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Lillian DeeganAug 8 2019, 10:56pmHi everyone,

With Stone Cross to Lug in for Sept. 7th, I am on to see can we find an RD with a full helper compliment in the next short while?
Lillian DeeganAug 20 2019, 10:53am.
Hello everyone,

Jarlath has popped in to race direct this years SCTL Solo and Relay races. The shop is being sorted for online entries today. Once open, all intending to participate will need to sort their entry by 18hrs on Sept. 5th.

Happy helpers - Might we try and pull together a race day crew. If you can spare a few hours, we would be very grateful. Please pop your name in and Jarlath will be in touch.

All race day information is available under the race instructions. Runners for both events need to pre register by Thursday Sept. 5th. No entry options on race day.

Can all team captains email Jarlath on - - with the following details:

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Captain's e-mail:
Captain's Phone number:
Leg 1 Runner (name and IMRA race number):
Leg 2 Runner (name and IMRA race number):
Leg 3 Runner (name and IMRA race number):

Please note: No changes to teams after Thursday Sept. 5th

Good luck Jarlath
Colm NewportAug 22 2019, 8:12amHi Lilian, I'm would like to register for the Stone Cross to Lug Solo but only see event entry for Relay. Is it the same entry?
Regards, Colm
Lillian DeeganAug 22 2019, 9:35amHi Colm, the solo will have its own online shop entry option, same as the Glaciers. It will pop up for purchase in short.
Roger TegartAug 22 2019, 9:54amOk, I've purchased the wrong one then! Thought it was the same entry for both. I'm doing the solo.
Lillian DeeganAug 22 2019, 10:10amNo worries Roger. We will swap you over.
Paul KellyAug 30 2019, 6:39pmHi Folks, for car pooling and hopefully a returned favour. I can pick up some folk (I have a 9seater with 6 free seats) from the finish location and bring them to the start line and then hopefully one of them nice folk can bring me back to the start after the race to pick my car up. I'm doing the solo and it took me just over 10hrs to complete it last year, so hopefully I'm faster this year! :-)

Roger TegartAug 30 2019, 8:14pmYep, I'm in for that
Jarlath HynesAug 31 2019, 7:14pmWith just one week to get to this great race, thanks to everyone who has signed up so far to run & to volunteer.
(We have enough volunteers now but if you have an hour free at any stage & fancy helping out at one of the handover points you'll be very welcome.)
Sign up is open until Thursday evening & is pre-reg (& prepay!) only, so no vouchers on the day.
Paul KellySep 2 2019, 10:29amThat's perfect Roger I'll put your name in for a lift. I'll be leaving Carlow at half 5 and hoping to be at Fenton's pub for approx 6.15am leaving there for half past to get to the start line for just before half 7. If anyone needs a lift along the route let me know and I'll pick you up. I'll be travelling thru Baltinglass and Blessington. Hopefully someone can then give me a lift back to the start to pick up my car afterwards.
Roger TegartSep 2 2019, 8:45pmThats great. I'll be a Fentons before 6:15 and can accommodate three people for a lift back to the start afterwards.
Jarlath HynesSep 5 2019, 3:05pmnice to see a few last minute entries for this coming in today.
It's not too late... anyone else tempted?
Adrian HennessySep 6 2019, 4:39pmHi Paul,
Any chance of a lift from Blessington to the start tomorrow morning? Thanks, Adrian
Paul KellySep 6 2019, 6:13pmHi Adrian,
Yep I can pick you up in Blessington. I can pick you up beside the Ulsterbank at around 7.15
Adrian HennessySep 6 2019, 6:39pmGreat, thanks Paul. See you there
Joseph BoyleSep 7 2019, 6:00pmAnyone know why photos upload sideways no matter what way I turn them prior to uploading?
Dan GeelonSep 7 2019, 8:21pmPhotos uploaded, the right way up
Adrian HennessySep 7 2019, 8:39pmThanks Jarlath, Lilian and crew for giving up you day for us today. It was a lovely day in the hills - if a little sticky around Barnaculla!
Gordon PlaceSep 7 2019, 9:02pmThanks Jarlath and all the gang for a great day out, one of the best races on the calendar by far
Colm NewportSep 7 2019, 9:58pmThanks to Lilian and Jarlath for a great day today! Sorry I kept you waiting but I had to stop and take in the view a few times!
Gordon PlaceSep 7 2019, 11:05pmDon't forget to check for ticks, found a miniscule little fecker, barely visible
Paul KellySep 8 2019, 9:16amThanks Jarlath, Lillian and crew for a great day out in the hills. Even moreso making the bogs wetter and knee deep! haha
Jarlath HynesSep 8 2019, 3:28pmProvisional results for Solo (without splits)
1 Hennessy Adrian 1611 6hr 51 55
2 Place Gordon 230 7hr 25 25
3 Roche Thomas 639 7hr 56 40
4 Murray John 181 7hr 59 55
5 Keeling Andy 1108 8hr 05 30
6 O'Rourke Michael457 8hr 08 05
7 Kelly Paul 120 9hr 52 00
8 Newport Colm 1673 10hr 20 03
Tegart Roger 502 MNY
John MurraySep 9 2019, 9:54amThanks Jarlath, Lillian and Crew for a great day on Saturday. Very relaxed atmosphere at the start line, quick support at the checkpoints and a great buzz as always at Fentons with the sun shining and cold pints!

By far the best long distance unmarked race on the calendar. I'd really encourage everyone to give it a go and if not the solo, then at least the Relay to start with.