see can we source a few more helpers for RD Mike. Having 2 or 3 more people to assist on race morning would be really really helpful.

Mike LongFeb 21 2019, 9:14amHello All,
Message from Jason on chip timing follows:

We will be trialling the chip timing at the Trooperstown race on Sunday. For those of you who registered their chip at Mullaghmeen, there is no need to re-register your chip. For those who intend to register for the first time this year, please read on.

For those of you who already have a timing chip from 2018 (or even prior to that), please bring the chip with you to the race. If you don't have a chip, one will be provided at no cost. Please sign-in and register for the race first at the usual sign-on desk and if you haven't collected your 2019 race number, then do so before proceeding to getting your timing chip scanned.

When all the registration is done, proceed to the volunteers managing the chip timing and they will scan your chip and assign your 2019 race number to it. Please, please, please ensure that you have your correct 2019 race number when your chip is being scanned. We obviously have to scan all participants but to help us help you, do not come to us with your 2018 race number or any other previous year for that matter. Make sure you have your correct 2019 race number.

The timing chip must be attached to one of your runners to ensure that it is read by the mat. Do not put the chip in your jacket pocket or the pocket in your shorts as it will be too far away from the mat to be read, i.e. the chip is useless at that height from the mat and your time will not be recorded. There will be cable ties at the chip timing desk which can be used to secure the timing chip around the laces of your runner.

After the race, keep your chip and bring it to all subsequent races that you attend. Provided you do not lose your chip, you will not need to have it re-scanned for the rest of 2019. If you do lose your chip, you will have to pay for a replacement and get that re-scanned at your next race.

Wishing you all an enjoyable run on Sunday.
Mike LongFeb 21 2019, 9:21amDear All
Thanks to all of you for who volunteered to help on Sunday. We should be OK for volunteers now
We (volunteers) are meeting 9am at the MR centre in Trooperstown.

Note registration is at the MR centre. Please do not park near the centre. Use the main Trooperstown car park. Follow the directions of the parking marshals.

The weather for Sunday looks great so come along and enjoy the Spring - but don't forget your jackets. They are still compulsory

Lorcan FarrellFeb 23 2019, 4:02pmHi Mike,

I'm heading down but won't be running, was thinking of taking some photo's but can chip in volunteering also if needed, just let me know. Happy to do marshal/ summit marshal.
Ruairí LongFeb 23 2019, 5:43pmHi Lorcan,
I’m deputy RD for tomorrow.
I’m sure Mike would agree any help would be greatly appreciated on the day.
Do let us know you are there tomorrow so we can see if anything needs to be done.
I’m sure a simultaneous photographer/ marshal job would be available.
Should be a nice day out there tomorrow.
Thanks so much
Paul V MitchellFeb 24 2019, 2:15pmThanks, really enjoyed the race and thanks for getting the results up so quickly.
Paul V MitchellFeb 24 2019, 2:34pmStrava Flyby, for anyone who's into that sort of thing :)
Andrew HanneyFeb 24 2019, 3:12pmGreat work by the Long family and all of their volunteers, specially those out on the mountain in cool misty conditions. Well done!
Miriam MaherFeb 24 2019, 3:42pmThanks Ruairi, Mike, Roisin and all the rest of the volunteers. Fantastic race, lovely misty conditions, really enjoyed this morning. Very well organized. Trooperstown rarely disappoints and this morning was no exception.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 24 2019, 4:02pmHi All

Results are now live. Send any queries to conor<dot> ofarrell<at>IMRA<dot>ie.

Thanks to Mike, Ruairi and crew for a great race.

Brendan LawlorFeb 24 2019, 7:12pmWell done to Mike and Ruairi and all their helpers for a really well organized race today. Thank you as usual to the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue team for the use of their base for registration
Mike LongFeb 24 2019, 7:45pmDear All
Thanks to all of you who supported the race today and for the kind words.
Very much a team effort and there was a great crew on hand today.
Somebody left a nice green "Barts" hat in the MR centre. I will bring it along to Ticknock next week
Peter BellFeb 25 2019, 7:37amGreat race yesterday, thanks to all d people who made it happen. Well organised.